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Best Places to Buy Chocolate Cake: Store Reviews and Recommendations

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Welcome to our guide. We’re talking about finding the best chocolate cake in Los Angeles. If you want a delicious slice, you’re in the right spot. We picked the top bakeries and coffee shops in the city. They offer the most delightful chocolate cakes. You’ll find classic cakes and unique flavors to try.

Let’s check out the favorites. These places get lots of praise from their happy customers.

Marigold Bakeshop: In Pico-Robertson, you’ll find Marigold Bakeshop. They’re known for sweet Sunday treats like chocolate cake and carrot cake. Local folks love it for a reason.

Lilou: In Koreatown is Lilou, a bakery owned by women. They’re famous for serving the best chocolate cake in town. Every bite of their cake is amazing.

Artelice Patisserie: Located in Sawtelle, Artelice offers a 100% chocolate cake. Customers love its rich and amazing taste. It’s a real treat.

Cake Monkey Bakery: Head to Fairfax for Cake Monkey Bakery’s German chocolate cake. This place is known for great flavors and textures in their cakes.

SusieCakes: In Hancock Park, SusieCakes is a favorite spot for chocolate cake fans. Try their cake and you’ll see why it’s so popular.

Loft Cafe: In Koreatown, Loft Cafe serves Sweet Lady Jane chocolate cake with strawberry filling. It’s heavenly and you’ll want more.

Anko: In Koreatown, Anko is known for a great raspberry chocolate cake. It will surprise and delight your taste buds.

Amy’s Cottage Bakery: Amy’s Cottage Bakery is known for their special beet chocolate cake with butterscotch frosting. This unique twist will impress anyone.

Copenhagen Pastry: Try Copenhagen Pastry in Los Angeles for a walnut chocolate cake or their beloved princess cakes. Their flavors stand out.

Aurora – Shimmering Delicacies: Visit Aurora in Fairfax for a luxurious chocolate cake experience. Their chocolates, cakes, and pastries are perfect for any celebration.

You now have the inside scoop on where to find the finest chocolate cake in Los Angeles. Get ready to enjoy some sweet, flavorful cakes. Whether you love the classic or something different, these top spots won’t disappoint. Enjoy your cake hunt!

The Fresh Market: Unique Flavors and Custom Orders

Looking for a place that makes amazing cakes with unique flavors? The Fresh Market is your best bet. They have an array of tasty options. You’re almost certain to find what you love.

The Fresh Market stands out by offering cakes in unique tastes. You can find both classic and new flavors. Enjoy a Boston Cream Cake’s rich taste, the tropical hit of Pineapple Brown Sugar, or the splurge of Triple Chocolate Truffle. There’s also the classic choice of Red Velvet.

They make events extra special by customizing cakes. At The Fresh Market, you can order a cake tailored for your celebration. Just share what you like, and they’ll make a cake that’s all yours.

Ordering a custom cake from The Fresh Market is easy. You just need to contact their bakery. They’ll help make sure your cake is exactly as you’d like it.

For birthdays, they’ve got you covered with a birthday in a box. It includes everything needed for a fun party. Just pick your cake, and add the extras you like. Planning a birthday party has never been simpler.

“The Fresh Market is a dream for those who love cake. They have uniquely flavored cakes and take custom orders. Every cake is made with care, guaranteeing a delightful experience for you.”

– A Happy Customer

Here’s a breakdown of The Fresh Market’s cake offerings:

Cake Flavor Description
Boston Cream Cake A classic cake with layers of moist vanilla sponge, rich chocolate ganache, and luscious pastry cream filling.
Pineapple Brown Sugar A tropical delight featuring pineapple-infused cake layers with a hint of brown sugar, topped with a creamy frosting.
Triple Chocolate Truffle A chocolate lover’s dream, this cake has layers of velvety chocolate cake, rich chocolate ganache, and smooth chocolate mousse.
Red Velvet A classic favorite, this cake boasts vibrant red cake layers with a hint of cocoa, complemented by a creamy cream cheese frosting.

If you want a unique cake flavor or a custom cake, The Fresh Market is the place to go. They focus on top quality and making customers happy. You’re bound to enjoy the delicious cakes they offer.

Bean And Bread: A Coffee Shop with Delicious Pastries

Bean And Bread is in the heart of Los Angeles, serving up tasty pastries and coffee. It’s a go-to spot for those who love sweet treats and their morning cup. There’s something for every pastry fan here.

The menu at Bean And Bread will make any pastry lover’s heart sing. You can enjoy everything from flaky croissants to rich cakes. They offer a wide range of classic and creative pastries that will delight your taste buds.

