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Planning the Perfect Chocolate Cake Smash for First Birthdays

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Planning a fun chocolate cake smash is key for a first birthday. Start by picking a color or theme for the cake smash. You can go with your baby’s party theme or choose something new.

Book your session at least 2-3 months early. This gives time to get things ready. A photographer will set up a nice background and floor, plus provide the cake and some decorations. They’ll also suggest outfits and headpieces for your baby, and have snacks on hand.

Plan the cake smash when your baby is about 10 1/2-11 months old. Then, you can display the photos at their birthday party. Don’t forget snacks and a drink for your baby. Try to avoid cakes that are all chocolate or have red icing. They might not look good in the pictures.

If you pick up the cake the day before, let it sit out to soften. Don’t forget to be part of the fun with your baby. Just bring your little one, not siblings, for this special time. You may all end up messy, so have extra clothes. The photographer will help with cleaning the baby. But, you can also bring your own soap just in case.

Getting a cake from a bakery is a good idea. Home cakes might be too dry or have tough icing. Aim for a 6-inch, 2-3 tier cake that’s iced in white. A “naked cake”, which is a cake with minimal icing, is perfect for any design.

Tips for Making a Simple Smash Cake at Home

Making a simple smash cake at home is both easy and cost-efficient. Let’s look at some tips for a tasty homemade smash cake. This cake is a great idea for your child’s first birthday celebration.

Gather the necessary tools and supplies

Before starting, gather all your needed tools and supplies. You’ll need cake pans, a cake board, and a spatula for frosting. Don’t forget piping materials for extra decorations.

Choose a cake mix flavor

Choose your preferred cake mix flavor, like chocolate or vanilla, for the smash cake. You can make it special by adding chocolate chips to the batter. Just follow the instructions on the mix for a tasty treat.

Determine the size of the smash cake

Think about the cake size based on your preference and your baby’s first birthday. Since babies don’t eat much cake, a smaller one like a 6-inch is a good option. This size is perfect for little hands.

Cool and freeze the cake

After baking, fully cool the cake and then freeze it. This makes it easy to work with. Freezing it also helps the decorations stick better.

Trim and decorate the cake

After freezing, trim the cake to make smooth edges. Use a convenient store-bought frosting, like whipped cream cheese. Top it with decorations like sprinkles or a sugar rim for fun.

Add a special touch

To finish, add a “1” candle or symbol of your baby’s birthday on top. This marks the occasion and makes it even more special.

Enjoy the celebration!

Now, your homemade smash cake is ready to be the star of the party. Celebrate with family and friends. Don’t forget to capture the cake-smashing moments to cherish forever.

Ingredients Tools Decorations
Cake mix (chocolate or vanilla) Small cake pans Sprinkles
Chocolate chips (optional) Cake board or platter Sanding sugar
Store-bought frosting Spatula or spoon Candle or symbol
Piping materials (optional)


A chocolate cake smash is a fun and memorable way to mark your baby’s first year. You can opt for a professional shoot or DIY at home. Thinking ahead is key to a flawless celebration. Deciding on a theme or colors makes it extra special.

It’s best to schedule the cake smash around 10 1/2-11 months of age. This lets you use the photos at the party. Remember to pack snacks and spare clothes for the messy, fun cake smash. You can choose between a professional setup or a more personal, homemade cake.

Whether professional or homemade, the aim is to capture amazing photos. Each baby’s reaction to the cake is unique, adding to the magic. So, set up that chocolate cake smash. You’ll create memories you both will treasure for a lifetime.


What is a cake smash?

A: A cake smash is a fun first birthday ritual. Little ones get to dig into a cake. It’s all about playing, making a mess, and eating the treat.

How do I plan a chocolate cake smash?

To have a great chocolate cake smash, start by picking a theme. Next, set a date before your baby turns one year old. Choose when they’re 10 1/2-11 months old.

What will the photographer provide for the cake smash session?

The photographer will create a special photo area. They bring a cake holder and a wooden spoon, along with small decorations. They also offer cute outfits and headwear, the cake itself, and snacks for the baby.

What should I bring to the cake smash session?

Bring easy snacks and a drink for your baby. Also, have extra clothes for you and your little one.

Can I bring siblings to the cake smash session?

It’s best not to bring other kids. The focus is on the birthday baby during the cake smash photo shoot.

What kind of cake should I avoid for the cake smash?

Steer clear of chocolate or cakes with red frosting. They don’t show up as well in pictures. Aim for brighter, lighter colors.

Should I get a professional bakery-made cake or make one at home?

Getting a cake from a professional baker is a good idea. Their cakes taste better and look great in photos. Or, you can make your own simple cake at home.

How do I make a simple smash cake at home?

For homemade smash cakes, you need basic tools and ingredients. Pick your favorite cake mix, bake it, cool it down, and decorate. Frost it and add fun stuff like sprinkles.

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