Baklava Ice Cream Recipe

Mediterranean Twist: Baklava Ice Cream Recipe

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Baklava is a beloved Mediterranean dessert. It’s famous for its layers of phyllo dough, sweetness from honey, and a nutty center. In this recipe, we put a spin on the classic baklava. We mix it into a tasty ice cream sundae. This blends the rich taste of baklava with ice cream’s creamy delight, making a fusion dessert everyone will love. Enjoy this heavenly mix of flavours with our Baklava Ice Cream Recipe!

The Perfect Baklava Ice Cream Sundae

To start, we mix classic baklava bits – either pistachios or walnuts. We add layers of phyllo dough soaked in sweet honey syrup.

Next, we blend these with creamy vanilla ice cream. The creation involves putting baklava crumbs in a glass first. Then, we add ice cream scoops and keep layering until the glass is full.

We top it off with honey drizzles and crushed nuts. This adds sweetness and a crunchy texture. The final dessert is a mix of traditional baklava and creamy ice cream.


Ingredients Quantity
Phyllo dough 4-6 sheets
Crushed walnuts As desired
Crushed pistachios As desired
Ground cinnamon As desired
Brown sugar As desired
Vanilla ice cream As desired
Honey As desired

The baklava ice cream sundae recipe uses phyllo dough and nuts. We add cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla ice cream, and honey. These create a rich and exotic flavor.

This dessert is not just tasty but also nutritious. Each serving has about 772.3kcal and provides carbs, protein, and fats. It’s perfect for any special moment.

For a special touch, fry the phyllo in extra-virgin olive oil. Mix walnuts and pistachios for a variety of textures.

Fry the phyllo until it’s crispy. It makes a crunchy base for the layers of ice cream and nuts. This creates an interesting mix of textures with each bite.

Assemble the sundae in four cups. Layer phyllo, ice cream, nuts, and warm honey. This blend of warm and cold, sweet and nutty, is unforgettable.

Or, try a sundae bar for a fun twist. Let everyone build their own sundaes. They can pick their favourite toppings and flavours for the baklava base.

Embracing Tradition and Innovation

The baklava ice cream sundae shows how well tradition and innovation can come together in food. Originating from the Ottoman Empire, Greece, and the Middle East, baklava is a cherished dessert. It’s known for its thin phyllo dough layers and tasty nuts, providing a feast for the eyes and palate.

Adding a modern twist, the baklava ice cream sundae blends old-world dessert art with everyone’s favourite: ice cream. This blend highlights the beauty of tradition and innovation. It mixes the rich, complex tastes of baklava with the cool, sweet touch of ice cream. This creates a unique dessert that appeals to both traditional and modern tastes.

To make a baklava ice cream sundae, start with crumbled pistachio or walnut baklava at the glass’s bottom. Then, add creamy vanilla ice cream. Top it off with honey and crushed nuts. This combination creates a delicious dessert that merges old-world recipes with new tastes. It’s a delightful treat that crosses cultural boundaries and brings joy to many.


Can I use any type of nuts in the baklava ice cream sundae?

Yes, pistachios or walnuts work great for adding nutty flavor and texture to your baklava ice cream sundae.

Can I use a different syrup instead of honey for the baklava ice cream sundae?

Though honey is traditional, feel free to try maple syrup or flavored syrups. They can make your sundae unique.

Can I use a different flavor of ice cream instead of vanilla?

Absolutely! Vanilla is classic, but pistachio or almond ice cream could enhance the nutty flavors even better.

Can I make the baklava and ice cream from scratch for the sundae?

Yes, making your own baklava and ice cream can elevate this dessert. Lots of recipes are available to help you.

Can I serve the baklava ice cream sundae in a different container?

Traditionally, it’s served in a glass or bowl. But, feel free to present it in a waffle cone or dessert dish for a unique twist.

Can I add any extra toppings to the baklava ice cream sundae?

Absolutely! Try adding chocolate sauce, caramel, or whipped cream. These toppings can make your sundae even more delicious.


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