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Festive Brownie Christmas Pudding: A Holiday Recipe

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Welcome to the holiday season, where the air smells of freshly baked goods. Enjoy sharing tasty food with family and friends. Want to add a twist to your Christmas desserts? Our Festive Brownie Christmas Pudding is perfect. It will make your taste buds sing with joy.

Our brownie Christmas pudding blends rich, fudgy brownies with English Christmas pudding. Imagine the rich taste of chocolate and festive flavors. It’s irresistible.

Making this treat is simple. Start with your favorite brownie recipe. Or use a boxed mix. You’ll find joy in creating mini Christmas pudding brownie bites. They’re cute and easy to make. Add them to your holiday dessert lineup for a festive touch.

Make the puddings your own by choosing the chocolate coating. Sprinkle with colorful toppings or powdered sugar for a snowy effect. Each bite will surprise and delight you.

Don’t worry about leftovers. These puddings are easy to store. Put them in an airtight container in the fridge. They’ll keep for weeks. You can also freeze them for a few months. So, enjoy this treat anytime.

This Christmas, surprise your loved ones with these Festive Brownie Christmas Puddings. They’re perfect for holiday parties or for a sweet treat. Happy baking!

How to Make Christmas Pudding Brownie Balls

Making Christmas pudding brownie balls is fun and easy. They are perfect for sharing with family and friends during the holidays. Here’s how to make these yummy and festive treats:

  1. Begin by baking a batch of brownies with your favorite recipe or a mix. Follow the instructions and let them cool.
  2. Once the brownies are cool, crumble them into a large bowl.
  3. Now, mix them until they stick together well.
  4. Next, roll the mixture into small balls about the size of a walnut. If it’s too sticky, use a little cooking spray on your hands.
  5. Now, melt chocolate wafers in a bowl in the microwave or on the stovetop. Stir often until smooth.
  6. Dip each brownie ball into the chocolate using a fork or toothpick. Let the extra chocolate drip off.
  7. Put the coated brownie balls on a tray with parchment paper or a silicone mat.
  8. To make them extra fun, drizzle on white chocolate in a pattern. Add a red M&M to each one.
  9. Chill the brownie balls for 30 minutes to set the chocolate.

Now, these Christmas pudding brownie balls are ready to delight your friends and family. They are great for parties or as gifts. These treats are loved by all who taste them!

Enjoy the tasty, chocolatey goodness of Christmas pudding brownie balls. Their festive look makes any holiday party better. With their easy recipe and great taste, they are a must-have festive treat.

How to Store Mini Christmas Puddings

After making Mini Christmas Pudding Brownie Balls, you’ll need to store them well. This keeps them fresh and tasty. Here are some tips to help you through the holiday season.

Refrigerator Storage

Store your mini Christmas puddings in an airtight container in the refrigerator for a few weeks of freshness. It’s important the container seals tightly to keep out air and moisture. This maintains the nice texture and flavor of the treats. The fridge’s cool, controlled environment is perfect for preserving the puddings.

Freezer Storage

If you want to store these treats for a longer time or make them ahead, the freezer works great. They can stay tasty for months. Start by freezing them on a baking sheet. Ensure they’re not touching and wait until they’re hard. Then, move them to a sealed container or bag, squeezing out any air before sealing. This method ensures your mini Christmas puddings stay fresh and sweet, ready anytime.

Storage Method Duration
Refrigerator Up to a few weeks
Freezer A few months

store mini Christmas puddings

Don’t forget to mark the containers with the storage date. It helps remember when you put them there. This strategy avoids serving not-so-fresh puddings to guests or yourself.

Keeping mini Christmas puddings handy lets you handle unexpected guests or your own sweet cravings. Stored properly, these sweet treats remain perfect for enjoying later. Enjoy your baking and the delicious results!


Enjoy the rich flavors and sweet joy of these brownie Christmas puddings. They offer a unique twist on classic holiday sweets. These mini bites are easy to make and fun to decorate. They’re a great addition to any festive event.

Perfect for sharing with friends and family, or as a quick treat for yourself. Their small size makes them perfect for any holiday spread or as a standalone snack. This recipe will fit right into your Christmas baking plans with its versatility.

Feel the festive spirit with every bite of these brownie Christmas puddings. The mix of fudgy brownie and Christmas pudding flavors is pure magic. They’re a hit at any holiday party. So, don’t miss the chance to make a dessert that everyone will love.


Can I use a boxed brownie mix to make the Christmas pudding brownie balls?

Definitely! You can use a boxed mix or your best brownie recipe for the balls.

How long can I store the mini Christmas pudding brownie balls?

Keep them in an airtight container in the fridge for several weeks. Or, freeze them for up to a few months.

Can I customize the toppings and decorations on the brownie balls?

For sure! Make the brownie balls your own with any toppings and decorations you like.

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