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Does Asda’s Coconut Cake Stand Up to the Test?

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A gluten-free diet doesn’t mean missing out on tasty treats. Asda introduces their coconut cake in the Free From range. It’s priced at just £3. This cake is an affordable, tropical delight for anyone watching their gluten intake.

This particular cake uses rice flour, which makes it light and fluffy. Due to this, it can be a bit dry for some eaters. But, there’s an easy fix for that. Simply heat it in the microwave for 15-20 seconds. This turns it into a moist, fudgy treat. Or, you can add ice cream or cream to make it more creamy and enjoyable.

The top of the cake is covered in a rich chocolate frosting. It’s so good, you won’t be able to stop eating it. Reviewers say it’s best enjoyed slowly, to truly appreciate the mix of cocoa and coconut.

At just £3, this coconut cake from Asda is a great deal. It’s not too big, so it’s perfect for those who want to watch what they eat. You can enjoy a piece without feeling guilty about the portion size.

Are you a fan of coconut cake? Maybe you’re just in the mood for something exotic and tasty. Asda’s gluten-free coconut cake is a great choice. Grab a slice and let yourself be whisked away to a tropical haven with each bite.

Nutritional Information of Asda’s Coconut Cake

Enjoying Asda’s coconut cake is great. But, knowing its nutritional values is also key. This lets you make smart food choices while relishing this slice of the tropics.

Calories and Macronutrients

A 100g slice of Asda’s coconut cake has 426 calories. Remember, serving sizes can change, so watch how much you eat.

The cake has 62.7g of carbohydrates, where 61g is net carbs. Plus, there’s 1.7g of fiber to help your stomach. You’ll get 4.4g of protein and 18g of fats, 16g being saturated. It’s perfect for a tasty indulgence.

Sugar and Sodium Content

Its sweetness comes from 47g of sugar. Enjoy it in moderation like any other sweet.

For sodium, there’s only 80mg. This makes Asda’s coconut cake a low-sodium option.

Vitamins and Cholesterol

Asda’s coconut cake is tasty but doesn’t offer much in vitamins. Eat a balanced diet for your vitamin needs.

It has no significant cholesterol amounts. So, it’s a good pick for watching your cholesterol.

This info helps you add Asda’s coconut cake wisely to your diet. Whether as a treat by itself or with a drink, it’s about balance. The calories in coconut cake and its nutrients set the stage for a tasty treat.

Asda Magazine’s Feature on Coconut Cake Asda

Asda Magazine is known for its love of all things food. It has especially focused on the sweet world of coconut cake. The magazine has shared how great Asda’s coconut cake is, sparking joy and flavor for years. In the 2023 and 2024 issues, readers can find everything about coconut cake. This includes yummy recipes, cool ways to serve it, and different flavors for the season.

Indulgent Recipes

The coconut cake feature in Asda Magazine is a treat for the eyes and taste buds. There’s a mix of recipes for every taste. You’ll find classics and new ideas like coconut and lime bundt cakes. The steps are easy to follow, so anyone can make these tasty treats at home.

Serving Suggestions and Seasonal Delights

Learn how to make your coconut cake look amazing with Asda Magazine. They offer tips for every event, from tea time to big parties. The magazine also shows how to change up your cake for different times of the year. Think passion fruit in summer or raspberry in the fall.

“Asda Magazine’s coconut cake feature not only highlights the taste and appeal of these delectable treats but also celebrates the joy of baking and sharing moments with loved ones.” – Famous baker and Asda enthusiast, Mary Berry.

Asda Magazine really dives into the coconut cake craze. It’s a must-read for anyone who loves baking or just eating! This article is full of fresh ideas for using coconut cake at your events. For more great tips, check out Asda Magazine. It’s a fun guide for all things coconut cake and beyond.

Asda Coconut Cake Feature

Conclusion: Indulge in Asda’s Coconut Cake for a Tropical Delight

Asda’s coconut cake is a slice of pure tropical paradise. Its moist, rich flavor takes you on a journey. This cake especially pleases those on a gluten-free diet. So, it’s perfect for everyone to enjoy.

This cake may look small, but it’s big on taste. Heat it in the microwave for a fudgy treat. The chocolate frosting on top makes it even more irresistible.

It’s also pocket-friendly. Asda’s coconut cake is a sweet deal for all. Whether for yourself or to wow guests, it’s a smart choice.

Ready for a taste of the tropics? Asda’s coconut cake awaits your enjoyment. It’s not just tasty; it’s budget-friendly and gluten-free. Make it your go-to dessert for an unforgettable treat.


Is Asda’s Coconut Cake gluten-free?

Yes, Asda’s Coconut Cake is gluten-free. It’s part of their Free From range.

What is the price of Asda’s Coconut Cake?

Asda’s Coconut Cake costs £3.

Is Asda’s Coconut Cake made mainly from rice flour?

Indeed, Asda’s Coconut Cake is mainly made from rice flour.

What can I do if the cake is slightly dry?

To moisten the cake, try microwaving it. Or, enjoy it with ice cream or cream.

How does the chocolate frosting on top of Asda’s Coconut Cake taste?

Fans say the chocolate frosting is delicious and makes the cake even better.

How can I achieve a fudgy consistency for Asda’s Coconut Cake?

To get a fudgy texture, microwave Asda’s Coconut Cake for 15-20 seconds, as some reviewers suggest.

How many calories are in a serving of Asda’s Coconut Cake?

A 100g serving of Asda’s Coconut Cake has 426 calories.

How many carbohydrates are in Asda’s Coconut Cake?

It contains a total of 62.7g of carbohydrates. Of these, 61g comes from net carbs.

How much fiber does Asda’s Coconut Cake contain?

Asda’s Coconut Cake includes 1.7g of fiber.

How much sugar does Asda’s Coconut Cake have?

It has 47g of sugar.

How much protein does Asda’s Coconut Cake contain?

Asda’s Coconut Cake holds 4.4g of protein.

How much fat does Asda’s Coconut Cake have?

It contains 18g of fat.

How much saturated fat does Asda’s Coconut Cake contain?

Asda’s Coconut Cake has 16g of saturated fat.

Does Asda’s Coconut Cake contain any significant amounts of vitamins or cholesterol?

No, Asda’s Coconut Cake is not a source of vitamins or cholesterol.

Does Asda Magazine feature Coconut Cake?

Yes, Asda Magazine has featured Coconut Cake in their issues from 2023 and 2024.

What can I find in Asda Magazine’s feature on Coconut Cake?

The article shows Coconut Cake recipes, how to serve it, and seasonal ideas.

What can Asda Magazine provide related to Coconut Cake?

Asda Magazine shares ways to use Coconut Cake at different events and times of celebration.

How would you recommend Asda’s Coconut Cake?

Asda’s Coconut Cake is perfect for anyone who loves coconut cake. It’s tasty and not too expensive.

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