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Review: Costa’s Carrot Cake – Is It Worth the Price?

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Looking for a delicious treat? Try Costa Coffee’s carrot cake. In this review, we check out this beloved dessert. We’ll see if it meets its high praise.

Since 2009, Costa Coffee’s carrot cake has wowed people. It has sold over 5.9 million slices. This cake is made from scratch in a family bakery. It has a moist sponge, rich in carrot and walnut. With cream cheese frosting on top, it’s a real joy to eat.

Is this cake worth its price tag? At £2.10 a slice, it’s both tasty and affordable. This means you can enjoy a piece guilt-free. Truly, a great treat for your money.

Whether you love carrot cake or just want a sweet treat, give Costa’s carrot cake a go. It’s moist, delicious, and well-priced. This dessert will surely leave you smiling and wanting more. Follow along for more carrot cake highlights in the next part!

The Competition: Other Carrot Cakes on the Market

Costa Coffee’s carrot cake is just one of many. A recent taste test reviewed different carrot cakes. Experts found standouts. Costa’s cake got a 70/100, so looking at the bigger picture is key. Click here for more information.

The cake impressed with its rich sponge, full of carrot and walnut taste. Yet, some wanted more from the cream cheese. They felt it could be thicker.

However, Costa faces strong competition. Supermarket brands like M&S, Tesco, Waitrose, and Sainsbury’s offer their own takes. They aim to please with special recipes.

The Carrot Cake Market

Now, let’s spotlight cakes from these popular brands:

M&S Carrot Cake

  • A moist and flavorsome sponge packed with freshly grated carrots and crushed walnuts.
  • Generously frosted with a thick layer of cream cheese icing.
  • A crowd-pleaser known for its perfectly balanced sweetness and texture.

Tesco Finest Carrot Cake

  • Moist and light sponge combined with sweet carrots and walnuts.
  • Has a cream cheese frosting that’s smooth and delicious.
  • It’s a favorite because of how it mixes flavors and textures.

Waitrose Carrot Cake

  • Its sponge is aromatic and sweet, bursting with carrot.
  • It also includes a rich cream cheese layer.
  • A classic choice for those who love traditional carrot cake.

Sainsbury’s Carrot Cake

  • Features a moist sponge with carrots and walnuts.
  • The cream cheese frosting is velvety and rich.
  • It’s a top pick for those who want a well-rounded treat.

The competition is indeed tough. Each brand has its own twist on carrot cake. So, whether you like Costa’s style or another, you’ll find one perfect for you.

Brand Carrot Cake Description
Costa Coffee A deep, golden sponge with dominant walnut and carrot flavors. Some testers found the frosting lacking in thickness.
M&S A moist and flavorsome sponge packed with freshly grated carrots and crushed walnuts. Generously frosted with a thick layer of cream cheese icing.
Tesco Finest Moist and light sponge complemented by sweet grated carrots and crunchy walnuts. Finished with a smooth cream cheese frosting that melts in your mouth.
Waitrose Aromatic and rich sponge infused with spices, showcasing the natural sweetness of British carrots. Topped with a generous layer of cream cheese frosting.
Sainsbury’s A moist and indulgent sponge filled with juicy carrot pieces and nutty walnuts. Finished with a velvety cream cheese frosting that complements the cake’s flavors perfectly.

Conclusion: The Verdict on Costa’s Carrot Cake

Costa’s carrot cake has really impressed a lot of people. It’s moist, has a great flavor, and it’s priced at £2.10 per slice. This makes it a top pick at Costa Coffee.

Taste tests might not always rate it the highest. But, everyone’s taste is different. For those who love carrot cake, Costa’s version is a great choice. It comes with a golden sponge full of walnuts and carrots, making it tasty.

The cake’s value is up to each person’s taste. Yet, its many positive reviews show people love it. So, if you’re into carrot cake, trying Costa’s is a good idea. Follow your longing and savor each bite of this rich and moist cake!


Is Costa Coffee’s carrot cake made from scratch?

Yes, Costa Coffee’s carrot cake is made fresh at a family bakery.

What makes Costa Coffee’s carrot cake special?

People love it for being moist, with a nice texture and delicious frosting.

How much does a slice of Costa Coffee’s carrot cake cost?

You can get a slice for £2.10.

How many slices of carrot cake has Costa Coffee sold since its launch?

They’ve sold over 5.9 million slices since 2009.

How did Costa Coffee’s carrot cake perform in a taste test?

A test gave it a 70/100 score for taste.

What flavors can be found in Costa Coffee’s carrot cake?

You’ll taste mainly walnuts and carrots in their cake.

Are there other brands that offer carrot cakes?

Yes, stores like M&S, Tesco, Waitrose, and Sainsbury’s have them too. Each one differs in taste and texture.

Is Costa Coffee’s carrot cake worth the price?

It’s a choice based on what you like and how much you think it’s worth.

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