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Copycat Provino’s Salad Dressing Recipe

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Welcome to our blog post about a great copycat recipe. It’s for Provino’s famous salad dressing. This dressing is a local favorite in Chattanooga for its unique taste. If you loved Provino’s salad, you’re in the right place!

This copycat dressing is just like Provino’s own. It uses top-notch ingredients like olive oil, basil, and garlic juice. Each one adds a burst of flavor to your salads.

It’s easy to make this dressing at home. Just mix all the ingredients in a jar and shake well. The lemon and lime give the dressing a fresh taste.

This version might not be the exact same as Provino’s, but it’s very close. Now you can enjoy their famous salad taste at home. Plus, this recipe makes enough for six servings.

We’ll show you how to make this dressing, with tips to make it your own. Get ready to make your salads better with the taste of Provino’s!

A Taste of Provino’s at Home

Make Provino’s famous salad at home to enjoy a tasty mix of fresh veggies and their unique dressing. The salad’s magic comes from picking the right ingredients. Each adds its own special flavor and feel.

Start with a head of crisp iceberg lettuce and half a head of red cabbage. These greens make a refreshing base. They offer a nice crunch and a bit of sweetness.

Add thin slices of white onion for a mild, aromatic bite. Fresh cucumber slices add a cool touch. And sliced mushrooms give an earthy flavor that goes well with everything.

To sweeten things up, throw in some juicy tomatoes. Their bright color and tangy taste make the salad better. Don’t skip the pickled beets. They add a tasty contrast with their tangy flavor and color.

Next, include some hearty garbanzo beans for protein. They have a creamy texture and a nutty flavor. This makes them a great fit for the salad’s bold tastes.

Finish by topping it off with lots of grated mozzarella. This cheese adds a creamy and smooth taste. It matches perfectly with the veggies’ freshness.

You can change the amount of each ingredient based on what you like. The best part about making Provino’s salad at home is that you can tailor it to your taste.

To give you an idea, here is a picture of the delicious Provino’s salad:

Just add Provino’s dressing to this yummy mix. You’ll bring a bit of the restaurant’s charm into your kitchen.

Tips and Variations

To make Provino’s dressing your own, feel free to experiment. Here are some tips to customize it to your taste:

  1. Adjust the herbs and spices: Mix up the amounts of basil, oregano, salt, and pepper. Add more for a strong flavor or less for something milder. This lets you create the perfect taste for you.
  2. Substitute garlic juice: No garlic juice? No problem. Use minced garlic or garlic powder instead. Either way, you’ll get that great garlic flavor in your dressing.
  3. Lighten it up: For a lighter dressing, use less olive oil and more lemon or lime juice. This adds a tangy twist and reduces the richness.
  4. Add a creamy touch: If you like creamier dressings, add a spoonful of mayonnaise or Greek yogurt. It makes the dressing smooth and slightly creamy.
  5. Get creative: Feel free to add your own ideas. Try different vinegars like balsamic or white for new flavors. Or add honey or mustard to make it complex.

Remember, the fun in making your own dressing is the creativity. Don’t hesitate to try new things and make it unique. Enjoy experimenting and finding your favorite flavors!

Olive oil

Ingredient Measurement
Olive oil 1/2 cup
White vinegar 2 tablespoons
Balsamic vinegar 1 tablespoon
Garlic juice 1 tablespoon
Basil 1 teaspoon
Oregano 1/2 teaspoon
Salt 1/2 teaspoon
Black pepper 1/4 teaspoon
Lemon juice 1/2 teaspoon


Provino’s Italian Restaurant is well-known in Atlanta and North Georgia. It’s great for big groups, as shown by a meal for 20 people. This makes it perfect for parties and celebrations.

The menu at Provino’s has something for everyone. They serve special drinks like the Cappuccino Provino. Their dishes, Fettuccine Daniello and Tiramisu, are mouth-watering. Their prices reflect a top-tier dining experience.

Provino’s staff is efficient, ensuring excellent service for all guests, including large parties. Their skill enhances the dining experience.

Some dishes received mixed reviews, and a few mentioned slow service from the kitchen. However, most people love the food at Provino’s. Favorites include Chicken Francese and manicotti with meat sauce. And don’t forget the Garlic Rolls!

In conclusion, Provino’s is a hit for Italian food in the region. It offers a variety of dishes, great service, and an enjoyable dining experience for everyone.


How do I make Provino’s salad dressing at home?

To make Provino’s dressing, mix olive oil, basil, oregano, salt, pepper, both vinegars, garlic juice, and lemon juice in a jar. Shake well.

What ingredients are in Provino’s salad dressing?

The ingredients are olive oil, basil, oregano, salt, pepper, white vinegar, balsamic vinegar, garlic juice, and lemon juice.

Can I adjust the quantities of ingredients in Provino’s dressing?

Yes, you can change the ingredient amounts in Provino’s dressing to fit your taste.

Is this copycat dressing identical to the one served at Provino’s?

It’s not the same, but this copycat version is very similar to Provino’s. It has extra lemon and lime for freshness.

How many servings does the recipe make?

This recipe creates enough dressing for six servings, each being 3.25 cups.

What vegetables are in Provino’s salad?

Provino’s salad includes veggies like iceberg lettuce, red cabbage, onion, cucumber, mushrooms, tomatoes, pickled beets, garbanzo beans, and mozzarella.

Can I customize Provino’s dressing?

Absolutely! Feel free to play with the recipe. Change the spices, use less oil, or even add mayo or Greek yogurt for creaminess.

Can I substitute garlic juice in Provino’s dressing?

Yes, minced garlic or garlic powder can be used if you don’t have garlic juice.

Can I add my own twist to the Provino’s dressing recipe?

Definitely! Be adventurous and alter the Provino’s recipe to make it your own. optimize the text for mep>


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