Cherry and Sultana Cake Recipe

Hearty Cherry and Sultana Cake Recipe: Packed with Flavor

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Welcome to the world of wonderful cakes! Let’s dive into the Cherry and Sultana Cake. It comes from Britain and Scotland. This cake mixes the best parts of a war cake, a Dundee cake, and a fruitcake. It’s sweet and rich, making it great for any event.

The key player is the sultana raisin. It adds a fruity kick to every mouthful. Originally, the cake had just raisins and sometimes nuts. But now, there are versions with currants, glazed cherries, and more fruit. So, the cake is full of different flavors and feels. talking about it makes us hungry!

To get a soft, perfect cake, you need to follow some steps. Start by softening the butter so it mixes well with the sugar. And make sure your eggs and milk are also at room temperature. This helps with the cake’s texture. The cake is best made in a round pan. And putting a water pan in the oven as it bakes keeps it moist.

Though not like fruitcake that needs time, letting this cake sit for a couple of days is good. It makes the flavors better. This cake is perfect with tea, as a less sweet option than other fruitcakes. Or just anytime you want a tasty snack. Prepare for a blast of flavor in every piece!

Easy Sultana Cake Recipe: Moist and Flavorful

This may be an easy sultana cake recipe but it carries a lot of history. It has been passed down through many generations in my family. People love it for its straight-forward method and amazing taste. You only need some basic items and a little time to make a cake that everyone will remember.

There are no complex steps or special tools needed for this cake. Everything goes into a pot and mixes by hand. This easy “melt and mix” method means less work and more fun. Your efforts will be paid off with a delicious, moist cake.

This cake is rich and moist, with an inviting scent. It’s finished with a crispy, golden edge. Plump sultanas are its highlight, bringing a sweet surprise in every bite. This shows how simple ingredients can make something truly special.

“The Easy Sultana Cake is a family treasure. It’s been a part of our gatherings for as long as I remember. The moist texture and delightful flavor never fail to bring smiles to our faces.”

– Sarah, a longtime baker and lover of family recipes

To make this cake even better, the sultanas are prepared before mixing. Boiling them in water plumps them up. This guarantees a cake filled with juicy fruit. The cake turns out so moist and flavorful, it’s hard to resist.

Choose a 20 or 22cm baking tin for this cake. Baking it takes a bit over an hour, but it’s so good it’s worth the wait. Don’t forget to cover it with foil to keep the top from burning. This way, you get a cake that looks and tastes perfect.

After it’s baked and cooled, enjoy the cake as is or with a topping like custard. Its flavor gets even better after a day or two. And you can keep it fresh for up to 5 days, or even freeze it for longer storage.

The Easy Sultana Cake is not just a dessert. It tells a story of family and tradition. It shows how simple, timeless recipes can be the best way to celebrate loved ones.

Ingredients Measurement
Butter 225g
Caster Sugar 225g
Self-Raising Flour 225g
Eggs 4
Sultanas 200g
Water 100ml

Classic Sultana Fairy Cakes: Quick and Easy Treat

Want something quick and tasty? Try Classic Sultana Fairy Cakes. They are simple yet satisfying. Perfect for your sweet cravings anytime.

First, cream soft margarine and caster sugar. This makes a soft, fluffy mix. Then, add eggs and flour to make it smooth. Sultanas make the cakes tasty and rich.

Spoon the mix into your tin and bake. Soon, the cakes will be golden and smell amazing. Let them cool, then sprinkle extra sugar on top.

This recipe is from the Berkshire WI Cookery Book. It celebrates cooking at home. You can get creative by adding cherries or cocoa.

For tea parties or kids’ snacks, these cakes are perfect. They’re easy to make and taste lovely. They fit any celebration well.


What is the origin of the Cherry and Sultana Cake?

It’s thought to be from Britain or Scotland.

What is the main ingredient in the Cherry and Sultana Cake?

The most important part is the sultana raisins. Long ago, it had just raisins and sometimes nuts.

How should I soften the butter for the Cherry and Sultana Cake recipe?

Butter should sit at room temperature to get soft, which helps mix it with the sugar well.

What size baking pan should I use for the Cherry and Sultana Cake?

Pick a round pan, like a 10″ round tube pan for a traditional cake.

How long should I bake the Cherry and Sultana Cake?

Baking takes more than an hour. Halfway through, cover the top with foil to avoid darkening.

Can I freeze the Cherry and Sultana Cake?

You can freeze this cake for a month. It stays good for 5 days at room temperature.

What is the Easy Sultana Cake recipe?

It’s a simple, well-loved recipe passed down in families for years.

What is the method for making the Easy Sultana Cake?

Just mix all the ingredients in a pot with a spoon. It’s easy and quick.

How should I soften the sultanas for the Easy Sultana Cake?

Boil the sultanas to soften them and make them plump before adding them to the mix.

What size baking tin should I use for the Easy Sultana Cake?

A 20 or 22cm tin is perfect for baking this cake.

What are Classic Sultana Fairy Cakes?

These cakes are simple and quick to make treats.

What is the method for making Classic Sultana Fairy Cakes?

Mix soft margarine and sugar, add eggs then flour. Finally, fold in sultanas for taste.

How should I serve Classic Sultana Fairy Cakes?

Sprinkle a bit more caster sugar on top when they are cool for the best taste.

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