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Mary Berry’s Cherry Almond Cake: A Delightful Bake

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Do you want a cake that mixes cherry and almond flavors perfectly? Mary Berry’s Cherry Almond Cake is a must-try. This recipe is from the famous British baker Mary Berry. It’s a joy for your mouth.

It uses ingredients like glacé cherries, self-raising flour, butter, and sugar. Ground almonds and eggs make it rich and moist. Lemon zest and juice add a fresh taste. Flaked almonds on top give it a lovely crisp.

This cake is great for any event. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, having afternoon tea, or just want a sweet. It’s loved by all, from kids to grown-ups.

Many people adore Mary Berry’s Cherry Almond Cake. It’s a great way to show off your baking skills. Your loved ones will be impressed by this delightful treat.

Don’t miss out. Bake Mary Berry’s Cherry Almond Cake today. Discover the amazing flavors in this special dessert. You’ll love it, guaranteed!

Mary Berry’s Cherry Cake Recipe

Mary Berry’s cherry cake recipe is loved by British families for years. You need glacé cherries, self-raising flour, butter, caster sugar, lemon zest, ground almonds, eggs, icing sugar, flaked almonds, and cherries for decoration.

The cherries are cut into quarters and dusted with flour. This step stops them from sinking in the cake. So, each bite is full of sweet and juicy cherry.

“The combination of tangy cherries, delicate almond flavor, and the moistness of this cake makes it a firm favorite among bakers and dessert lovers alike.” – Mary Berry

Once baked, the cake smells amazing and looks golden. After cooling, a lemon icing is poured over it for a fresh taste. It’s finished with toasted almonds and cherries on top for a beautiful look.

Variations and Tips

You can get creative with Mary Berry’s cherry cake. Add some kirsch for luxury. Or use fresh cherries instead of glacé ones for something different.

Here’s how to make it perfect every time:

  • Coat cherries in flour to keep them from sinking.
  • Always grease and line your cake tin.
  • Let the cake cool before icing so it sets right.
  • The cake can be frozen for up to three months before decorating.

Whether you bake a lot or a little, this cake is a hit. It’s great for tea, parties, or as a treat anytime.

The History of Cherry Cakes

Almonds and cherries have always been together in baking. They are both stone fruits in the Prunus genus. Glacé cherries, which are fresh cherries preserved in a sugar syrup, are key in cherry cakes.

French Glacé Cherries have a special fame. They have been made in Apt, Provence since the 1300s. This unique way of preserving them makes their color and taste stand out in desserts.

World War II hit cherry imports to the UK hard. Cherries became scarce because of rationing. But, it’s said that cherry growers in Apt persuaded Winston Churchill to allow them. Their case was strengthened by pointing out that Churchill loved fruitcake, which typically contains cherries. Their effort saved the day for cherry cakes in Britain.

“Cherry cakes have a special place in British culinary history. Their vibrant color and delightful flavor make them an iconic treat for special occasions.”

Today, cherry cakes are still a hit in Britain. They’re widely enjoyed at special events, like celebrations or afternoon teas. Cherry cakes are not just desserts; they bring a sense of tradition and joy to any gathering.

Traditional Cherry Cake Recipe Ingredients

Ingredients Quantity
Glacé cherries 200g
Self-raising flour 200g
Butter 200g
Caster sugar 200g
Lemon zest 1 lemon
Ground almonds 50g
Eggs 4
Icing sugar for dusting
Flaked almonds for decoration

Cherry cakes carry on being a favorite, thanks to their rich past and wonderful taste. They have changed over the years but still hold onto valued traditions. These cakes keep uniting people over their love for this dessert.

Cherry Cakes


Mary Berry’s cherry almond cake is a tasty, pretty bake. It brings cherries and almonds together beautifully. This recipe is loved by many thanks to Mary Berry’s influence on The Great British Bake Off.

It has a moist feel with a lemony icing on top. Plus, it looks great with cherries and almonds decorating it. This cake is perfect for celebrations or as a sweet treat. It’s a great choice for fans of Mary Berry or anyone who enjoys cherries and almonds.

Why not enjoy this special cake with friends or family? Mary Berry’s cherry almond cake brings delight and elegance to any table. Make any day better with a slice of this wonderful bake.


What ingredients are used in Mary Berry’s cherry almond cake?

Mary Berry’s cherry almond cake uses glacé cherries, self-raising flour, and butter. It also has sugar, ground almonds, eggs, and icing sugar. You’ll find lemon juice and zest, plus flaked almonds, in it.

How is Mary Berry’s cherry cake recipe prepared?

Her recipe asks for self-raising flour, butter, and sugar. Also added are lemon zest, ground almonds, and eggs. After baking, you top it with a lemon icing. It’s all finished with toasted almonds and cherries.

What is the history of cherry cakes?

Cherry cakes are a long-standing British treat. Since the 1300s, France’s Apt has been known for glacé cherries. During World War II, Britain couldn’t import many cherries because of rationing. It’s said that cherry growers changed Churchill’s mind about fruitcake with their argument.

Is Mary Berry’s cherry almond cake suitable for any occasion?

Definitely, Mary Berry’s cake fits any occasion. Its taste and looks make it a great choice for celebrations. Or, you can enjoy it anytime as a special treat.

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