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Monthly Delight: Exploring Cheesecake of the Month Clubs

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Do you love cheesecake and want a special monthly treat? Harry & David has just the thing with their cheesecake of the month club. They are known for starting the Fruit-of-the-Month® Club. Now, they offer top-quality monthly cheesecake subscriptions all over the country.

By joining the club, every month you get a new, tasty cheesecake delivered. You can pick classic flavors like New York-style or something new like strawberry. There are also rich options like chocolate or caramel for those who prefer them.

What makes Harry & David’s club unique is its use of the best ingredients. Skilled cheesemakers make each cake by hand. This careful process guarantees a dessert that is both delicious and unforgettable.

Getting a fresh cheesecake every month is a real treat. It’s a simple way to pamper yourself or surprise friends and family. With Harry & David, known for their quality since 1936, every cake is sure to impress.

Indulge in a World of Flavors

The Harry & David cheesecake of the month club has a wide range of gourmet cheesecakes. Each month, a new flavor is delivered to you. You might get a New York-style, a fruit one like strawberry, or indulgent pieces with chocolate or caramel. This exciting monthly delivery keeps your dessert choices fresh.

The Art of Gourmet Flavors

The Harry & David cheesecake of the month club leads you on a taste adventure. There are many variety of flavors to enjoy, each one a delicious journey.

The first slice of these gourmet cheesecakes is a game-changer. With their smooth texture and flavors, you’ll know why this club is praised. These treats are made with the best ingredients by expert bakers. They turn their creations into unforgettable experiences.

Your excitement grows as each month you await the new cheesecake. Will it be a traditional favorite or a new surprise? You’re guaranteed a delightful and unforgettable treat, every single time.

Unforgettable Moments with Cheesecake

The delivery from Harry & David’s cheesecake club is more than a box. It adds a special touch to any moment. Be it a celebration, dinner with friends, or a personal reward, these cheesecakes make it memorable.

Picture enjoying a slice with friends and family. The taste, laughter, and warmth make for cherished memories. These moments will stay with you, bringing joy for years to come.

The Joy of Monthly Discovery

The Harry & David club brings a fresh cheesecake adventure every time. Each month, there’s something new to try, creating a culinary exploration.

If you’re a cheesecake lover or just starting, this club is a great choice. Waiting for your monthly surprise is truly exciting. It’s a chance to discover flavors and expand your dessert taste.

Joining the Harry & David club brings gourmet cheesecake straight to your door. Every slice promises a rich flavor and a memorable moment. It’s a chance to experience top-notch cheesecakes, at your own place.

Expertly Crafted Delight

Harry & David’s cheesecake of the month club is all about top-notch sweets. We start by picking the best ingredients. These are chosen carefully to mix the perfect flavors. Our team works hard to get these top-grade ingredients from trusted places.

Cheesecake making is something we see as art. That’s why we team up with the best cheesemakers. They love what they do and it shows. With their knowledge and using time-honored traditions, they make amazing cheesecakes that we all love.

Our cheesecake artisans know the details matter a lot. They pick each item by hand, making sure it’s the best. This means only the freshest, top-quality stuff goes into making our cheesecakes. They choose everything, from the cheese to the fruit, carefully.

For us at Harry & David, the best taste comes from using fantastic ingredients and blending them with skill. Working with these master cheesemakers, we bring you the very best. It’s an experience you won’t forget.

artisanal cheesemakers

The Artistry of Flavor

Our cheesemakers are all about creating amazing tastes. They’re always playing with new combinations to dazzle us. Every cheesecake they make is a work of art, full of flavors that will make anyone happy.

There’s always something new, from beloved classics to fresh, bold flavors each month. Our cheesemakers keep up with what’s trending and what you, our members, like. This ensures every new bite is a delight.

Every mouthful is packed with their hard work and talent. You’ll love every aspect, from the smooth creaminess to those hints of sweetness. It’s their effort that makes each slice so special.

Joining Harry & David’s cheesecake club means stepping into something amazing. Try out our club and start a journey through great tastes. We combine the best ingredients and skills to offer you an amazing dessert trip.

Monthly Flavor Experience

Our cheesecake club is all about the journey through different flavors. You’ll get a different cheesecake every month, all handpicked by our top artisans. It’s a surprise in each box, whether it’s a classic or something new.

Waiting for your new cheesecake each month is part of the fun. It ranges from rich and creamy to light and zesty. There’s something for everyone. So kick back, relax, and let us bring variety to your door.

Month Featured Cheesecake Flavor
January New York Classic
February Raspberry White Chocolate
March Salted Caramel Pretzel
April Lemon Blueberry Swirl
May Strawberry Shortcake
June Key Lime Coconut

Conclusion- A Decadent Treat Delivered to Your Door

Getting your hands on a gourmet dessert is simple with Harry & David’s cheesecake of the month club. Forget searching for the perfect sweet treat outside. Instead, have it brought to you every month. You get a range of expertly made cheesecakes, all from the comfort of home.

Picture having a yummy dessert ready whenever you want. With this monthly service, you’ll always have a sweet supply. It’s great for yourself or as a surprise for a fellow cheesecake fan. You’ll get to enjoy different flavors and styles, a new joy every month.

Harry & David is all about quality. They pick the best from small cheesemakers to make each dessert. Happy cheesemakers mean tasty cheesecakes for you. You can feel the love and care in every bite.

Joining Harry & David’s club is a smart move for better desserts. Each month, you’ll get a new, top-quality cheesecake. It’s easy, tasty, and the best part is you get to explore without leaving home. Treat yourself or a friend to a dessert adventure now. Sign up and get ready for some delicious surprises!


Is there a variety of flavors available in the cheesecake of the month club?

Yes, the club offers many gourmet cheesecakes. Every month, a new flavor or style comes to you. You might get New York classic, fruity like strawberry, or rich flavors like chocolate.

What types of ingredients are used in Harry & David’s cheesecake of the month club?

Each cake is full of high-quality ingredients. The cheesemakers they work with love what they do. They pick only the best to make their amazing cheesecakes.

Is the cheesecake of the month club a subscription service?

Yes, it is a subscription that comes every month. This lets you enjoy cake at home. It’s perfect for you or as a gift.

How long has Harry & David been delivering high-quality desserts?

Since 1936, Harry & David has been at it. Their care is in every dessert they make.

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