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Step-by-Step Recipe for Caramel Cornflake Brownies

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Enjoy a perfect mix of textures with our caramel cornflake brownie recipe. It starts with a fudgy brownie base. Then, a chewy caramel cornflake topping is added. The brownie is rich because it’s made with dark chocolate, butter, flour, sugar, and eggs.

To make the top, first, melt sugar in a saucepan until it’s a golden color. Then, mix in cream, butter, salt, and vanilla. Add cornflakes and coat them with this mixture. Finally, put this topping on the cooled brownie base.

Bake everything for about 35 minutes at 200C. Make sure the brownies are cooled before you top them. This dessert is sure to make your sweet tooth very happy.

Tips for Making the Perfect Brownie Base

To get the best brownie base, remember a few simple tips. Start by finely chopping the dark chocolate. This makes it melt smoothly with the butter. Avoid overbaking your brownies to keep them moist. Just poke a center part with something like a fork – it should be a little wet. Also, let the brownies cool fully before putting on the caramel cornflake layer. This helps you cut them into perfect, tidy squares.

Making a great brownie base is key to tasty, moist brownies. These tips help you get that perfect balance. Chopping the dark chocolate finely makes it blend well and boosts the brownies’ flavor. Don’t bake them for too long to avoid a dry outcome. A simple test with a utensil tells you when they’re ready. Cool them before topping with caramel cornflakes to keep things clean when you cut them.

The Art of Making Caramel

Making caramel is both a joy and a skillful task. It enhances your sweets with its unique flavor. You might know there are two types – dry and wet caramel. They serve different purposes and offer unique tastes.

Dry caramel involves melting sugar carefully until it’s a deep gold. It gives desserts an intense caramel flavor. It’s perfect for desserts such as dark chocolate or coffee treats. To master dry caramel, use low heat and pay close attention. Be patient as the sugar turns into caramel, gaining color and flavor.

Wet caramel is simpler, made by mixing sugar and water to form a syrup. It’s great for mild sweetness and smooth toppings, like over ice cream or in sauces. Don’t stir when heating wet caramel. Swirl the pan gently instead. This keeps it smooth and avoids crystal formation.

Here are some tips for the perfect caramel. Use a clean, dry pan always. This avoids odd flavors. Also, prepare all your ingredients beforehand. This makes things smoother. And when dealing with hot caramel, be very careful. Use tools that resist heat to keep safe.

With this knowledge and these tips, you’re ready to make your own caramel. Choose dry or wet caramel and enjoy the creative process. Make your desserts special with a hint of caramel and wow everyone!


What ingredients are needed for the caramel cornflake brownie recipe?

You will need dark chocolate, butter, sugar, flour, eggs, and cream for the brownie base. Then, for the top, salt, vanilla extract, and cornflakes.

How long should the brownies be baked?

Bake them for about 35 minutes. The oven should be set to 200C/180C Fan/Gas Mark 6.

What are the tips for achieving the perfect brownie base?

To get a great brownie base, finely chop the chocolate. Also, don’t bake too much and cool the brownies before you add the topping.

What are the two types of caramel?

There are dry caramel and wet caramel.

How is dry caramel made?

To make dry caramel, melt sugar in a pan. Keep stirring until it’s a deep gold color.

How is wet caramel made?

For wet caramel, cook sugar and water. Do this until the sugar turns into a smooth syrup.

What should be done when making wet caramel to prevent crystallization?

For a silky caramel sauce, swirl the pan. This keeps the caramel smooth by preventing crystal formation.

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