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The Joy of Whole Cheesecakes: Sizes, Flavors, and Where to Buy

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Welcome to a delightful world where decadence and flavor combine beautifully. We’ll dive into everything about whole cheesecakes. This includes classic favorites and tantalizing new tastes, along with where to find them.

Whole cheesecakes come in sizes perfect for any event. You can pick from full-sized classics or smaller ones for sharing or personal treats. The variety is wide, making your choice interesting.

The 6″ cheesecake is a great option, costing just $55. It offers many flavors to try. From the pop of fresh strawberries in “Flawless” to the dreamy “Strawberry Heaven,” you’re bound to find a favorite.

If you want more, choose the 10″ cheesecake. It serves more but still delights with its many flavors.

Cheesecaked is your go-to for these delectable whole cheesecakes. They offer easy online ordering and delivery. Just remember to pick up your order in person.

Get ready to fall in love with whole cheesecakes. We’ll guide you through their tantalizing flavors, sizes, and top spots to get them. It’s going to be a flavorful journey.

Explore a Variety of Sizes and Flavors

There’s a lot to discover in the world of cheesecakes. Along with standard big cheesecakes, you can try mini ones. These minis are great for just yourself or for sharing. Check out 2 Cheesecake Cuties for a huge range of flavors that mix to a unique taste.

Ever heard of a TEXAS-SIZED CHEESECAKE? This giant cheesecake weighs 75oz. It’s a challenge to finish but well worth it. Enjoy the big and bold flavors that come only from Texas.

Looking to satisfy a particular taste? There are various sizes and flavors to choose from. Pick from classic picks like strawberries to more unique tastes. A cheesecake and a flavor can be a match made in heaven.

Experience the Joy of Flavor Fusion

At 2 Cheesecake Cuties, your flavor choices are limitless. Think beyond one flavor and try exciting combos. Mix New York-style with raspberry or vanilla bean with chocolate. Let your cravings lead you.

For those who like it simple, there are classic options. You can enjoy a plain cheesecake that’s both smooth and sweet. Or go for a strawberry-infused cheesecake, adding a burst of flavor.

Remember to admire the work that goes into each cheesecake. Bakers put their heart and soul into every one. From creamy textures to stunning designs, it’s truly an art.

Cheesecake Size Price Available Flavors
Mini Cheesecakes Starting at $8 each Original and specialty flavor combinations
Full Size 6″ Cheesecake $55 Flawless with fresh strawberries, Strawberry Heaven, Proud Mama, Honeybun, Make a wish, Tropical Thunder, Chips of Joy, McPudding Pie, Oh My Goodness, Jai Drizzle, Mila Pie
Full Size 10″ Cheesecake Prices vary Same delicious flavors as the 6″ cheesecake
TEXAS-SIZED CHEESECAKE Prices vary Customizable with a variety of flavors

Where to Buy Whole Cheesecakes

Get your perfect whole cheesecake from Cheesecaked. They offer classic flavors and new, exciting ones. You can choose from many sizes and types to fulfill your cheesecake dreams.

Ordering whole cheesecakes from Cheesecaked online is easy and tasty. But remember, you have to pick them up to make sure they’re fresh and top-notch.

Go to Cheesecaked’s website to see what they offer and order. With a few clicks, you’ll be on your way to enjoying a delicious whole cheesecake. It’s a great chance to indulge or make someone’s day with a fantastic dessert.


What are the available sizes of whole cheesecakes?

We have full-sized classic cheesecakes in 6″ and 10″ sizes. For those wanting something really big, there’s a Texas-sized option available too.

What flavors are available for whole cheesecakes?

Our menu boasts an array of flavors. You’ll find classics like fresh strawberries and adventurous ones like Jai Drizzle. This way, there’s something for every taste.

Can I buy whole cheesecakes online?

Yes, whole cheesecakes are available for online purchase. Do note, though, that pickup is required for all online orders.

Where can I buy whole cheesecakes?

You can get whole cheesecakes in various sizes and flavors at Cheesecaked. Simply head to our website to choose and order your favorite.

Are there mini cheesecake options available?

2 Cheesecake Cuties offers mini cheesecakes. You can combine unique flavors for a decadent small treat.

Can I upgrade the size of my cheesecake?

Yes, you can go for a larger size, like our Texas-sized option. This cheesecake is a massive 75oz, perfect for a big occasion.

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