Cherry Bakewell Cake

How to Bake a Perfect Cherry Bakewell Cake

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Cherry Bakewell Cake making! This easy recipe will win over your loved ones. The cake tastes like almonds and cherries, a lot like the popular British Bakewell tart.

You’ll need these ingredients for this delightful treat: softened butter, golden caster sugar, ground almond, self-raising flour, baking powder, almond extract, eggs, morello cherry conserve, icing sugar, water or lemon juice, and flaked almonds.

Now, let’s start! First, preheat your oven, butter, and line the tins. Mix all the cake ingredients until smooth. Then, bake the cakes for 30 minutes until they’re golden and bounce back when touched.

After the cakes cool, the fun begins. Spread cherry conserve on one cake and add the other on top. Make the icing by mixing sugar with water or lemon juice. Spread this on the cake and sprinkle with almonds for a crunchy finish.

Finally, your Cherry Bakewell Cake is ready to delight. It mixes almond sponge, cherry jam, and sweet icing for a perfect flavor. So, put on your apron, get your ingredients, and bake this cake to impress everyone.

The Flavors of a Classic British Bakewell Tart in a Layer Cake

A Cherry Bakewell Cake turns the beloved tart into a layer cake. It’s rich with almonds and cherries, suitable for any party or tea time. The almond taste comes from using ground almonds and almond extract. It’s filled with cherry preserves for a burst of sweet fruitiness. Add glacé or maraschino cherries on top for both color and flavor.

This version skips buttercream for a simple white glaze. The cake itself is moist and full of almond frangipane and cherry preserves. It’s an elegant choice for those who love the tart’s taste, or anyone looking for something special.

Why is a Cherry Bakewell Cake the Perfect Tea Time Treat?

A Cherry Bakewell Cake blends the best of a Bakewell tart into a layer cake. It’s a rich, fruity, and nutty cake that fits perfectly with tea. The pretty cake enhances any tea time gathering, making it extra memorable.

The cake’s flavors are a hit because they are perfectly balanced. The almond frangipane gives it a deep, nutty taste. The cherry layer adds sweet fruitiness. Plus, the glacé cherries on top bring a cheerful color and a tangy flavor. Together with the cake’s texture, it’s an unforgettable dessert.

Adding a Modern Twist to a Classic Recipe

This Cherry Bakewell Cake mixes old and new flavors. The white glaze adds a touch of elegance over buttercream. Ground almonds in the cake batter enrich both flavor and texture.

It’s great for any gathering or just when you want a special treat. The cake combines classic British taste with modern style for a crowd-pleaser. It’s sure to impress and satisfy your guests.

Celebrating 100 Years of KitchenAid with a Twist on a Traditional Bake

We’re marking 100 years of KitchenAid with a special one! It’s the Queen of Hearts KitchenAid Hand Mixer in a lovely passion red color. Adorned with mini hearts, it reflects KitchenAid’s 100 years of being at the forefront in innovation and style.

This limited edition mixer lets you make a stunning Cherry Bakewell Cake. It’s a new take on a British classic. You start with an easy-to-make almond sponge using the Queen of Hearts Mixer.

Then, add layers of cherry jam and almond buttercream. Top it off with a shiny icing, flaked almonds, and glace cherries. This cake looks amazing and tastes incredible.

This shows the beautiful mix of KitchenAid’s rich past and modern creativity in baking. It’s perfect for both new and expert bakers. The Queen of Hearts Mixer adds a bit of class to everything you bake, starting with the fantastic Cherry Bakewell Cake.


What is a Cherry Bakewell Cake?

A Cherry Bakewell Cake is a layer cake form of the famous British Bakewell tart. It includes almonds and cherries just like the tart. It perfect for having with afternoon tea or as a special birthday cake.

What are the main flavors in a Cherry Bakewell Cake?

The main flavors come from almonds and cherries. Almond flavors are in the batter, and almond extract is added too. It has cherry preserves for a fruity taste. It’s topped with glacé cherries or maraschino cherries for a sweet addition.

What is the Queen of Hearts range from KitchenAid?

The Queen of Hearts range celebrates KitchenAid’s 100 years. It includes a beautiful passion red Hand Mixer. The mixer has lovely mini hearts decorating it.

How does the Queen of Hearts Hand Mixer improve the texture of Cherry Bakewell Cake?

The Queen of Hearts Hand Mixer makes cakes light and fluffy. Its strong motor and efficient mixing make a well-mixed batter. This results in perfectly baked cakes.

What makes the Cherry Bakewell Cake recipe with the Queen of Hearts Hand Mixer special?

This Cherry Bakewell Cake recipe is special. It uses the Queen of Hearts Hand Mixer. The almond sponge is filled with cherry jam and almond buttercream. It’s topped with icing, flaked almonds, and glacé cherries. It looks amazing and tastes great, thanks to the mixer’s high-quality mixing.

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