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Crunchy Delight: Cornflake Brownies Recipe

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Looking for something sweet and crunchy? These cornflake brownies are perfect. They’re a fun twist on the classic brownie, adding a crispy bite. You’ll love the mix of chocolate and the crunch of caramel-coated cornflakes.

They’re great for any event, from potlucks to treats for yourself. Everyone will enjoy these crunchy brownies.

The brownies have a rich, fudgy base with a caramel-coated cornflake layer. The brownie brings bittersweet chocolate, butter, and cocoa, while the caramel adds salt. The cornflakes on top give a satisfying crunch, making it a mouthwatering dessert.

Want to make these brownies at home? It’s simpler than you think. Basic ingredients like oil, cocoa, eggs, and sugar help make the brownie batter. The caramel is made from cream, sugar, and butter. Then, you layer the caramel-coated cornflakes on the brownie base and bake it.

Ready to try these unique brownies? They’re a great way to wow your loved ones. Enjoy the chocolate and the crunch from the cornflakes. Your friends and family will love these cornflake brownies!

A Decadent Combination of Flavors and Textures

Enjoy a mix of tempting flavors and textures with these delicious cornflake brownies. Indulge in the blend of fudgy brownies, chewy caramel, and a crunchy cornflake topping in every bite.

The Fudgy Brownie Base

These treats start with a rich, fudgy brownie base. It combines high-quality bittersweet chocolate, butter, and cocoa. A touch of vanilla makes it moist and mouthwatering. Each bite takes you to a chocolatey paradise.

A Touch of Chewy Caramel

Next, a layer of chewy caramel adds sweetness. It’s just right – not too sweet, with a hint of salt. This chewy part goes hand in hand with the fudgy brownie, leaving you amazed.

The Delightful Cornflake Topping

A topping of cornflakes takes these brownies up a notch. It adds a satisfying crunch to the rich, chewy layers. Each bite is full of texture – smooth brownie, chewy caramel, and crispy cornflakes.

These brownies are a hit for any event. Whether you’re treating yourself, sharing with loved ones, or impressing friends, they’re a great choice. Sweet, rich, and with the perfect crunch, you won’t forget this dessert.

Key Features Benefits
Fudgy brownie base Rich, moist, and deeply chocolatey
Chewy caramel layer Irresistible sweetness with a hint of salt
Cornflake topping Delightful crunch that adds texture and contrast

How to Make Cornflake Brownies at Home

Making brownies at home is super fun and rewarding. Just gather some basic ingredients and follow simple steps. Soon, you’ll have amazing cornflake brownies that everyone will love.

Start by mixing canola oil, butter, cocoa powder, sugar, eggs, flour, and a pinch of salt. Blend until the batter is smooth.

Then, spread half of the batter in a prepared baking pan and bake for a bit. Now, let’s make that yummy caramel sauce.

In a pan, warm sugar, cream, butter, and vanilla. Keep stirring until the sugar is gone and the mix is creamy. Now, mix in the cornflakes until they’re all covered.

Spread the cornflakes over the first baked layer. Pour the rest of the batter on top and bake. Your brownies are ready when a toothpick comes out a little gooey.

Let the brownies cool before cutting. These goodies have fudgy brownie, chewy caramel, and crunchy cornflake layers. They’re perfect for sharing at any event, whether you love to bake or it’s your first time.


What are cornflake brownies?

Cornflake brownies mix the best of classic brownies with a crispy twist. They have a soft, rich base and a top layer made of caramel-covered cornflakes. This combo makes them a delightful treat.

What ingredients are used in cornflake brownies?

These special brownies rely on items such as bittersweet chocolate, butter, and cocoa. They blend in vanilla, sugar, eggs, flour, salt, and that crunchy cornflake top. Together, these create the mouthwatering taste and texture of cornflake brownies.

How do I make cornflake brownies at home?

Start by mixing your brownie batter with canola oil, butter, cocoa, and more. Bake partway. For the top, cook up a caramel sauce with sugar, cream, and vanilla. Add butter and cornflakes until coated. Then, layer it over your brownie. Finally, top with more batter, bake fully, and cool before cutting and enjoying.

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