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Cake Deli: A Haven for Cake Lovers

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Welcome to Cake Deli, the dream spot for cake fans. Here, we turn every moment into a sweet party with our top-notch cakes. No matter the event, our cakes will thrill you with their variety of choices and rich flavors, making your day unforgettable.

We know cakes should not only taste great but look amazing too. Our skilled bakers make gorgeous cakes that are soft, moist, and delicious. They use only the best ingredients to ensure your treat is perfect.

Our cake selection is wide, from classic vanilla to intense chocolate and even special blends. Need something quick or want something unique and made just for you? Our experts are ready to meet all your cake needs. For fast options, we also have freshly made cakes ready to go.

At Cake Deli, we are all about quality and art. Every cake is a work of art, carefully crafted with beautiful designs by our talented bakers. We enjoy making unique, personalized cakes for our customers.

Making you happy is our number one goal. Explore our cake galleries for ideas and past creations, then contact our team to start on your dream cake. You can find us in Silverstream, Upper Hutt, Wellington. Cake Deli is all about sharing the joy of cakes with you.

Discover Cake Deli, a paradise for cake lovers. Every slice is a taste of happiness and celebration.

A Variety of Cake Options and Flavors

Cake Deli knows cakes matter for every celebration. They offer many options and flavors. From vanilla to unique combos, there’s something special for everyone.

Their cakes are always fresh and made with top-quality ingredients. This promise ensures a yummy, moist bite every time. Plus, their bakers put love into every cake they make. This is why each cake looks great and tastes amazing.

Need a cake fast? Cake Deli has premade cakes that are freshly baked. These cakes are both tasty and convenient. They are perfect for any sudden get-together or birthday party. Cake Deli is the answer when time is short.

Want to see what they offer? Check out these options:

  • Classic Vanilla
  • Decadent Chocolate
  • Red Velvet Delight
  • Indulgent Salted Caramel
  • Fruity Fresh Strawberry
  • Refreshing Lemon Burst
  • Elegant Coconut Cream
  • Unique Matcha Green Tea

“Our goal at Cake Deli is to provide a delightful and memorable cake experience for our customers. Whether you’re a fan of classic flavors or looking for something bold and adventurous, we have the perfect cake for you.”

Customization and Personalization

Every celebration is special, and Cake Deli gets that. They offer lots of ways to make your cake unique. From picking designs to personal touches, your cake will be just right for your big day.

Choosing Cake Deli means getting a cake that’s more than a dessert; it’s art. Their team works hard to make sure your cake is perfect. They aim for not just meeting but exceeding your cake dreams.

For memorable events, Cake Deli is a great choice. Whether you need something ready right away or want a cake made just for you, they have your back. Let Cake Deli sweeten your next special moment.

Cake Options Cake Flavors
Classic Vanilla Decadent Chocolate
Red Velvet Delight Indulgent Salted Caramel
Fruity Fresh Strawberry Refreshing Lemon Burst
Elegant Coconut Cream Unique Matcha Green Tea

Cake Deli’s Commitment to Craftsmanship and Customer Satisfaction

At Cake Deli, we think making excellent cakes starts with great craftsmanship. Our bakers are not just skilled; they put a lot of love into every cake. Each cake is a masterpiece, filled with detailed work. We pay attention to every little part because we know it makes a cake shine.

We only use the best ingredients in our cakes. Everything we put in comes locally and is the highest quality. Our cakes are never from a packet. Everything is made fresh, with care, in our own kitchen. This way, we know each cake is perfect when it’s in your hands.

We are experts in custom-made cakes. We get that each event is different. So, we talk a lot with our customers to understand what they want. For weddings, birthdays, or any special moment, we make a cake that is just right. You can pick from many designs, or we can make something special, just for you.

Making you happy is what we are all about. We want you to love not just the cake, but the whole experience with us. Check out our cake galleries for ideas or talk to us about your own. Located in Silverstream, Upper Hutt, Wellington, let Cake Deli be part of your joy. Come see how we can make a cake that is truly yours.


What types of occasions are Cake Deli’s cakes suitable for?

Cake Deli’s cakes fit many celebrations, from birthdays and weddings to smaller gatherings. They turn any moment into a sweet memory.

What cake options and flavors does Cake Deli offer?

Cake Deli has cakes in various flavors like classic vanilla and indulgent chocolate. They offer diverse taste options for every preference.

Are there premade cakes available at Cake Deli?

If you need a cake right away, Cake Deli has freshly baked, ready-to-go cakes. These premade cakes combine quality with quick service.

How are Cake Deli’s custom-made cakes created?

Custom-made at Cake Deli means handcrafted with care. Each cake shows a unique design that fits your occasion perfectly.

They’re made to meet your specific requests, making your event even more special.

Can I see examples of Cake Deli’s previous work?

Certainly! Cake Deli welcomes you to check out their galleries for cake inspiration. They’re proud of their work and ready to help create your ideal cake.

Where is Cake Deli located?

Cake Deli’s location is in Silverstream, Upper Hutt, Wellington. They’re devoted to making your cake experience memorable and joyful.

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