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Costa Coffee Carrot Cake Review: Does it Measure Up?

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Are you a carrot cake fan? Looking for a tasty treat? Try Costa Coffee’s carrot cake. It’s a perfect mix of flavors and textures. You’ll love every bite.

This carrot cake has a golden sponge with carrot and walnut. It’s moist and tasty. Spices in it give a special touch.

The cake stands out with its crunchy walnuts. They add a nice twist to the soft cake, making it even better.

Even though some found the frosting thin, the cake is still amazing. This small issue doesn’t ruin its tasty charm.

Costa’s carrot cake is only available in their stores. It costs £2.65 per slice (148g). It’s a sweet deal that won’t hurt your wallet.

If you love carrot cake or want to try something new, check out Costa’s carrot cake. It’s a great mix of taste and texture. Grab one at your local Costa Coffee and enjoy!

Top Carrot Cakes in the Market: A Comparison

Choosing the best carrot cake can be a challenge. There are many options out there. We compared the best ones so you can choose wisely. Our analysis looked at flavors, textures, ratings, and prices to make it easier for you.

After detailed research and tasting, we found a winner. M&S Carrot Cake scored 83/100, making it the top choice. Our testers loved its moist sponge and thick cream cheese frosting. It’s a cake that perfectly balances taste and texture.

Tesco Finest Carrot Cake came in second, with a score of 78/100. Its flavorful sponge and zingy orange frosting were standout features. The cake’s taste is a burst of carrot and orange in every bite.

COOK, Waitrose & Partners, and Sainsbury’s also stood out. COOK’s Triple Layered Cake wowed with a score of 77/100. Waitrose & Partners and Sainsbury’s scored 75/100 and 74/100, offering tasty options for any carrot cake lover.

Prices of top carrot cakes vary, from £2.25 to £12. There’s a cake for every budget. With our list of the best, you’re ready to enjoy a sweet adventure. Happy cake hunting!

Carrot Cake Overall Score
M&S Carrot Cake 83/100
Tesco Finest Carrot Cake 78/100
COOK Triple Layered Carrot Cake 77/100
Waitrose & Partners Carrot Cake 75/100
Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Carrot Cake 74/100

Conclusion: Costa Coffee Carrot Cake – A Tasty Treat Worth Trying

The Costa Coffee Carrot & Walnut Cake boasts a mix of great flavors and textures. The sponge is golden and has bits of carrot and walnut. It crunches just right, blending with the sweet and spicy tastes.

The icing on top isn’t super thick, but it adds to the luxury of each bite. This cake is special at Costa Coffee. It starts at £2.65 a slice, a fair deal for anyone who loves carrot cakes. If you enjoy trying new flavors, go for this Costa Coffee treat.

You will enjoy every bit, from the first taste to the last. The crunch from the sponge stands out. The cake’s warm spices will leave a good memory on your taste buds. The cake’s thin layer of icing doesn’t take away from its great flavors. It makes the cake unique.

For a sweet break, visit a Costa Coffee store and try the Carrot & Walnut Cake. It’s a decision you won’t regret.


Is the Costa Coffee Carrot & Walnut Cake only available in stores?

Yes, this cake is just at Costa Coffee stores.

What is the price of the Costa Coffee Carrot & Walnut Cake?

You can get it for £2.65 or more per 148g slice.

How does the Costa Coffee Carrot & Walnut Cake differ from other carrot cakes in the market?

It has a special mix of tastes and textures, like a golden carrot and walnut sponge. This gives it a lovely crunch and a bit of heat. But, some people think the icing is too thin.

What are some other top choices for carrot cakes in the market?

There are many other good carrot cakes out there. For example: M&S Carrot Cake, Tesco Finest Carrot Cake, COOK Triple Layered Carrot Cake, Waitrose & Partners Carrot Cake, and Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Carrot Cake. They all have their own flavors and costs.

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