How to Stop Cherries Sinking in a Cake

Baking Tips: Prevent Cherries from Sinking in Your Cake

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Are your cherries always sinking in your cakes? No worries, here’s how to fix that. Our expert advice will stop cherries from sinking. You’ll bake the perfect cake every time.

Making cherry cakes? Glacé cherries are a must, says Mary Berry. She’s a well-known baker and loves their taste and texture. Mary recommends cutting and then washing your cherries to keep them from sinking.”

If your recipe doesn’t use ground almonds, there’s a good trick. Just dust your cherries with a bit of flour. This trick helps them stay put in the batter.”

Follow these tips for cakes with cherries all through, in every slice. Your cakes will wow everyone. Lifting cherries will make your baking extra special. Happy baking without worries of sunk cherries!

Tips for Preventing Cherries from Sinking in Your Cake

When you bake a cherry cake, it’s frustrating if the cherries go straight to the bottom. This leaves your cake looking odd and not tasty. But there are some easy ways to make sure your cherries stay where they should be.

1. Lightly dust dried fruits with flour: First, coat your dried fruits, like cranberries or raisins, with a bit of flour. This coating helps them stick to the batter. It stops them from sinking as the cake bakes.

2. Halve or quarter larger fruits: For bigger fruits, like glace cherries or apples, cut them into smaller sizes. This makes it easier for them to stay spread out in the cake. It stops big chunks of fruit from all ending up at the bottom.

By using these methods, your cake will have cherries all through it. You won’t end up with a cake that looks like it’s missing something. Each slice will have the right amount of fruit in it.

Give these tricks a go the next time you bake a cherry-flavored treat. You’ll see, with a bit of extra work, your cherry cake will turn out just right. It will be a hit at any gathering and make your loved ones proud.


Keeping cherries from sinking in your cake is tricky. But, with some tweaks, you can get pro-level results. Baking experts like Mary Berry have shared their top advice.

Start by preparing your cherries. Cut them into quarters, then give them a thorough wash. Make sure they’re dry. This stops extra moisture from making the cherries sink.

Adding ground almonds to the batter is a neat trick. It not only flavors the cake with almonds. It also helps the cherries stay spread out, so they don’t all sink to the bottom.

Without ground almonds, a bit of flour on the cherries works too. It acts as a shield between the cherries and the batter. This lessens the chance of them sinking.

With these methods, your cherry cakes will look and taste amazing. No more sinking cherries. Just perfectly baked and treats. Enjoy your baking adventures!


How can I prevent cherries from sinking in my cake?

To stop cherries from sinking, cut, wash, and dry them well. Adding ground almonds to the batter or dusting cherries with flour helps keep them up. This way, cherries don’t sink in your cake.

Can I use this technique for other dried fruits?

Yes, this works for other dried fruits like cranberries or raisins too. A light flour coating before mixing them in the batter works. For bigger fruits, like glace cherries, cut them first, then dust with flour. This keeps them from sinking.

Why do cherries sink in cake batter?

Cherries fall to the cake’s bottom due to their weight and wetness. They drag down because they’re heavy. To avoid this, quarter and dry them, and sprinkle with flour. This stops them from sinking and spreads them evenly.

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