Cookies and Cream Creami Recipe

Creamy Confections: Try Cookies and Cream Creami Recipe

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Welcome to a creamy confections world! Are you an ice cream enthusiast? Our Cookies and Cream Creami Recipe will thrill you. It’s creamy, low on sugar, and full of protein. Plus, it’s whipped up with the amazing Ninja Creami ice cream maker.

Our Cookies and Cream Creami stands out. No more unhealthy store options. It’s easy to make with only four ingredients. And it’s healthy too, thanks to Fairlife milk and a touch of cream for extra smoothness.

We’ve keenly picked Fairlife milk for its nutritious value. It’s protein-rich with fewer carbs and calories. A dash of cream makes it even better for that creaminess we all crave.

The key to our great cookies and cream taste? Oreo thins or regular Oreos. For a powerful flavour boost, we use Oreo instant pudding mix. It takes the experience to another level.

In your Ninja Creami pint container, mix and freeze for a day. Then let the Ninja Creami machine work its magic. It transforms the mix into silky ice cream ready to enjoy.

But, you can add your personal touch. Try topping your ice cream with mix-ins. This way, you can customise your dessert just the way you like it.

What makes our Cookies and Cream Creami special is the healthy twist. It has less sugar and more protein than store brands. So you can delight in its rich, creamy taste guilt-free.

What is the Ninja Creami Machine?

The Ninja Creami machine is perfect for making frozen desserts at home. It’s a blend of a blender and an ice cream maker. This all-in-one device is both small and strong.

You can make tasty ice cream, sorbet, and gelato with the Ninja Creami. It uses new tech to turn basic ingredients into treats like those from the store.

It has a base with a motor, a bowl for blending, and a cold chamber for freezing. The cold chamber freezes the mix fast as it blends, making everything smooth.

This machine lets you choose what goes into your desserts. You can avoid additives and too much sugar. It’s great for those watching what they eat.

The Ninja Creami lets you pick the perfect texture for your treats. You can make them soft like ice cream or hard like gelato.

It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys making their desserts. With the Ninja Creami, you can be as creative as you like.

Ingredients and Instructions for the Protein Ice Cream Recipe

Delicious and Protein-Packed

Enjoy a tasty yet healthy frozen dessert with our protein ice cream recipe. Made with the Ninja Creami, it’s high in protein but low in guilt. It’s a perfect way to curb your sweet tooth and not veer off your nutrition goals. Here’s how to make this tasty treat:

What You’ll Need

  • Fairlife skim milk
  • Unsweetened almond milk
  • Cookies and cream protein powder
  • Vanilla Jello pudding mix
  • Oreo thins

Preparation Steps

  1. Mix Fairlife skim milk and unsweetened almond milk in the Ninja Creami container. They create a perfect mix of creamy and nutty.
  2. Next, add cookies and cream protein powder. This boosts the protein and gives a delicious cookie taste.
  3. Then, stir in the vanilla Jello pudding mix to make it creamy.
  4. Gently fold in Oreo thins for a cookies and cream delight. The cookie bits will add a nice crunch.
  5. Ensure all ingredients are mixed well to get a uniform texture.
  6. Seal the container with its lid and freeze for about 24 hours until solid.
  7. After freezing, place it in the Ninja Creami machine. Pick the ice cream setting and let it churn to perfect consistency.
  8. If you like it softer, add a little liquid and keep spinning until it’s how you like it.
  9. When it’s nearly done, add more Oreo thins for extra cookies and cream joy.

Now, your protein ice cream is ready to enjoy. This tasty treat, made with the Ninja Creami and choice ingredients, will amaze your taste buds. Don’t keep this recipe secret; share it with your loved ones. They’ll enjoy the delicious, protein-rich dessert just as much.


The Ninja Creami lets you make all sorts of frozen delights at home. It’s perfect for both classic ice creams and new, exciting flavours.

If you face issues like too much oil or a stuck blade, just make some tweaks. Tinkering with your ingredients or following the guide can solve these easily.

Looking for ice cream making tips? The Ninja Creami is full of fresh ideas. You could use various cookies, pour in dark chocolate for extra taste, or go vegan with coconut or almond milks.

This gadget is different from other ice cream makers. It can both freeze and mix your treats. This combo means no more pre-freezing or ice and salt worries.

Love creating your own frozen sweets? The Ninja Creami is your dream device. It lets you play with different flavours and textures easily. It’s a must-have for anyone who adores treats they can personalise.


What is the Cookies and Cream Creami Recipe?

The Cookies and Cream Creami Recipe lets you make your own ice cream with the Ninja Creami machine. It’s a tasty, creamy treat with the well-loved cookies and cream taste.

How does the Cookies and Cream Creami Recipe differ from store-bought options?

The homemade version has less sugar than what you buy. It gives you control over what goes in, so it’s free from preservatives and too much sugar.

What are the key ingredients for the Cookies and Cream Creami Recipe?

Fairlife milk, heavy cream, Oreo thins, and Oreo instant pudding mix are the main ingredients. They make the ice cream rich and flavourful.

How does the Ninja Creami machine work?

The Ninja Creami combines a blender and ice cream maker. It uses high-tech freezing and blending to turn ingredients into smooth, cold delights.

What are the key features of the Ninja Creami machine?

It has a base with a motor, a blending pitcher, and a freezing set-up. The fast freezing and mixing let you adjust your dessert’s texture and feel.

Can I make non-dairy or vegan frozen desserts with the Ninja Creami?

Sure thing! The Ninja Creami is great for those who don’t eat dairy or follow a vegan diet. Just swap in coconut milk, almond milk, or similar.

What are some troubleshooting tips for the Ninja Creami machine?

Problems like an oily texture or a stuck blade can be fixed. Just use the right amounts of ingredients and mix them well before chilling.

How can I personalize the Cookies and Cream Creami Recipe?

Make it your own by adding what you like. Try different cookies, dark chocolate, or vegan options to change it up.

What other frozen treats can I make with the Ninja Creami machine?

The Ninja Creami’s for more than just ice cream. Try making sorbet and gelato, getting creative with your flavors and toppings.

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