Land O Lakes Cookie Recipe

Homestyle Classic: Land O Lakes Cookie Recipe

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The Land O Lakes Cookie Recipe is a homestyle cookie recipe everyone loves. It mixes tradition and taste perfectly. These cookies are great for any occasion or if you just need a comforting snack.

The recipe comes with a tasty glaze to make them sweeter. You can also use decorator sugars to make them look nice. This Land O Lakes Cookie Recipe is a timeless favourite.

Best Ever Butter Cookies with Glaze

Want to improve your butter cookies? Make the Best Ever Butter Cookies with Glaze. They’re a spin on the classic Land O Lakes recipe. This version has a sweet glaze that’s simply amazing.

Start with the Land O Lakes Cookie Recipe. Instead of frosting, whip up a glaze that makes them stand out. Mix powdered sugar, water, butter, light corn syrup, and vanilla or almond extract. Add more water to get the right thickness.

This glaze doesn’t just add sweetness. It makes the cookies look stunning too. You can color the glaze for holidays or special events. There are so many possibilities!

After baking and cooling, it’s glazing time. Cover each cookie with glaze carefully. Use a spatula to spread it well. Then, decorate with sprinkles, coloured sugar, or anything you like.

Let the glaze set for a few hours or overnight. Then, enjoy these incredible Best Ever Butter Cookies with Glaze. The mix of rich cookie and sweet glaze is unbeatable.

Tempting Nutritional Facts

Interested in what these cookies have inside? Here are some nutritional details:

Caloric Content per Serving 138kcal
Sugar per Cookie 6g
Butter Used in the Recipe 1 cup of unsalted butter
Flour Used in the Recipe 2 ¼ cups of all-purpose flour
Preparation Time Beating butter and sugar for about 2 minutes
Baking Time 12-15 minutes in a preheated 350-degree oven

The Best Ever Butter Cookies with Glaze are tasty and allow insight into their nutritional value. With this info, you can enjoy them knowledgably.

So, why wait? Try these Best Ever Butter Cookies with Glaze today. They’re perfect for any occasion and will surely impress!

More Classic Cookie Recipes

Want more than just the Land O Lakes Cookie Recipe? You’re in the right place! We have a great collection of classic cookie recipes. They’re sure to make your mouth water and wow your friends and family. Find everything from old favourites to new twists in this tasty collection.

Cranberry Tarts

If sweet and tangy flavours are your thing, try these Cranberry Tarts. The buttery crust and juicy cranberries are a perfect match. They’re great for parties or a lovely afternoon snack with tea.

Catherine’s Christmas Butter Cookies

Catherine’s Christmas Butter Cookies are a festive favourite. They melt right in your mouth, thanks to Land O Lakes Butter. Use cookie cutters for fun shapes and decorate them to look cheerful. They taste great and make your Christmas plate look pretty.

Classic Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookies are a timeless treat. They’re loved for their creamy taste and soft texture. Easy to bake, these cookies are perfect for any peanut butter lover.

Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies

Can’t choose between chocolate chip cookies and brownies? These Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies are your answer. With a brownie texture and chocolate chips, they’re utterly indulgent. Enjoy them warm or cool, they’re always a hit.

With these recipes, you’ll always have something yummy to bake. Whether you crave fruity, buttery, nutty, or chocolatey, we’ve got you covered. Baking brings joy and creates lasting memories. So, dive into these classics.

Inspired by the image above? Start baking with Land O Lakes Christmas Cookies. Happy baking!


The Land O Lakes Cookie Recipe is a treasured classic that everyone loves. These cookies bring warmth to any special moment. The recipe is not hard to follow. It’s perfect for both new and experienced bakers. Plus, the results are always scrumptious.

This recipe is a fun way to make your home feel cosy. It’s also perfect for baking with kids. They can learn to bake while helping you mix the ingredients. This makes the whole experience even more special.

When the cookies are ready, your house will smell amazing. With this recipe, you’ll get 48 yummy cookies. You even get four to enjoy immediately. They stay fresh in an airtight container, ideal for sharing or events.

Give the Land O Lakes Cookie Recipe a try. Its buttery taste and sweet glaze are unbeatable. Baking these cookies is a brilliant way to treat yourself. Plus, it’s a chance to make lasting memories.


What makes Land O Lakes Cookie Recipe a classic homestyle cookie recipe?

The Land O Lakes Cookie Recipe is loved for its perfect mix of tradition and taste.

How can I add an extra touch of sweetness to the Land O Lakes cookies?

The recipe includes a tasty glaze for an extra sweet touch.

Can I decorate the Land O Lakes cookies with something special?

Yes, use decorator sugars to add extra flair to the cookies.

How can I make Best Ever Butter Cookies with Glaze?

To make Best Ever Butter Cookies with Glaze, start with the Land O Lakes Cookie Recipe. Skip the frosting. Mix powdered sugar, water, Land O Lakes Butter, light corn syrup, and vanilla or almond extract for the glaze.

Tint the glaze with food color for a fun look. After cooling the cookies, apply the glaze. Then, decorate as you like. Let the glaze set for a few hours or overnight.

What other classic cookie recipes are available besides the Land O Lakes Cookie Recipe?

You can try recipes like Cranberry Tarts, Catherine’s Christmas Butter Cookies, Classic Peanut Butter Cookies, and Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies.

Are Land O Lakes Christmas Cookies suitable for holiday baking?

Yes, Land O Lakes Christmas Cookies are great for holiday baking or anytime for a homemade treat.


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