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The Best Frozen Cheesecake Brands for Quick Desserts

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Frozen cheesecake is a top choice for a delicious and easy dessert. It’s better than making your own. There are many good frozen cheesecake brands out there, rated highly by experts.

It’s perfect for a dinner with friends or a treat at midnight. You won’t regret having some in your freezer.

Choosing the best one can be hard because there are so many. Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work. We found the best brands out there to make your decision simple.

So, are you ready to find out the top frozen cheesecake brands? Let’s get started!

Top Picks for Store-bought Cheesecakes

In a recent taste test by experts, three frozen cheesecakes shined: Costco, Trader Joe’s, and Edwards. We’ll see what puts each cheesecake at the top for fans of sweet treats.

1. Costco Cheesecake

Our first stop is Costco’s frozen cheesecake. It spells luxury with its rich flavors and grand look. Eaters love the blend of the sour cream topping with the creamy cheesecake below. And the graham cracker base adds a nice crunch. Even though it’s big, you can slice and freeze it to enjoy later.

2. Trader Joe’s Cheesecake

Trader Joe’s is up next with something for everyone. Their New York Style Cheesecake is smooth and buttery. It has a simple taste that lets the rich filling stand out. Cheesecake lovers adore its uncomplicated yet delicious nature.

3. Edwards Cheesecake

Then comes Edwards with a line-up that tastes like it’s homemade. They offer a range including New York Style, Turtle, and Cookies and Crème. Each cheesecake is smooth and just the right amount of sweet. The amount of work put into each flavor shows, giving a tasty experience with each slice.

These store-bought cheesecakes offer something for every taste. Whether you’re up for Costco’s tangy delight, Trader Joe’s classic version, or Edwards’ variety, these choices make dessert easy and delicious.

Other Noteworthy Options and Final Thoughts

There are more than our top picks out there. Sara Lee cheesecake‘s Classic Strawberry Cheesecake is one notable option. It comes with a thick layer of strawberry on a light and fluffy base. The fruit’s sweetness goes well with the creamy cake.

Atlanta Cheesecake has an impressive offering with their Supreme Sampler Quarter Cheesecake. This choice gives you different flavors like White Chocolate and Raspberry Amaretto. It’s perfect for anyone who loves trying new tastes.

If you’re into the combo of creamy cheesecake and chocolate, Simply Clean Label cheesecake‘s Black & White Cheesecake is perfect. This New York-style dessert is smooth and has a balance of tangy and sweet. It’s a dream for chocolate fans.

Kirkland Signature cheesecake is known for its classic and loved taste. Every bite of this cheesecake is creamy, light, and rich. It really is a special treat that delights your taste buds.


What are some of the best frozen cheesecake brands for quick desserts?

For fast frozen cheesecake treats, Costco, Trader Joe’s, and Edwards are great choices.

What makes Costco’s frozen cheesecake stand out?

Costco’s version is super creamy and has a tangy sour cream topping. It also has a perfect crust ratio. This makes it easy to slice and save for later.

Which store-bought cheesecake has a strawberry topping?

Sara Lee’s Classic Strawberry Cheesecake has a thick layer of strawberries on top. It sits on a fluffy, delicious base.

Which frozen cheesecake brand offers a variety of flavors?

Atlanta Cheesecake has a sampler with flavors like White Chocolate and Turtle. This gives you lots of choices in one box.

What unique flavor combination does Simply Clean Label’s Black & White Cheesecake offer?

Their Black & White Cheesecake mixes New York cheesecake with rich chocolate. It creates a perfect balance of creamy and chocolatey.

What is praised about Kirkland Signature’s 12″ Cheesecake?

People love the taste and texture of Kirkland Signature’s hefty 12″ Cheesecake. It stands out for being flavorful, creamy, and a true classic.

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