Cherry on the Cake

The Cherry on the Cake: Finishing Touches to Make Your Cake Stand Out

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Adding the right finishing touches can turn your cake into a masterpiece. Whether you’re a pro or bake for fun, our tips ensure your cake is perfect. We cover everything from preparing and storing layers to keeping your frosting fresh. Let’s make your cake stand out.

Make-Ahead Tips for Baking and Storing Cake Layers

For a perfect cake, let your layers cool before assembling. This step can take several hours. But, you can save time by baking your layers a day or two in advance. Then, store them the right way. This way, your layers will be ready for decorating when needed.

After baking, let your layers cool completely. Then, wrap each layer in plastic and put them in a tight container. Or, use separate bags for each layer. Don’t forget to label them with the date and cake type.

It’s best to keep the cake layers in the fridge. This keeps them fresh. When decorating time comes, take the layers out. Let them warm up before adding your frosting.

By using these tips, decorating your cakes becomes easier. Plus, your cakes will stay fresh and tasty.

Storing and Preserving Buttercream Frosting

Buttercream frosting is a tasty way to decorate cakes. It’s perfect for any occasion. Whether a birthday cake or a grand wedding cake, extra frosting is always handy. The good news is, you can keep buttercream frosting fresh without losing its taste or texture.

Making Ahead and Storing

To make your buttercream ahead, keep it fresh in the fridge. Put it in an airtight container. Then, refrigerate it. This helps it last longer and stay safe to eat.

Tip: Label the container with the prep date. This helps remember how fresh it is.

Frosting can stay good in the fridge for two weeks. When you want to use it, let it warm up. Mix it well to get the right texture. This softens the frosting, making it smooth for your cakes.

Preserving Frosting on a Decorated Cake

After the first frosting layers, keep your cake cold to keep it fresh. Storing it in the fridge overnight helps. It stops the cake from drying and keeps the frosting looking nice.

Tip: To stop condensation, lightly cover the cake. Use plastic wrap or a dome before chilling.

Bring the cake to room temperature before the final frosting. The cold crumb coat under the frosting makes your final layer firm. This way, your cake looks and tastes great.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to store and save buttercream frosting is super useful. It means you’re always ready for some spontaneous baking. These tips ensure your frosting is always fresh, tasty, and perfect for making your cakes beautiful.

Preserving Cake Decorations and Adding Final Touches

The way you store your cake decorations matters a lot. If you want your cake to look its best, follow these tips. They will keep the final details fresh.

For cakes with fresh flowers, keep them in water until serving. This keeps the flowers bright and the cake naturally beautiful.

With berries, add them right before serving. Berries have lots of water. Adding them early can make your cake wet. Waiting keeps your cake perfect and adds berry flavor.

Planning on using cotton candy? Keep in mind it dissolves fast in the air. Add it only when you’re about to serve. Your cake will look magical without losing its charm.

Use these tips to keep your cake decorations looking great. They will be fresh and visually stunning. Make a cake that’s both delicious and a feast for the eyes.


Can I bake my cake layers ahead of time?

Yes, you can bake cake layers ahead, a day or two. Just store them right. This saves decorating time.

How long should I let my cake layers cool before assembling the cake?

Several hours of cooling is key before building your cake. This helps keep it all together.

How long can I store buttercream frosting?

Buttercream can be prepared early. It lasts fresh in the fridge for up to two weeks.

How do I bring buttercream frosting back to room temperature?

Let the frosting sit out. Mix it well until it’s spreadable again. Easy!

Can I store a crumb coated cake in the refrigerator overnight?

Storing a crumb coated cake in the fridge overnight works fine. It doesn’t dry out.

How can I create a smooth finish when frosting my cake?

To achieve a smooth look, frost your cake after it’s chilled. This step is crucial.

How should I store a fully decorated cake?

For the best results, keep a fully decorated cake chilled in the fridge.

How should I store a cake decorated with fresh flowers?

If your cake has fresh flowers, keep it refrigerated. Place water in the vase. Do this until serving day.

Can I add berries to the cake ahead of time?

It’s best to top your cake with berries right before serving. This prevents soggy cake bottoms.

When should I add cotton candy as a cake topper?

Add cotton candy just before you serve. It’s delicate and will disappear fast.

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