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Exploring the Savory World of Cakes Made of Cheese

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Welcome to the amazing world of cakes made of cheese. Here, sweet meets savory in every bite. These creations vary from recipes found on Pinterest to the classic French cake salé. They prove cheese is not just for topping pizzas; it makes an excellent baking ingredient.

Picture enjoying a slice of cheese cake. Each bite has the perfect mix of savory flavors. These cakes attract cheese and cake lovers alike. They are perfect for brunch, special events, or when you want something new and tasty.

There’s an endless variety of cakes made with cheese. You could start with a base of Kraft Pimento Cheese Spread. Or try a twist on the usual with an American-style carrot cake. This version includes carrots, feta, scallions, and spices. For toppings, you can use crème fraîche, cream cheese, or even a unique savory sorbet. The choice is yours.

Few things can beat the French cake salé when it comes to savory cakes. It’s filled with olives, ham, and cheese. This mix creates a memorable flavor. The batter includes flour, eggs, olive oil, and milk. Plus, you can try using rice flour for a different twist. This cake is not just tasty; you can also make it ahead, chill, and warm it up when you’re ready.

Ready to explore cakes made of cheese with us? We’ll look at traditional and creative recipes. Prepare to learn about these tasty treats. Your sense of taste is in for a savory adventure.

The Versatility of Savory Cakes

Savory cakes are a tasty choice that you can change to fit many tastes. They bring a new twist to cake recipes by adding in flavors that are not sweet. This makes eating them a fun experience.

One great option is to use Kraft Pimento Cheese Spread in the mix. This creamy spread makes the cake tastier and more interesting. The mix of the cheese spread and other stuff makes a balance of flavors. It takes the cake beyond just being good.

Take, for instance, the American version of carrot cake. This kind has carrots, sweet potato, feta, scallions, and warm spices. The carrots and sweet potato make it mildly sweet. The feta and scallions bring in hearty, savory tastes. This makes the cake have a unique texture, a bit of sweetness, and a lot of richness in every piece.

There is a lot of fun with the frostings for savory cakes too. You can pick from things like tangy crème fraîche or flavored cream cheese. Even salsa or savory sorbet can be used. Choosing the right frosting makes the cake taste even better and adds extra delight.

Whether for starters, replacing the usual cake, or just wanting something new, savory cakes are great. You can use ingredients like Kraft Pimento Cheese Spread, carrots, feta, and scallions. Plus, there are plenty of frostings to try. This lets you make savory cakes that are truly unique and delicious.

French Cake Salé – A Savory Delight

The French cake salé is a top favorite for many. It’s perfect for breakfast or for starting a meal. It brings together the great tastes of olives, ham, and cheese. Anyone can add their favorite ingredients to make it their way.

The mix for this cake includes flour, eggs, olive oil, and milk. But, you can use yogurt instead of milk for a twist. Rice flour can also make the mix even smoother.

What’s great about the French cake salé is how easy it is to use. You can make it ahead and freeze it. Then, just heat it when you’re ready and enjoy.

Feel free to get creative with how you make this cake. You can add Parmesan, cocktail sausages, asparagus, or cherry tomatoes. There are so many flavor combinations to try. Let your taste decide where to go with this delicious cake.


What flavors do savory cakes offer?

Savory cakes blend flavors in a way that pleases. This mix can tackle your desire for both sweet and savory treats.

What are some ingredients used in savory cakes?

In savory cakes, you might find Kraft Pimento Cheese Spread, plus carrots, sweet potato, feta, scallions, and spices.

What are the frosting options for savory cakes?

Frosting on savory cakes can vary a lot. You might see crème fraîche, flavored cream cheese, salsa, or even savory sorbet on top.

What is the French cake salé?

The French cake salé is special, often found at morning meals or parties. It’s filled with olives, ham, and cheese. But you can change it up as you like.

What are the main ingredients in French cake salé?

Olives, ham, and cheese are the key ingredients in French cake salé. But feel free to make it your own with different items.

What is the batter typically made of in French cake salé?

The batter for French cake salé uses flour, eggs, olive oil, and milk. You can swap some items too, like using yogurt or rice flour for a different texture.

Can French cake salé be prepared in advance?

Yes, French cake salé is great for preparing ahead. You can keep it in the fridge or freezer. Later, just heat it up and enjoy.

Are there any additional ingredients that can be added to French cake salé?

Playing with ingredients in French cake salé is welcome. You can add Parmesan, cocktail sausages, asparagus, and cherry tomatoes. This opens up lots of flavor options.

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