Bean And Bread’s Nutella Filled Pastries are a must-try. They’re packed with smooth Nutella, giving the right amount of sweetness. The Green Tea Croissant mixes the best of French pastry with refreshing green tea.

But the real star is the chocolate cake. This cake is moist and full of flavor, perfect with a hot drink. It’s a favorite among the café’s customers.

“Bean And Bread is the go-to spot for coffee and pastry lovers in Los Angeles.”

Bean And Bread doesn’t just offer great pastries. The café’s warm, inviting vibe and friendly service make every visit special. It’s a top spot for kicking back and treating yourself.

The shop focuses on quality, using the best ingredients for their treats. This care shows in every bite, highlighting the café’s commitment to great food.

Bean And Bread is perfect for a quick breakfast or a relaxing treat later in the day. Their delicious pastries and top-notch coffee have made it a hit with both locals and visitors.

Bean And Bread coffee shop

Popular Pastries at Bean And Bread Price
Nutella Filled Pastries $2.50
Green Tea Croissant $3.00
Chocolate Cake $4.50 per slice


In Los Angeles, there are many places to buy chocolate cake. Some of the best bakeries include Marigold Bakeshop and Lilou. You can also try Cake Monkey Bakery and SusieCakes for amazing cakes.

The Fresh Market is a great place for something different. You can order cakes like Boston Cream and Triple Chocolate Truffle. They will definitely make any chocolate lover happy.

For those who love coffee shops, Bean And Bread is a must-visit. Besides great coffee, they serve tasty pastries. Their chocolate cake is a real treat.

Looking for the perfect cake, traditional or unique? Look no further in Los Angeles than these places. Find your dream chocolate cake and enjoy!


How much does a chocolate cake cost at Marigold Bakeshop?

The cost of a chocolate cake at Marigold Bakeshop varies by size and design. For the latest prices, it’s best to get in touch with the bakery.

Can I order a custom chocolate cake at Lilou?

Lilou does custom cakes. You can make your chocolate cake special by talking to the bakery about what you’d like.

Does Artelice Patisserie offer any gluten-free chocolate cake options?

At Artelice Patisserie, they focus on gluten-free treats. They might have gluten-free chocolate cakes. To find out, visit or contact them directly.

What flavors of cake does Cake Monkey Bakery offer in addition to German chocolate cake?

Besides German chocolate cake, Cake Monkey Bakery has many flavors. Look for vanilla, red velvet, carrot, and others on their menu.

Are there any vegan options for chocolate cake at SusieCakes?

SusieCakes doesn’t specialize in vegan treats. Yet, they might have vegan chocolate cake. For the latest, get in touch with them.

Does Loft Cafe offer delivery service for their Sweet Lady Jane chocolate cake?

Loft Cafe might deliver their Sweet Lady Jane chocolate cake. Give them a call to ask about delivery and fees.

Can I order a raspberry chocolate cake from Anko?

Anko offers a great raspberry chocolate cake. You can order by visiting or calling them for more info.

What are some other unique flavors offered by Amy’s Cottage Bakery?

Amy’s Cottage Bakery has unique cakes like beet with butterscotch. They also might have lavender, matcha, and seasonal fruit cakes. Check with them to see what’s available.

Does Copenhagen Pastry offer cake delivery in Los Angeles?

Copenhagen Pastry might do cake delivery in Los Angeles. Contact the bakery to learn about delivery services and any fees.

What types of pastries does Aurora – Shimmering Delicacies offer in addition to chocolate cake?

Aurora – Shimmering Delicacies has a variety of upscale sweets. Look for macarons, éclairs, and tarts when you visit them. For a full list, contacting them is a good idea.

Can I order a custom cake from The Fresh Market?

You can get a custom cake from The Fresh Market for special events. Just call their bakery to share what you need for your cake.

Are there any gluten-free options for cakes at The Fresh Market?

The Fresh Market has cakes in various flavors, including gluten-free. Ask the bakery or go to a store nearby for specific info.

What is included in The Fresh Market’s Birthday in a Box package?

Their Birthday in a Box has a cake, vanilla ice cream, and more. It also includes utensils and a thermal tote, making it perfect for a celebration.

Does Bean And Bread offer delivery for their pastries, including chocolate cake?

Bean And Bread could deliver pastries, like chocolate cake. For details on delivery, ask the coffee shop about their service areas and fees.

What are the prices like at Bean And Bread for their chocolate cake?

Bean And Bread’s chocolate cake prices are fair, as are the rest of their treats. Visit or contact them to find out their current prices.

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