kahlua trifle cake recipe

Coffee Kick: Kahlua Trifle Cake Recipe for Adults

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Enjoy the deep mix of coffee and liqueur with our Kahlua trifle cake recipe. It’s crafted with strong coffee and plenty of Kahlua for a grown-up treat. Ideal for any event, it layers moist cake and creamy, Kahlua-soaked whip. This dessert is a hit for celebrations or a personal indulgence.

Dive into the lush blend of coffee liqueur and cake in our Kahlua trifle. Each mouthful combines intense coffee with velvety Kahlua. It’s a hit for coffee enthusiasts and lovers of spirited desserts alike.

A Decadent and Boozy Dessert

The Kahlua trifle cake is a decadent dessert that blends coffee and liqueur tastes. It’s soaked in Kahlua, adding a deep and boozy flavour. The trifle layers, such as Kahlua-infused cake and whipped cream, boost the coffee taste.

This boozy trifle will wow your guests and leave them wanting more. Its moist cake, creamy whipped cream, and luxurious textures offer a heavenly taste. Each bite is a perfect mix of sweet, rich, and a hint of coffee liqueur.

For dessert lovers seeking a spirited twist, try this Kahlua trifle cake. It’s a sophisticated choice for adults at any event. Be it a dinner, birthday, or a cozy night in, it promises to enhance your meal.

A single spoonful takes you to dessert heaven. Every layer mixes flavours in a sweet symphony, making it unforgettable. Its rich coffee and Kahlua cake, velvety cream, and tasty elements delight the taste buds.

This Kahlua trifle cake is also a visual treat. Its layered look pleases the eye and taste. Swirls of whipped cream on cake cubes and Kahlua drizzles add beauty. Chocolate shavings or berry garnish make it even more appealing.

Ingredients for Kahlua Trifle Cake

Ingredient Quantity
Chocolate cake 1 (9-inch round)
Kahlua 1/2 cup
Heavy cream 2 cups
Powdered sugar 1/4 cup
Vanilla extract 1 teaspoon
Chocolate shavings For garnish

The Kahlua-infused cake stars in this trifle. It sets a rich, moist base for decadent layers. Kahlua boosts the depth and adds a boozy kick. With smooth whipped cream and toppings, it’s a dessert masterpiece.

Let’s explore how to make this delicious Kahlua trifle cake in Section 3.

How to Make Kahlua Trifle Cake

Making a Kahlua trifle cake is simple. In a few steps, you can whip up a delicious dessert. This will surely wow your family and friends. Just follow these instructions to make your own.

Bake the Chocolate Cake

Begin with baking a moist chocolate cake. Choose your favourite recipe or use this Kahlua chocolate trifle cake recipe. Let the cake cool down fully before the next step.

Prepare the Kahlua-Infused Whipped Cream

Whip heavy cream until it forms soft peaks. Mix in Kahlua and powdered sugar for a rich cream. The Kahlua gives a lovely coffee flavour. Keep this cream mixture aside.

Layer the Cake and Whipped Cream

Now, cut the chocolate cake into small cubes. In a trifle dish or glasses, start with a cake layer. Add a layer of Kahlua cream on top, spreading well. Keep alternating cake and cream layers until you’ve used all the ingredients.

Chill and Refrigerate

Cover the trifle and chill for a few hours. This lets the cake absorb the Kahlua and cream flavours. You’ll get a moist and tempting trifle cake, great for any event.

Before serving, add chocolate shavings, Kahlua, or berries on top. Enjoy the fabulous mix of coffee and liqueur in every bite.

Kahlua trifle cake


The Kahlua trifle cake recipe is a treat that blends coffee and liqueur beautifully. It’s great for adult parties or treating yourself. With Kahlua whipped cream, chocolate cake, and other tasty parts, it’s a rich delight.

This trifle cake, with a coffee boost, will wow anyone who tries it. It makes two big servings, ideal for a small get-together or a cosy evening. You only need heavy whipping cream, Kahlua, and some chocolate cake.

Building the trifle is easy. Layer pudding, cake cubes, Kahlua, and cream in a dish or glasses. Keep layering until you’ve used all ingredients. This makes a dessert that looks as good as it tastes.

The dessert comes highly recommended by the creator’s roommates. Its mix of flavours and textures will impress your guests. So get your ingredients ready, and enjoy making this delicious Kahlua trifle cake.


Can I make a non-alcoholic version of this trifle cake?

Yes, making a non-alcoholic trifle cake is easy. Just leave out the Kahlua. Or replace it with a coffee syrup that has no alcohol.

How long can I refrigerate the trifle cake before serving?

Keep the trifle cake in the fridge for up to 24 hours before serving. This helps the flavors mix well. And it makes the cake tastier.

Can I use a different type of cake for this recipe?

Absolutely! You’re not just stuck with chocolate cake. Try using vanilla, coffee, or caramel cake. Create a trifle cake that’s all your own.

Can I use store-bought whipped cream instead of making it from scratch?

Yes, store-bought whipped cream is fine to use. But homemade whipped cream with Kahlua gives the dessert extra taste and richness.

Can I make individual servings instead of using a trifle dish?

Definitely! Put the trifle cake in small glasses or jars for a unique touch. Just remember to layer the ingredients as the recipe says.


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