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How to Make Brownie Cake Pops: A Bite-Sized Treat

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Are you looking for a dessert that’s both tasty and fun to make? Brownie cake pops are the perfect choice. They are small, tasty treats that mix the goodness of brownies with chocolate. You can make them for any event.

We’ll guide you through each step. You’ll learn how to make the brownie base and cover it in chocolate. These steps are easy to follow and will make your brownie cake pops amazing.

Prepare to enjoy making these sweet treats. They’re perfect for surprising your family and friends. Let’s start making brownie cake pops!

The Easy Recipe for Brownie Cake Pops

Are you looking for a fun and yummy treat? These brownie cake pops are a great pick! They’re made from a large box of brownie mix, ideal for sharing at parties.

First, bake the brownie mix as directed. After they cool, trim off the edges and crumble the rest in a bowl. Shape the crumbs into balls, stick a lollipop into each one, and put them on a tray lined with paper.

After that, pop them in the freezer for 30 minutes. It helps the pops stay together when you dip them in chocolate.

Next, prepare the chocolate to dip the pops. Melt a lot of chocolate and a little shortening. This thins the chocolate for a nice, even coat. Use a bowl safe for the microwave, and warm the chocolate in 30-second bursts until smooth.

Then, dip the pops in the chocolate. Hold a pop by its stick and cover it in chocolate. Let the extra chocolate drip off before placing it back on the tray.

But wait, there’s more fun to add! Sprinkle colorful toppings over the chocolate before it hardens.

Let the chocolate cool and set. You can freeze them briefly or wait for the chocolate to harden at room temperature. Now, your cake pops are ready to enjoy!

Display them nicely for a fantastic look—perfect for gatherings. Your guests will love the mix of chewy brownie, rich chocolate, and sprinkles.

Tips for Success

  1. Use a sharp knife to cut off the brownie edges, ensuring a smooth and uniform consistency.
  2. Stick the lollipop sticks into the brownie balls about halfway, making sure they are secure.
  3. If the brownie balls are too soft to hold their shape, refrigerate them for a short period before dipping.
  4. For a variety of flavors, experiment with different types of chocolate for dipping.
  5. Make sure the melted chocolate is warm but not too hot to prevent melting the brownie pops.
  6. Have all your sprinkles and decorations ready before dipping to ensure they stick to the chocolate coating.
1 box of fudgy brownie mix (family-size)
Lollipop sticks
Chocolate chips or melting chocolate

Brownie Cake Pops: A Twist on a Classic Dessert

Brownie cake pops put a new spin on a favorite sweet. They’re not made with cake but with brownies. This makes them rich and chewy. They’re then covered in melted chocolate, making them even more indulgent.

The mix of fudgy brownies and a thick chocolate layer is simply irresistible. The chewy brownie inside and the crisp chocolate outside blend beautifully. This creates a truly enjoyable taste and feel.

This recipe stands out because it’s so flexible. You can pick various brownie flavors and toppings. So, you can go for the classic or try something new, like salted caramel or mint. The choice is yours.

Want to make these homemade chewy delights yourself? The recipe for these indulgent treats is just below. Get ready to enjoy something amazing!

Customizing Your Brownie Cake Pops

Brownie Flavors Toppings and Decorations
Classic Chocolate Brownies Sprinkles
Salted Caramel Brownies Crushed Pretzels
Mint Brownies Mint Chocolate Chips
Red Velvet Brownies Cream Cheese Frosting
Peanut Butter Brownies Chopped Peanuts

homemade brownie cake pops


Making brownie pops at home is a fun and tasty project. With a simple recipe to follow, anyone can make these. They’re perfect for any occasion.

Looking for a quick sweet fix or planning a party? These little treats are great. You only need a few ingredients and a bit of time.

Why not try making them yourself? Enjoy every chocolaty, fudgy bit. They’re great for a treat alone or to share. Either way, they’re bound to make people happy.


Can I use a different type of cake mix instead of brownie mix?

Yes, you can pick other cake mixes for different flavors. This recipe uses a fudgy brownie mix.

How long do the brownie cake pops need to freeze?

Freeze them for at least 1 hour. This makes sure they are solid enough for dipping.

Can I use different types of chocolate for coating?

Yes, you can use many chocolate types. Like milk, white, dark chocolate. Or fun flavors for the pops.

What can I use instead of shortening?

You can swap shortening with coconut oil or vegetable oil. This will do the trick if you’re short on shortening.

Can I decorate the brownie cake pops with other toppings besides sprinkles?

For sure! You can decorate them with nuts, cookie crumbs, colored sugar, or icing. Let your creativity shine with the decorations.

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