Cherry Bakewell Cake Recipe

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Cherry Bakewell Cake

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Are you ready to start baking at home? The Cherry Bakewell Cake is a perfect choice. It brings delightful flavors and is simple to make. You’ll wow your friends and family with this cake. So, let’s not wait any longer. Begin making your Cherry Bakewell Cake today!

The Cherry Bakewell Cake blends together almond, cherry, and sweet almond buttercream. It’s then topped with icing, flaked almonds, and cherries. The result is a beautiful cake that will get everyone’s attention at an event.

For the best result, follow some critical steps. Use ingredients like butter and eggs at room temperature for easy mixing. Always weigh your ingredients using a scale for precise amounts. When measuring small amounts, use the right measuring spoons. These steps will ensure your cake is perfect.

Now, armed with the right skills, you’re ready to bake a delicious Cherry Bakewell Cake. Enjoy the baking process and the wonderful smell in your kitchen. Then, share this tasty cake with those you love. Every bite of your Cherry Bakewell Cake will be a joy!

The Perfect Recipe for Cherry Bakewell Cake

The Cherry Bakewell Cake starts with a delightful almond sponge. It’s filled with sweet cherry jam and creamy almond buttercream. Then, a layer of icing, flaked almonds, and glace cherries top it off. This mix of flavors makes a truly special cake.

The process begins with a light and moist almond sponge. It’s packed with almond’s nutty richness, a perfect base for more flavors.

“The almond sponge is key to the Cherry Bakewell Cake. Its soft texture and nutty taste let other flavors stand out.” – Baking Expert

Cherry jam is the next step, making the cake juicy and sweet. It pairs perfectly with the almond sponge, lifting the taste to new levels.

But the real treat is the almond buttercream. It’s smooth and rich, with almond extract. When spread inside, it gives the cake a creamy layer.

A layer of icing is drizzled over to finish, making it look and taste sweet. The shiny icing makes it inviting even before tasting.

The cake is then crowned with flaked almonds for texture. Glace cherries add color and fruity sweetness, making it beautiful and tasty.

This Cherry Bakewell Cake is not just a dessert, it’s a star. It will wow at any event or as a special delight. The cake is unforgettable with its rich flavors and lovely look.

A Cherry Bakewell Cake to Remember

Let’s look closer at the recipe. This cake’s making is a charming journey.

  1. Mix finely ground almonds, flour, baking powder, sugar, butter, eggs, and almond extract for the sponge.
  2. Bake until golden, letting the delicious smell fill the room.
  3. Cool completely before adding the fillings.
  4. Add cherry jam to the first sponge layer evenly for fruity sweetness.
  5. Make buttercream by mixing butter, icing sugar, almond extract, and a bit of salt until fluffy.
  6. Layer buttercream over the jam for a tasty link between the layers.
  7. Place the second sponge layer for extra richness.
  8. Cover the cake with icing, making it look and taste sweet.
  9. Sprinkle almonds over the icing for a crisp bite.
  10. Place glace cherries for a pretty touch that delights.

Now, with the steps in hand, you’re ready to make your Cherry Bakewell Cake. It will charm all who get to enjoy its flavors and beauty.

Tips and Tricks for Baking Cherry Bakewell Cake

Baking a perfect Cherry Bakewell Cake needs your full attention and the right steps. Here, we have some great tips to help you. Let’s make your baking journey smooth and successful.

1. Use Room Temperature Ingredients

It’s crucial to have your ingredients like butter and eggs at room temperature. This makes them mix better. The result is a cake with a lovely texture and taste.

2. Weigh Your Ingredients

To get the exact amounts and consistent taste, use a digital kitchen scale. It’s a must for a perfect Cherry Bakewell Cake. Weighing your ingredients is more accurate than using volume measurements.

3. Utilize Measuring Spoons

For small measurements, grab your measuring spoons. They ensure you get just the right amount of flavor in your cake. This step is key to the Cherry Bakewell Cake’s delicious taste.

With these tips, baking a great Cherry Bakewell Cake is very doable. Remember, it also takes attention to detail and using the right methods.

Now, let’s dive into the final part of our guide and make the Cherry Bakewell Cake. Get ready to amaze your friends and family with this delightful homemade treat!

Cherry Bakewell Cake Recipe

Ingredient Tips Equipment Information
– Use room temperature ingredients – Digital kitchen scales for accurate weighing
– Weigh ingredients for precision Measuring spoons for teaspoon and tablespoon measurements


Making a Cherry Bakewell Cake is a fun project. It’s something that will make you happy and satisfy your tastebuds. Follow the guide closely and use the helpful tips. Soon, you’ll have a cake that stands out.

Baking is a special experience. It brings a sense of pride when you make something yummy from the start. The Cherry Bakewell Cake, with its own unique mix of almond sponge, cherry jam, and almond buttercream, is a hit.

This recipe is easy to follow for any baker. It mixes great flavors and textures. The result is a tasty cake. The almond sponge, cherry jam, and almond buttercream work so well together.

Don’t delay, start baking today. The Cherry Bakewell Cake is more than a treat. It’s also a way to show off your kitchen skills. Have fun making it, enjoy each bite, and share with friends and family. Let the baking begin!


What is Cherry Bakewell Cake?

Cherry Bakewell Cake is a beloved dessert. It has an almond sponge, cherry jam, and almond buttercream. The top is decorated with icing, flaked almonds, and glazed cherries.

What ingredients are used in Cherry Bakewell Cake?

For Cherry Bakewell Cake, you’ll need almond sponge, cherry jam, and almond buttercream. Don’t forget the icing, flaked almonds, and glazed cherries.

How do I achieve the perfect Cherry Bakewell Cake?

For the perfect Cherry Bakewell Cake, start with room temperature butter and eggs. Always weigh your ingredients and use measuring spoons for exact amounts.

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