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Classic Apple Cinnamon Cake Recipe for Home Bakers

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Want to make a delicious dessert? Try this classic apple cinnamon cake! It’s moist, full of flavor, and loved by many. Whether you bake often or it’s your first time, this cake will be a hit.

This cake is easy to make. You’ll need butter, sugars, eggs, and a few more items. It’s a perfect treat for gatherings or celebrations. What’s more, you can start baking in just 20 minutes.

This cake’s flavors work perfectly together. Apples bring sweetness and moisture. Cinnamon adds a cozy depth. Together, they make every bite a memory of fall afternoons.

Follow the steps below to make this cake. From mixing the ingredients to baking, it’s simple. Soon, you’ll have a tasty dessert to share.

Ready to bake? Put on your apron and start. Your family and friends will love this apple cinnamon cake. It’s a great recipe to keep!

A Delightfully Moist and Flavorful Cake

This apple cinnamon cake is famous for being moist and flavorful. It makes you want more with its soft texture and spicy taste.

Every bite brings out the rich cinnamon flavor. The crumb topping offers sweetness and a crunchy twist, improving the cake’s overall enjoyment.

This cake shines with fresh apples adding sweetness and moisture. You can pick from various apple types like Granny Smith for tartness or Honeycrisp for juiciness. It all adds a fruity vibe to your treat.

Walnuts add a wonderful crunch to this cake. The mix of flavors and textures is just right. It keeps you wanting more.

Indulging in this cake is great at any time. Adults and kids love its blend of flavors and softness. It’s a top pick for many.

Easy Steps to Bake the Perfect Apple Cinnamon Cake

Baking an apple cinnamon cake is easy with these steps. Begin by preheating the oven to 350°F. And get the cake pan ready.

1. Cream the butter, and sugars till they’re fluffy and light. This makes the cake airy.

2. Add eggs, one at a time, and vanilla. Mix well after each addition to blend everything.

3. Combine the flour, baking soda, and cinnamon in a bowl. Whisk them together. This step avoids lumps later.

4. Slowly add dry ingredients to the wet mix. Stop mixing as soon as they combine to keep the cake light.

5. Gently add apples and walnuts. They bring sweet and nutty notes, making your cake tastier.

6. Put the batter in the pan and bake for 40-45 minutes. Check with a toothpick. It’s done if it comes out clean.

7. Let the cake cool before slicing. This way, it stays in one piece and is easier to serve.

easy apple cinnamon cake recipe

Using these steps, baking the perfect apple cinnamon cake is quick. Feel the soft cake, smell the cinnamon, and taste the juicy apples in each slice. It’s great for any get-together or a simple treat.


This classic apple cinnamon cake recipe is perfect for any baker. It mixes the cozy taste of cinnamon with the sweet apple flavor. The cake turns out moist and full of taste.

The recipe is so simple, but the cake is loved by many. It’s soft, with a nice surprise of apple sweetness and walnut crunch. These make a perfect mix of flavors and textures.

Ready to bake? This apple cinnamon cake will make your house smell amazing. You can bake it any time for yourself or a special event. It’s a sure way to make people happy and enjoy a delicious treat.


Can I substitute the apples with other fruits?

Yes, apples work best in the apple cinnamon cake. Yet, you can try other fruits like pears or peaches. Just adjust the baking time. Keep in mind the flavor and texture might change from the original recipe.

Can I omit the walnuts from the recipe?

Yes, you can skip the walnuts if you need to. The cake will still be delicious and moist without them.

Can I freeze the apple cinnamon cake?

Yes, freezing the apple cinnamon cake is okay. Wrapping it in plastic or foil, put it in a container or freezer bag. To eat it again, thaw in the fridge overnight or at room temp for a few hours.

Can I use a different type of pan?

The recipe suggests a standard round cake pan. But you can pick another size or type. Remember, the baking time might change. Always check if the cake’s done by sticking a toothpick in the middle.

How long will the apple cinnamon cake stay fresh?

If kept well in an airtight container at room temp, it stays good for 3-4 days. Cooling it can last up to 7 days. Remember, bring it to room temp before serving for the best experience.

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