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Welcome to Cheesecake and Company, your gateway to a world of tantalizing flavors. We’re filled with excitement to share our passion for crafting fine cheesecakes. So, join us for a one-of-a-kind journey into the fusion of our exceptional cheesecakes and amazing flavors.

Cheesecake and Company showcases the power of a great pairing. Our menu is designed to marry the depth of cheesecakes with wines that enhance their flavors. Through thoughtful selection, we aim to bring you an experience where every bite and sip complements the other perfectly.

Discover the enchanting Rose Strawberry Cheesecake with a Sparkling Rose Bubble. Or try our Mango Swirl with a White Sangria for a taste of the tropics. Enjoy a Black Forest Cheesecake with Trooper’s Cabernet or the Blackberry Swirl with Blackberry Port for unique and bold flavors.

Each ticket to this exclusive event features four delectable cheesecakes and four 2-oz pours of wine. It’s the perfect chance for enthusiasts of both cheesecakes and wines to expand their horizons. Expect an experience that delights your senses and opens your taste buds to new realms.

Secure your spot now for an unforgettable evening at Cheesecake and Company. It’s an experience not to be missed, where you’ll relish the delightful pairings of cheesecakes and wines. Join us for a unique blend of pleasures that will leave you eager for the next opportunity.

A Unique Cheesecake and Wine Pairing Event with Manchester Cheesecake Company

Get ready for a delight like no other as Manchester Cheesecake Company introduces a dreamy duo: heavenly cheesecakes and exceptional wines. You’re invited to a special event. This memorable occasion will make your taste buds dance and your senses sing.

This exclusive gathering offers four mini cheesecakes matched with four PRV wines. Expect a unique experience as each pairing is designed to make both the cheesecake and the wine taste better together. It’s a delightful journey for your palate.

At Manchester Cheesecake Company, we’re all about pairing cheesecake with wine. Our mission is to share one-of-a-kind flavors with our guests. We aim to bring happiness with every bite and sip.

Here are the mouthwatering pairings that await you:

Cheesecake Flavor Wine Pairing
Lavender with Blueberry Swirl ZUNDELL FARM ROSE
Peach Crumb Cheesecake ESTATE VIDAL BLANC

Spots for this event are limited. Book early to make sure you don’t miss out on this special cheesecake and wine event. Prepare for a fantastic journey for your taste buds. Experience the amazing flavors crafted at Manchester Cheesecake Company.

Perfect Wine Pairings for Different Cheesecake Flavors

When matching wine with cheesecake, it’s key to look at the cheesecake’s flavors and toppings. Each cheesecake tastes different and a specific wine can make it even better. We will look at great wine choices for various cheesecake flavors.

For New York or ricotta-based cheesecakes, try a sweet Riesling or a late harvest Sauvignon Blanc. These wines go well with the creamy texture and light flavors.

If you have a honey cheesecake, go for Canadian Vidal ice wine. Its sweet taste goes perfectly with the honey, making a great duo.

Lemon or orange-flavored cheesecakes work well with moscato d’Asti or prosecco. These wines add to the citrus notes and give a refreshing end.

Berry or cherry-topped desserts match with late harvest Riesling or cherry beers. They bring out the fruity flavors, making them tastier.

If it’s a toffee or caramel cheesecake, try a sweet muscat or tawny port. These wines pair nicely with the sweet, nutty taste.

Chocolate cheesecakes have many wine options. Sweet reds or dessert wines like madeira work well. They add deep flavors to the rich chocolate.

Think about the cheesecake’s taste when picking a wine. Try different combinations to find what you like best, and enjoy your dessert and wine together.


How can I purchase tickets for Cheesecake and Company’s cheesecake pairing event?

Get your event tickets on Cheesecake and Company’s website or at their store.

How many cheesecakes and wine pours are included in each ticket?

Each ticket gets you four mini cheesecakes and four 2-oz wine pours.

How can I book my spot for the cheesecake and wine pairing event hosted by Manchester Cheesecake Company?

To book your spot, contact Manchester Cheesecake Company by phone or online.

What are the flavor pairings for the cheesecakes and PRV wines at the Manchester Cheesecake Company event?

You’ll enjoy Lavender with Blueberry Swirl and ZUNDELL FARM ROSE, Plain with FIELDSTONE WHITE, Oreo with ESTATE STONE VALLEY RED, and Peach Crumb with ESTATE VIDAL BLANC.

What factors should I consider when pairing wine with cheesecake?

Focus on the cheesecake’s flavors and toppings. Choose wines that will enhance the dessert’s taste.

Different cheesecakes go well with certain wines. For example, pair sweet Riesling with New York cheesecake.

Can you provide some wine pairing suggestions for different flavored cheesecakes?

Absolutely! Honey cheesecake is great with Canadian Vidal ice wine. Moscato d’Asti or prosecco fit lemon or orange. Late harvest Riesling goes perfect with berry cheesecakes.

Toffee, caramel, or maple cheesecakes match sweet muscat. Chocolate goes well with sweet red wines or dessert wines like Madeira.

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