Easy Coconut Cake Recipe UK

Quick and Easy Coconut Cake Recipe for UK Home Bakers

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Welcome to a guide on making a fabulous coconut cake that’s sure to be a hit. This quick coconut cake recipe is for UK home bakers aiming to whip up a moist, tasty treat quickly. It uses common ingredients and straightforward steps. Soon, you’ll have a mouthwatering coconut cake to enjoy.

This recipe uses cake flour, egg whites, and other items for a perfectly soft cake. It also includes plenty of coconut flavors, like coconut milk and shredded coconut. This makes for a truly rich and delicious cake.

You can make this cake in many shapes, from a simple round one to layered masterpieces. You can choose different frostings, such as strawberry or chocolate, to pair with your cake. This way, you can experiment and make it just the way you like.

For a fancier touch, consider topping your cake with cream cheese buttercream and more shredded coconut. It looks beautiful and tastes even better with the extra coconut. It adds something special to every slice.

Remember, because of the cream cheese frosting, this cake is best kept in the fridge. It’s your chance to impress everyone with this quick and easy coconut cake recipe. It’ll quickly become a go-to for gatherings or just because.

The Best Coconut Cake Recipes Tested and Ranked

Finding the best coconut cake recipe isn’t easy. So we did a bake-off to compare and rank them. Here’s what we figured out:

  1. Ingredients: Each recipe had its own mix of ingredients. Some used oil for softness, others picked butter or mayo for richness. A bit of coconut flour improved the coconut taste.
  2. Moisture: Perfect moisture is key in a great coconut cake. Our recipes used sour cream and coconut milk for a soft, moist cake. They improved texture and flavor, too.
  3. Coconut Flavor: Some recipes added coconut extract for more coconut kick. But many didn’t like it because it tastes fake. All cakes had shredded coconut for a real, subtle taste and crunch.
  4. Garnishing: Usually, coconut cakes are topped with sweet coconut. It adds a tasty, chewy finish to the cake.
  5. Methods: Recipes had different ways of making the cakes. Some creamed the butter and sugar, others mixed dry ingredients first. Both made yummy cakes, each with its own twist.

After all our tests, the best coconut cake used butter, sour cream, and coconut milk. This combo got the taste, feeling, and moistness just right. It truly is the best coconut cake recipe we found.

So, with the best recipe in hand, it’s your turn to bake. Use it for a big day or just because. This coconut cake will make everyone happy. Go on, bake the perfect coconut cake!

Keep an eye out for our wrap-up on coconut cake. We’ll give you all the final tips for making your own perfect coconut cake.


We’ve tested and ranked coconut cake recipes, and the best mix includes butter, sour cream, and coconut milk. These ingredients make a moist cake with a rich coconut taste.

Adding shredded coconut to the batter is a vital step in making a great coconut cake. It brings out a subtle coconut flavor and nice texture.

Some may consider using coconut extract, but many dislike its artificial taste. A little bit of extract can still improve the cake’s coconut flavor.

The choice of fat in your cake, like butter, oil, or mayo, affects its texture and taste. Butter, sour cream, and coconut milk give the cake a great flavor and moistness.

To make your coconut cake even better, sprinkle sweetened shredded coconut on top. This enhances the flavor and makes your cake look great.

In the end, coconut cake is a wonderful treat for everyone in the UK to bake at home. Follow our simple recipe and tips for a cake that’s moist, packed with coconut, and loved by all.


What makes this coconut cake recipe moist and fluffy?

This recipe uses cake flour, egg whites, sour cream, and canned coconut milk. These ingredients create a soft and moist crumb.

How does this recipe intensify the coconut flavor in the cake?

The recipe includes coconut milk, shredded coconut, and coconut extract. These ingredients make the coconut flavor really stand out in the cake.

What types of cakes can I make with this recipe?

You can make bundt cakes, cupcakes, and layer cakes with this recipe.

Can I customize the frosting?

Yes, you can make the cake your own by changing the frosting flavor. Add strawberry, lemon, or chocolate for a twist.

How can I add an extra layer of texture and flavor to the cake?

Give your cake extra flavor and texture by using cream cheese buttercream and sprinkling shredded coconut on top.

How should I store the cake?

Store the cake in the fridge because of the cream cheese frosting. This will keep it fresh for longer.

How were the best coconut cake recipes identified?

Many coconut cake recipes were compared. The best one was chosen through a bake-off.

What ingredients were used in the tested coconut cake recipes?

These recipes used all types of ingredients like oil, butter, mayo, and coconut flour.

What contributed to the moist texture of the cakes?

Using sour cream and coconut milk made the cakes moist. They added a delicious texture too.

Was coconut extract used in the tested recipes?

Some recipes used coconut extract. But, it wasn’t very popular because of its fake taste.

What was the overall favorite coconut cake recipe?

The favorite recipe used butter, sour cream, and coconut milk. It was loved the most.

Why was shredded coconut added to the cake batter?

It was added for its subtle coconut taste and to give the cake extra texture.

How is a traditional coconut cake garnished?

Usually, coconut cakes are garnished with sweetened shredded coconut on the outside.

What methods were used in the tested coconut cake recipes?

Some used the creaming method, while others used the reverse creaming method for their cakes.

Was there a conclusion from testing and ranking the coconut cake recipes?

The study concluded that the best recipe combined butter, sour cream, and coconut milk.

Can I still use coconut extract in moderation?

Though many didn’t like its fake taste, using coconut extract lightly is okay.

How does the choice of fat affect the cake?

The type of fat you use, like butter, oil, or mayo, changes the cake’s taste and texture.

What did sour cream and coconut milk contribute to the cakes?

They made the cakes moist and gave them a soft, tender crumb.

How can I decorate a coconut cake?

Decorate with sweetened shredded coconut for extra taste and texture.

Who can enjoy this coconut cake recipe?

This recipe is for anyone in the UK who loves to bake at home. It’s quick and simple to make.

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