french green bean salad recipe

Traditional French Green Bean Salad Recipe

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This traditional French green bean salad recipe is a quick, easy side dish. It’s full of flavor. You can enjoy it warm or cold, making it versatile.

It’s great with grilled or roasted meats and fish. The dressing is a mix of shallots, garlic, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, whole grain mustard, and olive oil. This gives the salad a tangy, vibrant taste.

Steaming the green beans for just 2-3 minutes makes them tender-crisp. This recipe is ideal for any event and can be made in advance. Savor the refreshing flavors in this delightful salad.

Ingredients and Equipment

To make this traditional French green bean salad, you will need these ingredients:

  • 1.5 lbs of green beans
  • 2 tbsp of minced shallots
  • 2 cloves of minced garlic
  • 1 tbsp of minced capers
  • 2 tbsp of red wine vinegar
  • juice of ½ a lemon
  • ¼ cup of olive oil
  • ½ tbsp of whole grain mustard
  • salt and pepper

For equipment, you will need:

  • a steaming basket
  • a large mixing bowl
  • a whisk

About the ingredients

The fresh and crisp green beans are key. Choose ones that are bright green and without marks. Shallots, garlic, and capers add flavor. Red wine vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, and mustard make a zesty dressing.

About the equipment

A steaming basket is crucial for the green beans. It keeps their color and crispness. You’ll toss the salad in a large bowl. The whisk mixes the dressing evenly.

Where to find the ingredients and equipment

Green beans, shallots, garlic, capers, vinegar, lemon, oil, and mustard are found at grocery stores or markets. Steaming baskets, bowls, and whisks can be found in kitchen supply stores or online.

Next step: Instructions


Follow these step-by-step instructions to make the traditional French green bean salad. Start by mixing shallots, garlic, capers, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, salt, and pepper in a big bowl. Let it sit for 5 minutes. Then, add whole grain mustard and olive oil as you whisk.

To prepare the beans, steam them for 2-3 minutes until they’re tender but still crisp. You can do this by boiling the beans in water. Just make sure not to cook them too long. They should still be crisp.

“Cooking fresh green beans requires boiling for 2-3 minutes only.

After steaming, put the green beans in a bowl. Then, toss them with the Dijon vinaigrette. This dressing has extra virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, garlic, and more. Find the exact amounts in the recipe linked here.

“The Dijon Vinaigrette dressing recipe includes ingredients such as 2/3 cup extra virgin olive oil, 1/4 cup white wine vinegar, 3 Tbsp. lemon juice, 1/4 cup Dijon mustard, 3 large cloves of grated or pressed garlic, among others.”

Let the green beans soak in the vinaigrette for at least 5 minutes before you serve them. This makes the beans taste better as they soak up the dressing.

Try the salad before you serve it. Add more salt and pepper if you think it needs it. It’s key to adjust the seasoning so the salad tastes just right.

You can serve French green bean salad warm or at room temperature. It goes well with dishes like quiche Lorraine, omelets, veggie soups, and fish. It’s a favourite side dish in France, especially from July to September.

“The salad is often served at social gatherings alongside other classic dishes like tabbouleh and peeled tomato salad.”

If you end up with leftovers, put them in an airtight container. In France, it’s usual to keep leftover French green bean salad at room temperature for a day.

Now you have the instructions to make traditional French green bean salad at home. Enjoy its fresh and lively taste whenever you like.

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Serving Suggestions

This French green bean salad goes well with various main dishes. Here are ideas to make your meal even better:

1. Grilled or Roasted Meat and Fish:

The salad’s tangy dressing enhances the taste of grilled or roasted meat and fish. It’s perfect with a juicy steak or roasted chicken. A tasty choice for any meal.

2. Salmon:

It’s lovely with salmon, too. The salad’s crunch contrasts with the salmon’s tenderness. Try it with grilled salmon for extra texture. You’ll love the mix of flavors.

