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Pick-Up Perfection: Where to Grab a Quick Cheesecake in Town

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Want a delicious cheesecake but don’t have time to bake it? We’ve found the best places. These spots let you quickly grab a tasty cheesecake, satisfying your need for something sweet.

Junior’s is a true star in the world of cheesecakes. They are known for their amazing Original New York Cheesecake. It sits on a light, buttery sponge cake. This cheesecake has even been called the best by The Wall Street Journal.

From April 25th to May 9th, you can get $10 off at Junior’s. Just use the code MOM24. It’s a sweet deal to celebrate Mom’s day.

Junior’s has been serving fantastic cheesecake since 1950. When you join their Birthday Club, you get a free slice. This is either in the restaurant or as a discount on a cheesecake delivery.

Ready for some cheesecake pick-up heaven? Visit our top picks for a quick cheesecake treat!

Where to Get Cheesecake Pick-Up

Looking for a top spot to pick up cheesecake for home or on the go? Check out these local places. You’ll find a lot of yummy options to please your sweet tooth.

Crumble & Whisk Pâtisserie

Love cheesecakes and pastries? Crumble & Whisk is your spot. They have sweet options for pick-up and delivery. Enjoy their treats at home. Try their cheesecake and more of what they bake.


Rice is great for gluten-free and traditional cheesecakes. Place your order online and pick it up. You can enjoy every bite of their delicious cakes.

Noodle – Japanese Ramen

Want something both savory and sweet? Don’t miss out on Noodle – Japanese Ramen’s cheesecake. Their ramen is well-known, but their cheesecake is also a great order. Get a slice to enjoy with your meal.


Need a quick pick-up spot for cheesecake? Junior’s is perfect for that. They have New York cheesecake waiting for you. Get a slice or a whole cake to share.

These top cheesecake pick-up spots offer great tastes and convenience. Enjoy a piece of heaven from your local favorites.

Top Spots for Cheesecake Pick-Up
Crumble & Whisk Pâtisserie
Noodle – Japanese Ramen

Indulge in Sumptuous Cheesecake On the Go

Looking for cheesecake on the move? Crumble & Whisk Pâtisserie offers amazing cheesecakes and pastries. They have classic or unique flavors for you to enjoy. Their treats are easy to pick up or get delivered, making it simple to enjoy cheesecake anywhere.

Rice is a great place for on-the-go cheesecake too. You can get cheesecakes made to order. Their pick-up service is perfect for a quick cheesecake fix, even if you want a gluten-free option.

Noodle – Japanese Ramen combines sweet and savory cravings. Their ramen is delicious, and they offer cheesecake for pick-up. You can get a great meal and dessert in one easy order.

Don’t forget Junior’s for New York cheesecake. It’s perfect for a quick slice or a whole cake to go. Junior’s lets you enjoy their famous cheesecake anywhere, even on a nice stroll.


Can I get a discount on cheesecake pick-up?

Yes, enjoy off all cakes at Junior’s from April 25th to May 9th with the code MOM24.

Where can I find the best overall cheesecake?

The best overall cheesecake, according to The Wall Street Journal, is Junior’s Original New York Cheesecake. It’s available for pick-up.

How can I get a free slice of cheesecake from Junior’s?

Sign up for Junior’s Birthday Club email list. You’ll get a free slice in the restaurant. Or, enjoy a coupon for a discounted delivered cheesecake.

Are there gluten-free cheesecake options for pick-up?

Yes, Rice has both gluten-free and traditional cheesecakes for pick-up orders.

Can I order cheesecake pick-up from Crumble & Whisk Pâtisserie?

Indeed, Crumble & Whisk Pâtisserie works with top delivery services. This makes cheesecake and pastries available for pick-up and delivery.

Does Noodle – Japanese Ramen serve cheesecake for pick-up?

Yes, Noodle – Japanese Ramen serves great cheesecake for pick-up, among their menu options.

Where can I find the featured products and locations of Junior’s?

Junior’s has convenient pick-up options. Visit their website for product features and location details.

What kind of cheesecakes does Crumble & Whisk Pâtisserie specialize in?

Crumble & Whisk Pâtisserie makes amazing cheesecakes and pastries. They’re available for pick-up and delivery via their partners.

Can I order a slice of cheesecake for quick pick-up at Rice?

Rice offers cheesecake on request, perfect for a quick slice during pick-up.

Can I get both a savory meal and a sweet dessert in one pick-up order at Noodle – Japanese Ramen?

Yes, Noodle – Japanese Ramen offers cheesecake with their savory meals. Perfect for those wanting both in one pick-up.

How long has Junior’s been famous for their cheesecake?

Since 1950, Junior’s has been renowned for its amazing cheesecake and comfort food.

Where can I get cheesecake pick-up options?

For cheesecake pick-up, options are available in the Bay Area and elsewhere. This lets you enjoy the treat no matter where you are.

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