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Delia Smith’s Comprehensive Guide to Baking Carrot Cake

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Do you love carrot cake? Then you’ll adore Delia Smith’s amazing recipe. It’s a surefire way to delight your taste buds. This recipe comes from Delia Smith, a celebrated British chef and cookbook writer. She’s known for her top-notch baking advice. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, you can make the best carrot cake following her tips.

Smith’s carrot cake mixes rich ingredients. This includes dark brown sugar, eggs, and sunflower oil. Then there’s the flour, mixed spice, and carrots. Orange zest, sultanas, coconut, and pecan nuts add flavor.

You can also turn Delia Smith’s recipe into yummy cupcakes. It’s a versatile treat.

After baking, it’s time for a tasty icing. Smith suggests a creamy mascarpone icing. It includes ground cinnamon, milk, or orange juice, and golden sugar. This icing makes the cake even sweeter.

She tops it off with a syrup glaze. It has brown sugar, orange juice, and lemon. This glaze makes the cake super moist and full of flavor.

Once it cools, frost the cake generously. Then, sprinkle it with more chopped pecans. The finished cake is both beautiful and delicious.

This carrot cake is perfect for any special occasion. So, why not bake it today? Let Delia Smith’s guide help you. Your loved ones will surely enjoy this unforgettable treat.

Baking Delia Smith’s Carrot Cake

Looking for a tasty and simple carrot cake recipe? Delia Smith’s is a great pick. This cake is moist and full of flavor. It combines sweetness and the taste of spiced carrots perfectly.

Start by heating your oven to 170°C (gas mark 3). Roast the pecans for 8 minutes. Roasting them makes the cake have a nice nutty crunch.

In a big bowl, mix sugar, eggs, and oil till smooth. This makes the cake moist and delicious.

Sift flour, spice, and bicarbonate of soda into the bowl. Mix them gently till it’s all combined. The spice adds a lovely smell and taste to the cake.

“Delia’s carrot cake recipe is a true crowd-pleaser, thanks to its perfect balance of flavors and textures.”

Then, add carrots, orange zest, sultanas, and coconut to the mix. These make the cake moist, sweet, and give it a nice chew.

Pour the batter into two cake tins evenly. Bake for about 30 minutes. The cakes should be firm and springy when they’re done.

While cakes bake, make the icing by mixing mascarpone, cinnamon, milk (or orange juice), and sugar. This icing adds a creamy, spiced layer to the cake.

Make a syrup glaze by mixing sugar, orange juice, and lemon juice. After baking, pour the syrup over the cakes while they’re warm. This keeps them moist and adds a fruity taste.

“Delia Smith’s carrot cake is not only delicious but also visually stunning, making it the perfect centerpiece for any occasion.”

Cool the cakes in their tins. They soak up the syrup and get even tastier. Then, take them out of the tins gently.

Put one cake layer on a plate. Spread icing on it. Put the second layer of cake on top and cover with icing. The icing is a tasty blanket for the cake layers.

Add chopped toasted pecans on top for a crunch. This makes the cake look even better and tastier.

Chill the cake before serving. This sets the icing and blends the flavors. Remember, it’s best served at room temperature for the perfect eat.

Delia Smith’s carrot cake is a baking gem. It’s moist, flavorful, and just right for any event. Use her method and decorate creatively. You’ll make a dessert everyone will love with every bite.


Delia Smith’s carrot cake is a baking masterpiece. It ensures a tasty and moist dessert. The mix of carrots, orange zest, spices, and pecans makes it hard to resist. It’s perfect for birthdays, celebrations, or a simple treat.

Delia Smith gives a detailed guide for baking this cake. The steps are easy to follow. This guide helps you make a cake that everyone will love. Take your time to enjoy making something your friends and family will ask for again.

Make your next gathering special with this special carrot cake. Its rich flavors and moistness will be the talk of the event. Just gather your ingredients, turn on the oven, and start this baking adventure. You’ll end up with the perfect dessert.


What makes Delia Smith’s carrot cake recipe special?

Delia Smith’s recipe is beloved for how it blends carrots, orange zest, and spices into a perfect dessert. It makes a moist cake that’s hard to say no to.

Can the carrot cake recipe be adapted to make cupcakes?

Yes, it’s easy to turn Delia Smith’s cake into cupcakes. Just pour the batter into cupcake liners and keep an eye on them while they bake.

What are the ingredients for Delia Smith’s carrot cake?

You’ll need dark brown sugar, eggs, and sunflower oil as the base. Then add flour, spices, and the star ingredients – carrots, orange zest, and pecans.

How do I make the icing for the carrot cake?

For the icing, combine mascarpone, cinnamon, and a sweetener with your choice of liquid. Mix until it’s light and airy.

How do I make the syrup glaze for the carrot cake?

The glaze is simple – just whisk dark brown sugar, orange and lemon juice. After baking, pour it over the cakes to infuse them with sweetness.

How do I assemble and decorate the carrot cake?

After cooling, layer your cakes with icing. Then, cover it all with more icing and chill. Top with pecans just before serving.

How should I bake Delia Smith’s carrot cake?

Start by preheating your oven and roasting pecans. Mix wet and dry ingredients separately, then combine them for the batter.

Pour it into tins and bake until they’re done. This ensures a perfect, springy cake every time.

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