Sultana and Cherry Cake Recipe

Classic Sultana and Cherry Cake Recipe: A British Bake

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Enjoy a slice of tradition with this Sultana and Cherry Cake recipe. It’s great for British-themed parties or as a special snack. This cake is moist and full of flavor. Enjoy it with tea or by a warm fire. It truly reflects the best of British baking.

Get ready to taste traditional ingredients like sultanas and glace cherries. They are mixed with lime zest and preserved ginger. This blend creates a comforting and tasty cake.

The Ingredients and Method

To make a delicious Sultana and Cherry Cake, gather some flavorful items. Here’s what you’ll use:

Ingredients for the Cake Ingredients for the Icing
  • Self-raising flour
  • Butter
  • Caster sugar
  • Eggs
  • Raisins
  • Glace cherries
  • Sultanas
  • Preserved stem ginger
  • Lime zest
  • Icing sugar
  • Lime juice
  • Chopped stem ginger

Now, we’ll look at how to make it:

  1. Mix the self-raising flour, butter, caster sugar, eggs, and other cake items in a bowl. Stir until smooth.
  2. Put the batter into two loaf tins equally.
  3. Bake at 180°C (350°F) for 45 to 50 minutes until they’re golden and cooked. Use a toothpick to check if they’re done. If it comes out clean, they’re ready.
  4. Let the cakes cool a bit in their tins. Then, cool them on a rack completely.
  5. Mix icing sugar, lime juice, and chopped ginger in a separate bowl for the topping.
  6. Spread this icing on your cooled cakes. You can add more chopped ginger on top for flavor.
  7. Now, your Sultana and Cherry Cakes are ready to enjoy!

This recipe combines simple steps and tasty flavors. It’s great for anyone who loves baking or eating cake.

The Appeal of a Fruit Loaf Cake

Fruit loaf cakes, such as this Sultana and Cherry Cake, are easy to love. They’re great for enjoying with tea in the afternoon.

Fruit loaf cake

This recipe is easy and requires little work. Just mix the ingredients in one bowl, then bake. No need for fancy decorations. You can eat it hot or save some for later.

“This fruit loaf cake is my go-to treat for afternoon tea. It’s simple to make and tastes absolutely delicious. The combination of sultanas, cherries, and lime adds a delightful burst of flavor.” – Sarah M.

The cake is soft and moist, filled with sweet sultanas, tangy cherries, and refreshing lime. It’s perfect for adults and kids alike.

Key Points Description
Delicious The unique blend of flavors in this fruit loaf cake creates a delicious taste that will leave you craving for more.
Simple The recipe requires minimal effort and can be easily prepared in one bowl, making it a convenient choice for any baker.
Afternoon Tea Enjoy a slice of this fruit loaf cake alongside a cup of tea for a delightful afternoon treat.

Enjoy the simplicity and taste of a fruit loaf cake. The mix of flavors and easy baking make it fit for any time or day. Try making a delightful fruit loaf cake today.


The Classic Sultana and Cherry Cake Recipe is a favorite in Britain. It reminds us of good times and feels comforting. People love it for its taste and how easy it is to make. It’s perfect for any event or just a sweet snack.

This cake is great with a warm cup of tea by the fire. Or, enjoy it with loved ones. It makes you feel at home with its softness and a mix of sultanas, cherries, and lime. It truly embodies the idea of a cozy tea time.

Try making this British classic. It’s more than a recipe; it’s a journey to happiness through baking. The joy of making this cake is like stepping into a warm, flavor-filled world. Let its sweetness and ease help you make unforgettable moments.


Can I substitute the sultanas and cherries with other fruits?

While sultanas and glace cherries give a traditional taste, you can swap them. Try raisins or cranberries for a different but still delicious fruit loaf.

Can I make this recipe gluten-free?

Yes, gluten-free is doable. Use a gluten-free flour blend instead of self-raising flour. Always check the package for the right amounts and any special instructions.

The end product might differ slightly in taste and texture. However, it’s still a wonderful gluten-free choice.

How should I store the cake?

After your cake cools completely, move it to an airtight container. It’s good there at room temp for 3-4 days. For longer storage, wrap it in plastic and chill for up to one week.

Before eating, let it sit out to get to room temperature. This keeps the flavor top-notch.

Can I freeze the cake?

Freezing the Sultana and Cherry Cake is a yes. Wrap it well in plastic, then freeze it in a container or bag. It stays good for 3 months.

When it’s time to enjoy, thaw it in the fridge overnight. After that, let it come to room temperature before slicing.

Can I make this recipe without the icing?

Absolutely! If you want a plainer fruit loaf, skip the icing. The cake is still juicy and full of flavor. You can also sprinkle some powdered sugar on top if you like.

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