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Perfect Portions: A 4-Inch Cheesecake Recipe for Small Gatherings

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Making a full-sized cheesecake is hard and takes a long time. So, a 4-inch cheesecake is perfect for small groups. It bakes and cools faster than big ones and doesn’t need a water bath. These mini cheesecakes are fast to make and taste creamy and delicious.

This recipe works with a graham cracker or an Oreo crust. You can add chocolate chips or Oreo pieces for fun. It’s easy to double and make 24 mini cheesecakes. You’ll need cream cheese, sour cream, and butter for this recipe.

Top your mini cheesecakes with whipped cream, fruit, chocolate, or caramel.

These mini cheesecakes are great for small parties or family get-togethers. They are just the right size and taste amazing. You can choose from many toppings and flavors to please everyone.

The Recipe: Graham Cracker Crust and Creamy Filling

Are you excited for the mini cheesecake journey? First, let’s talk about the key parts of the recipe. It starts with a graham cracker crust, which brings sweetness to the creamy filling.

Start by mixing graham cracker crumbs, sugar, and melted butter. Press this mix into cupcake liners for the base. This step is crucial for the best mini cheesecakes.

Now, let’s focus on the creamy filling. Beat cream cheese until it’s smooth. Then, add sugar, sour cream, vanilla, and a pinch of salt. This creates a rich and full-flavored filling.

Now, it’s time for the eggs. Add them one by one, making sure each is fully mixed before adding the next. This makes the filling creamy and velvety.

After mixing, fill the cupcake liners almost to the top with the batter. Bake for 17-20 minutes until they’re golden and set.

When they’re done, cool the mini cheesecakes then chill for 2-3 hours. This makes sure they have the smooth texture everyone loves.

Now, your mini cheesecakes are chilled and ready to go. They’re great as is or with extra toppings, like whipped cream or fruit. These additions make them even tastier.

This recipe creates a heavenly treat. The mix of the crust and the filling is pure joy. Enjoy with family and friends – these mini cheesecakes will be a sure hit.

Tips and Tricks for Perfect Mini Cheesecakes

If you’re into baking mini cheesecakes, these tips will step up your game. They’ll keep your cakes from having sinking centers. Plus, you’ll learn how to store them well. This way, you can enjoy perfect cheesecakes every time.

1. Slow and steady cooling

Mini cheesecakes often sink in the center. To avoid this, cool them slowly. Take them out of the oven and let them cool in a warm area. This gradual cooling prevents them from collapsing.

2. The bounce back test

It’s tough to know when mini cheesecakes are baked just right. Try the bounce back test. Press the center lightly with your finger. If it springs back and the edges are slightly golden, they’re done. Be careful not to overbake, which can make them too dry.

3. Proper storage

For leftovers or if you’re prepping ahead, proper storage is crucial. Keep cooled mini cheesecakes in an airtight container in the fridge. This keeps them fresh for a week. Or, freeze them by wrapping in plastic and placing in a freezer-safe box for several months of storage. This way, a delicious dessert is always on hand.

Follow these tips to bake mini cheesecakes that impress every time. They’re great for any small get-together or an evening sweet treat. Let’s see the last part of this guide to wrap things up.

Tips and Tricks for Perfect Mini Cheesecakes
Slow and steady cooling
The bounce back test
Proper storage

*Note: These tips and tricks guarantee that your mini cheesecakes will have the perfect texture. This ensures a great dessert every time.


Hosting a small gathering? Try our 4-inch mini cheesecake recipe. Perfect for intimate events, these small desserts shine.

Mini cheesecakes are easy and quick. You won’t have to deal with long baking and cooling times. Our recipe makes everything all simple.

You can make these mini cheesecakes fit your taste. Choose from classic to bold flavors. Add whipped cream, fruit, chocolate, or caramel on top.

Mini cheesecakes work for any small party. Make them ahead and enjoy spending time with your guests. It’s a tasty and stress-free idea.


What size are the mini cheesecakes?

The mini cheesecakes are 4 inches in diameter.

How many mini cheesecakes does the recipe make?

You’ll end up with 12 mini cheesecakes from the recipe.

Can I make the cheesecakes ahead of time?

Yes, feel free to prepare them early. Store in the fridge in an airtight container.

How long do the mini cheesecakes last?

They stay fresh in the fridge for up to a week.

Can I freeze the mini cheesecakes?

Certainly, after cooling and chilling, they can go in the freezer for several months.

Can I use different toppings for the mini cheesecakes?

Mini cheesecakes can wear a variety of toppings. Try homemade whipped cream, fresh fruit, or chocolate sauce.

Can I customize the flavors of the mini cheesecakes?

You have the green light to tweak the recipe. Add chocolate chips or crushed Oreos to make them unique.

Can I double the recipe to make more mini cheesecakes?

Doubling the recipe is no problem. You’ll get 24 mini cheesecakes.

How long do I need to bake the mini cheesecakes?

Bake them for 17-20 minutes until they’re just right.

How do I know when the mini cheesecakes are done?

They’re done when the centers gently bounce back and the edges turn a light gold.

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