Butter Rum Ice Cream Recipe

Rich Flavor: Butter Rum Ice Cream Recipe

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Indulge in our homemade Butter Rum Ice Cream Recipe. It’s filled with warming rum and butter tastes, perfect for dessert fans. You’ll need dark rum, unsalted butter, butter rum hard candy, and vanilla ice cream.

Mix the rum, butter, and crushed candy in a saucepan. Cook until the candy melts into a caramel sauce. After it cools, swirl the sauce into softened vanilla ice cream for a marbled effect.

Store it in an airtight container in the freezer. This recipe makes about 2 quarts of Butter Rum Ice Cream.

Ingredients and Instructions for the Sauce

Upgrade your Butter Rum Ice Cream with our lush caramel sauce. This sauce is crafted with genuine butter, dark brown sugar, kosher salt, vanilla extract, and various flavoured extracts. It also includes heavy whipping cream for extra creaminess.

Start by melting the butter, dark brown sugar, and kosher salt in a saucepan. This mixture will create a rich caramel foundation for our sauce.

Then, enhance the sauce with vanilla extract, butter-rum, and butter flavoured extracts. These add depth to the buttery and rum tastes, balancing sweetness with richness.

Next, blend in the heavy whipping cream and stir well. The cream boosts the sauce’s creaminess, making it even more delightful.

Once the sauce becomes smooth and velvety, take it off the heat to cool. Chill it in the fridge until you’re ready to drizzle it over your Butter Rum Ice Cream.

To serve, slightly warm the sauce in the microwave. This makes it creamy and perfect for drizzling over your ice cream.

Enjoy a buttery, caramel delight that enhances the luxurious taste of Butter Rum Ice Cream. This combination creates an unforgettable treat.

Make It Your Own

Customise the sauce as you like. Add a bit of sea salt for a sweet and salty taste or toss in your preferred nuts. Try toasted almonds or macadamia for a crunchy texture. The choices are yours to explore!

Additional Tips and Variations

Boost your Butter Rum Ice Cream with these extra tips. Discover exciting changes you can make:

1. Rum Raisin Twist

For a new take on traditional tastes, make a rum raisin version of Butter Rum Ice Cream. Just mix in 1 cup of juicy raisins once the candy melts. The mix of these raisins and creamy vanilla ice cream is truly irresistible.

2. Infuse with Ginger or Citrus

Adding ginger or citrus can make your Butter Rum Ice Cream even more delicious. Add some fresh ginger for a spicy twist. Or, for a refreshing taste, mix in some orange or lemon zest. These additions brighten up the ice cream beautifully.

3. Experiment with Different Liquors

Don’t hesitate to try different liquors in your recipe. Use your favourite whiskey or cognac instead of dark rum. This change brings a fascinating new depth to your Butter Rum Ice Cream.

4. Substitute Water with Tea

Tea lovers, this one’s for you. Use your favourite tea instead of water in the mix. A strong black tea or spiced chai works wonderfully. Tea adds a lovely aroma to your Butter Rum Ice Cream cocktail.

5. Dairy-Free Delight

You can still savour Butter Rum Ice Cream without dairy. Choose a dairy-free vanilla ice cream as a substitute. A coconut or almond milk-based ice cream matches well with the butter and rum flavours.

6. Customizations and Personalization

Recipes should fit your taste. Adjust amounts to get the creaminess, sweetness, or spice you like. Make your Butter Rum Ice Cream your own, reflecting your personal tastes.

“A great recipe is merely a starting point for culinary creativity. Don’t be afraid to experiment and make it your own!”

Dive into these tips and variations to discover many delightful ways to enjoy Butter Rum Ice Cream. Let your creativity lead and craft a dessert that’s uniquely yours!

Variations and Customizations

Variation Suggested Ingredient
Rum Raisin 1 cup of raisins
Ginger Twist Freshly grated ginger
Citrus Infusion Orange or lemon zest
Alternate Liquor Whiskey or cognac
Tea Infusion Strongly brewed tea instead of water
Dairy-Free Option Dairy-free ice cream alternative

Butter Rum Ice Cream


The Butter Rum Ice Cream Recipe is a delightful treat that will meet your dessert needs. It blends rum, butter, and caramel for a rich flavour. This ice cream is perfect on its own or as a topping.

David Lebovitz, a top ice cream maker, created this recipe. It is in his book, The Perfect Scoop, since October 21, 2009. Rum, butter, and caramel mix for an irresistible taste.

Follow the recipe well and enjoy this ice cream in a sensible way. The recipe mentions rum a lot. But remember to use it wisely and serve it safely.

Why not enjoy a scoop or two of this fancy Butter Rum Ice Cream? Let yourself enjoy something special. It’s perfect for any occasion or just because. You’ll surely come back for more. Get ready for a journey of delicious joy!


Can I use any type of rum in the Butter Rum Ice Cream Recipe?

Yes, any dark rum works well for this flavourful treat. Dark rum gives the ice cream a comforting, deep taste.

Can I substitute the unsalted butter with salted butter?

Unsalted butter is preferred to control salt levels in your caramel sauce. If you only have salted butter, just use less added salt.

How long does the Butter Rum Ice Cream keep in the freezer?

Keep it in an airtight container and it stays good for up to 2 weeks. This way, it keeps its taste and texture perfect.

Can I use the sauce for other desserts?

Absolutely! This sauce is perfect as a topping for pies, cakes, and more. Its caramel flavour enhances many desserts.

Can I make rum raisin ice cream with this recipe?

Certainly, by adding 1 cup of raisins, you can enjoy a classic rum raisin ice cream. It’s a tasty twist on the original recipe.

Is it safe to taste the extracts undiluted?

Tasting undiluted extracts is unsafe due to their strong taste. Always blend them with other components for the best taste and safety.


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