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Mary Berry’s Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe

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Looking for the perfect chocolate fudge cake recipe? Mary Berry’s version is a must-try. It’s a rich, moist, and super chocolatey dessert that everyone will love. This recipe comes from the beloved Mary Berry’s Baking Bible, known for her easy-to-follow recipes.

The ingredients list is simple: cocoa powder, eggs, milk, and more. You mix these together, bake, and then top with chocolate ganache. This tasty treat can also be personalized with your favorite flavors.

Filling and topping the cake is easy. Just use apricot jam and melt chocolate with cream for the ganache. You can also get creative. Try topping it with fruits or other spreads like Nutella for something different.

Even if you’re new to baking, this recipe is a winner. It’s easy to make and turns out great every time. Keep reading for more on Mary Berry’s chocolate fudge cake. We’ll share tips and ideas to truly make it your own.

Mary Berry’s Chocolate Fudge Cake – A Foolproof Baking Recipe

Mary Berry’s Baking Bible is perfect for any baker, from new to seasoned. It includes 250 easy baking recipes. Among them, Mary Berry’s chocolate fudge cake stands out. This cake is loved for being simple and reliable, especially among bakers.

The cake needs ingredients like cocoa powder, eggs, and butter. The steps are simple. First, mix cocoa and hot water. Then, add other ingredients and bake in sandwich tins.

After baking, layer the cake with apricot jam. Cover it with a yummy chocolate ganache.

“Mary Berry’s chocolate fudge cake is a foolproof recipe that always produces a soft, moist, and indulgent cake, making it a go-to choice for any baking occasion.”

This cake has earned a top spot in many baking collections. Mary Berry’s recipe ensures success every time, for all bakers. Just gather your items, heat your oven, and enjoy a taste of chocolate bliss.

Ingredients Method
Sifted cocoa powder Blend with boiling water
Eggs Add to cocoa mixture along with milk
Self-raising flour Sift and add to the mixture
Butter Soften and add to the mixture
Caster sugar Add to the mixture and beat until well combined
Apricot jam Spread between cake layers
Plain chocolate Melt and mix with double cream to make the ganache

Mary Berry’s Chocolate Fudge Cake – Tips and Variations

Mary Berry’s chocolate fudge cake recipe is easy to change up. You can swap the usual chocolate ganache for a topping with strawberries, Nutella, and cream. This mix makes the cake much more interesting and tasty.

To try this new topping, mix sugar and vanilla with sliced strawberries. After that, put Nutella and cream on the cake layers with the strawberries. These different flavors make the cake even better.

If you want, you can freeze the cake for up to a month. You can keep it in a freezer-safe container. Just remember to thaw it for 4 hours before serving. This way, it stays delicious. But, if the cake has icing, it might not look as shiny.

Mary Berry’s recipe lets you make the cake your own. You can stick to the classic or try new toppings. Have fun making and eating your homemade chocolate fudge cake.


What is the recipe for Mary Berry’s chocolate fudge cake?

The ingredients for Mary Berry’s chocolate fudge cake are cocoa powder, eggs, milk, and more. You need self-raising flour and baking powder along with the wet ingredients. Then, add butter, caster sugar, apricot jam, plain chocolate, and double cream.

Where can I find the recipe for Mary Berry’s chocolate fudge cake?

You can find Mary Berry’s recipe in her book called “Mary Berry’s Baking Bible.”

Is Mary Berry’s chocolate fudge cake easy to make?

Making Mary Berry’s chocolate fudge cake is simple and reliable. This makes it a top choice for both experienced and new bakers.

Can I customize Mary Berry’s chocolate fudge cake?

Yes, you can change up Mary Berry’s recipe with different toppings. For example, you could use strawberries and Nutella.

How long can I freeze Mary Berry’s chocolate fudge cake?

You can freeze this cake for up to 1 month. It works both with icing and without.

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