3. Side Dish for Holidays and Celebrations:

Make your holidays French with this green bean salad. Its colors and taste bring elegance to your table. It’s a festive choice.

4. Crusty Bread:

Enjoy it with crusty bread. Use the bread to soak up the tasty dressing. It makes the meal complete.

Try these ideas with your green bean salad. Feel free to explore other options. Bon appétit!

Serving Suggestions

Variations and Tips

If you’re keen to put your own spin on the classic French green bean salad, plenty of variations and tips are at your disposal. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Vinaigrette Variations

The dressing is crucial in this dish, inviting you to play with ingredients for new tastes. The base recipe uses shallots, garlic, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, whole grain mustard, and olive oil. Why not try dijon mustard or red onion for a new twist? Adding herbs like tarragon, basil, or chives can bring in more freshness.

Additional Ingredients

The standard recipe focuses on green beans, but why not add more? Cherry tomatoes bring sweetness and colour. Sliced almonds offer crunch, and feta gives a creamy, salty taste. The aim is to boost the salad’s flavours and textures, so mix in your favourites.

Customize the Texture

Green beans are great for playing with texture. For a crunch, steam them for 2-3 minutes till tender-crisp. They’ll keep their green color and crunch. Or for a softer bite, steam them longer till tender.

Remember, cooking is about exploring and finding new flavours. Don’t hesitate to be bold and make this French green bean salad your own. With these variations and tips, you can create a refreshing, delightful salad that matches your taste.

Recipe Notes and Storage

Getting the French green bean salad ready ahead ensures the flavors blend nicely. It’s also easier to serve it cold. Here are tips for the best outcomes:

Make-Ahead Preparation

Making the green bean salad in advance is smart. Blanch the beans a day or two before. Then, keep them cold in a tight container in the fridge.

You can also prepare the vinaigrette early. Store it in the fridge in a jar. The dressing’s flavor will get better, making the salad tastier.


Leftovers should be stored correctly to stay fresh. Put the salad in a tight container and refrigerate. This keeps it good for 2-3 days.

Serving Tips

Take the salad out 15-20 minutes before you serve it. It tastes better at room temperature.

Shake the vinaigrette before pouring. Add more if you like.

The vinaigrette lasts a week in the fridge. If olive oil gets thick, let it sit out for 10 minutes before using.

These tips help you serve and store the French green bean salad perfectly. Enjoy its delightful taste and pretty look!


This traditional French green bean salad recipe captures the essence of French cooking. It mixes flavors and textures perfectly, creating a dish that lifts any meal. Serve it as a cool side at a summer barbecue or an elegant addition to a formal dinner. It’s sure to win hearts.

The salad’s tangy vinaigrette and firm green beans bring a fresh, sophisticated taste. The simple ingredients let natural flavours stand out. This makes the salad a great match for various meals.

Bring a taste of French elegance to your next event. Make this traditional French green bean salad. Let your taste buds explore France’s flavors. Enjoy the pure joy of a well-made salad that makes an unforgettable impression.


Can I serve the traditional French green bean salad warm or chilled?

Absolutely, you can enjoy the traditional French green bean salad either warm or cold. It’s up to your taste.

What can I pair the traditional French green bean salad with?

It goes great with grilled or roasted meats and fish, like salmon. This combo makes for a delicious meal.

Can I customize the vinaigrette for the traditional French green bean salad?

Definitely! Feel free to experiment with the vinaigrette. Try adding ingredients like dijon mustard and red onion for a twist.

How long can I store the traditional French green bean salad?

Keep the salad in your fridge for up to a week. It stays fresh for a good while.

What should I do with the vinaigrette if I have leftovers?

Keep leftover vinaigrette in the fridge. Just let it warm up at room temperature for 10 minutes before you use it again.

How can I achieve a softer texture for the green beans in the salad?

For softer green beans, simply steam them longer than the usual 2-3 minutes. This will give them a tender texture.


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