Tea and Scones Gift Basket

Tea Time Surprise: Tea and Scones Gift Basket

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Step into the enchanting world of teatime with the Luxury Tea and Original Scone Gift Set from Hummingbird Tearoom. This set brings you the taste of a classic British afternoon tea. It includes organic tea sachets, fresh scones, organic strawberry jam, and more.

It’s an ideal gift for anyone who loves tea. Perfect for celebrating special moments or just making someone’s day. This basket is packed with delightful smells and tastes that amaze.

A Scrumptious Selection of Scones

Try the delicious taste of freshly baked scones from Dulcet’s Scones Gift Baskets. They are handmade with lots of care. From simple to blueberry and chocolate chip, every scone is buttery. Enjoy them with cream, jam, or butter for a great taste. You can choose from many flavors, both traditional and unique.

The Flavors of Delight

“These scones show the skill of making pastries by hand. They taste buttery and rich. You can choose from classic flavors like plain or sultana. Or, try something new like blueberry or chocolate chip. There’s something for everyone in Dulcet’s Scones Gift Baskets.”

Dulcet focuses on making their scones tasty and high quality. They use the best ingredients to make each scone flavorful. Enjoy them at a tea party or on a lazy Sunday. Dulcet’s scones are perfect for any time.

A Perfect Pairing

Each Scones Gift Basket also has delicious spreads. Clotted cream makes them rich, and jam adds fruity sweetness. You can also enjoy them with butter. Mix and match to make your favorite scone combination.

Enjoy these scones by yourself or with others. They make tea-time special. Dulcet makes every bite delicious and buttery.

The Scone Selection

Scone Flavors Description
Plain Scone A classic scone that is light, fluffy, and perfect with a smear of butter and jam.
Blueberry Scone A burst of juicy blueberries in every bite, adding a fruity twist to the traditional scone.
Chocolate Chip Scone A chocolate lover’s dream, with generous chunks of chocolate throughout for a decadent treat.
Sultana Scone A scone studded with plump sultanas, providing a naturally sweet and moist texture.
Cherry Almond Scone A delightful combination of tart cherries and crunchy almonds, adding a hint of indulgence.

Each scone variety balances flavors and textures. Whether you like classic or unique scones, Dulcet has a flavor for everyone.

The Art of Afternoon Tea

Explore the art of afternoon tea with luxury gift baskets from The British Hamper Company. Enjoy handmade cakes, fruity jams, and quality teas in your garden. These baskets celebrate the British tradition with authentic flavors.

Choose from wicker baskets or luxury boxes for any special moment. Give them for birthdays, anniversaries, or as a thoughtful gesture. They bring the British afternoon tea experience to your home.

Indulge in Handmade Cakes

The British Hamper Company’s cakes are a feast for the senses. Made from traditional recipes and fine ingredients, each cake is crafted with care. Taste the richness of Victoria sponge or chocolate fudge in every bite.

Whether alone or with friends, these cakes make your tea more elegant and sweet. They turn any afternoon tea into a special event.

Savor the Flavors of Lincolnshire Teas

A proper afternoon tea needs a good cup of tea. The British Hamper Company adds premium Lincolnshire teas to their baskets. These teas, from local producers, have amazing flavors. Be it black tea or a herbal mix, find your favorite.

Drink a warm cup and imagine you’re in the British countryside. Let the teas take you on a flavorful journey.

Cake Selection Tea Selection
Victoria Sponge Cake English Breakfast Tea
Chocolate Fudge Cake Earl Grey Tea
Lemon Drizzle Cake Lemon Verbena Tea
Carrot Cake Peppermint Tea

Try cake and tea pairings from The British Hamper Company. Each cake matches well with a tea to make your experience better. Whether you like traditional tastes or new ones, these pairings will delight you.

Afternoon Tea


A Tea and Scones Gift Basket is a wonderful way to enjoy a true British moment. You can pick from the luxurious Hummingbird Tearoom, tasty treats from Dulcet, or unique goods from The British Hamper Company. These baskets combine delicious flavors and textures for a great teatime.

They include organic tea, fresh scones, creamy clotted cream, and tangy jams. Every part is made to make teatime special. Give one to a tea enthusiast or for a memorable event. Experience the joy of an authentic British afternoon tea.


What does the Luxury Tea and Original Scone Gift Set include?

This set has organic tea sachets, fresh scones, organic strawberry jam, and more. It includes orange marmalade, lemon curd, and Devon clotted cream as well.

Who is the Luxury Tea and Original Scone Gift Set by?

Hummingbird Tearoom crafts the Luxury Tea and Original Scone Gift Set.

What flavors of scones are included in Dulcet’s Scones Gift Baskets?

Dulcet’s baskets offer many scone flavors, like simple, blueberry, and chocolate chip ones.

What else can be added to the scones in Dulcet’s Scones Gift Baskets?

You can top Dulcet’s scones with thick cream, tangy jam, or butter. Each adds a wonderful taste.

What does The British Hamper Company’s luxury afternoon tea gift baskets contain?

They contain handmade cakes, fruity jams, and fine Lincolnshire teas. A delightful mix for anyone.

How are The British Hamper Company’s luxury afternoon tea gift baskets packaged?

They use traditional wicker baskets or luxury gift boxes. Both are stylish and attractive.

When is a Tea and Scones Gift Basket a perfect choice?

It’s perfect for surprising a tea fan or for special days. A lovely gesture for any occasion.

Why should I choose a Tea and Scones Gift Basket?

It offers delightful flavors and textures. It brings a real British experience to your home.

Can I savor the magic of a proper British afternoon tea with a Tea and Scones Gift Basket?

Yes, it lets you enjoy a genuine British afternoon tea. A wonderful experience from home.


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