Banana Toffee Cake

Luscious Banana Toffee Cake for a Rich Treat

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Looking for a sweet, over-the-top dessert? You’ve found it with this Banana Toffee Cake. It includes ripe bananas and toffee sauce. This cake is perfect for a party or just for you.

Picture a cake that’s moist and full of flavor. Every forkful is delicious and exciting. The mix of ripe bananas and toffee sauce is a true luxury.

This cake is easy to whip up, taking just 1 hour. Plus, it lasts a long time, so you can savor it over multiple days. It’s a win-win.

It’s ideal for any special time or just as a personal reward. Enjoy it warm, with extra toffee sauce and whipped cream. It will be a dessert you’ll remember.

Ingredients for Banana Toffee Cake

Make a Banana Toffee Cake that’s full of rich flavor with these key ingredients:

Ingredients Quantity
Pitted dates 1 cup
Boiling hot water 1 cup
Baking soda 1 teaspoon
Light brown sugar 1 cup
Salted butter ½ cup
Buttermilk ¾ cup
Pure vanilla extract 1 teaspoon
Large egg 1
Molasses 1 tablespoon
Overripe banana 1
All-purpose flour (sifted) 1 ½ cups
Kosher salt ½ teaspoon
Baking powder 1 ½ teaspoons
Avocado oil spray For greasing
Heavy cream 1 cup
Light brown sugar ½ cup
Salted butter 2 tablespoons
Pure vanilla extract 1 teaspoon
Kosher salt ¼ teaspoon
Heavy cream (whipped) For serving
Pure vanilla extract 1 teaspoon
Kosher salt ¼ teaspoon

These ingredients have been handpicked to make your Banana Toffee Cake out of this world. Enjoy the process of creating something delicious and satisfying.

How to Make Banana Toffee Cake

Making a Banana Toffee Cake is simple. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Add dates, hot water, and baking soda to a mini food processor. Pulse until it’s a paste.
  2. Cream butter, sugar, and eggs with a hand mixer. Then add vanilla, mashed banana, buttermilk, and molasses. Mix well.
  3. Next, gently fold in flour, salt, and baking powder. Add the date mix and fold it in. Be careful not to overmix.
  4. Oil a 6-cup muffin tin. Put the batter in and bake for 18-22 minutes.
  5. While the cakes bake, make the toffee sauce. Boil cream, brown sugar, butter, vanilla extract, and salt. Let it cool.
  6. Now for the whipped cream. Beat cold heavy cream, vanilla, and salt until you get stiff peaks.
  7. Take the cakes out, poke holes, and pour the toffee syrup over them. Top with whipped cream.

Expert Tip:

If you want to make your Banana Toffee Cake even more special, serve it with vanilla ice cream. It’s a perfect match for the cake and toffee sauce.

Ingredients Quantities
Dates Pitted
Hot water Boiling
Baking soda 1 teaspoon
Light brown sugar 1 cup
Butter 1/2 cup (salted)
Buttermilk 1/2 cup
Vanilla extract 2 teaspoons
Large egg 1
Molasses 1 tablespoon
Overripe banana 1, mashed
All-purpose flour (sifted) 1 1/4 cups
Salt 1/2 teaspoon (kosher)
Baking powder 1/2 teaspoon
Avocado oil spray For greasing the muffin tin
Heavy cream 1/2 cup
Light brown sugar 1/4 cup
Butter 2 tablespoons (salted)
Vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon
Salt A pinch (kosher)
Heavy cream 1 cup (for whipped cream)
Vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon (for whipped cream)
Salt A pinch (kosher, for whipped cream)

With these easy steps and ingredients, you’ll soon have a delicious Banana Toffee Cake. It’s a great way to wow your friends and family.

Banana Toffee Cake Image


Banana Toffee Cake is a tasty treat that mixes ripe bananas with toffee. It’s moist and filled with rich flavors. This cake is wonderful for anyone who loves dessert. Plus, it’s simple to make following easy, quick instructions.

This cake is great both warm and cold. Serve it with toffee sauce and a bit of whipped cream for extra goodness. It blends sweet and creamy tastes, pleasing all who try it.

You can bake this cake in different pans, fitting every event. It’s perfect for celebrations or any time you want something sweet. This cake lasts well in the fridge for 3 days sealed in an airtight container. You can also freeze it for later.

Enjoy the amazing taste of Banana Toffee Cake. Share it with family and friends. It’s a delicious treat that everyone will love. It will surely be a hit in your dessert menu.


Is banana toffee cake difficult to make?

No, banana toffee cake is pretty easy to make. You just follow simple steps. This whole recipe takes 1 hour to finish.

What is banana toffee cake made of?

To make banana toffee cake, you need dates, bananas, butter, and sugar. You also need eggs, flour, vanilla extract, and heavy cream. Add baking soda, baking powder, salt, and molasses too.

Can I use different pans to bake the banana toffee cake?

Yes, you can use various pans to bake this cake. Try a 6-cup muffin tin, ramekins, a porcelain dish, or an 8×8 pan.

How should I serve the banana toffee cake?

Serve the banana toffee cake warm. Add warm toffee sauce and whipped cream for extra flavor. It makes the cake even more delicious.

What is the traditional origin of sticky toffee pudding?

Sticky toffee pudding comes from Britain. It’s a well-loved dessert that many enjoy. Lately, it’s been gaining fans in Canada and the U.S. as well.

How should I store leftover banana toffee cake?

For leftovers, keep your cake in an airtight container in the fridge. It will stay good for about 3 days. You can also freeze it for later if you prefer.

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