Jane's Patisserie Vanilla Cake

Explore Jane’s Patisserie’s Famous Vanilla Cake Recipe

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Welcome to Jane’s Patisserie, the place where baking dreams shine. Today, we’re excited for you to dive into our famous Vanilla Cake. This recipe is both classic and adored for its simple yet delicious flavor.

Our Vanilla Cake is known for its light, airy feel that makes every bite a delight. It’s made using butter, sugar, eggs, flour, and a hint of vanilla extract. These simple ingredients ensure a treat that’s a favorite for all bakers.

At Jane’s, we stress the importance of precise measurement for perfect cakes. We suggest the egg weighing method to get your cake just right each time. This approach helps you bake a cake that’s not only beautiful but also tastes amazing.

Making this cake is easy and fills your home with a sweet vanilla scent. Just mix everything, pour into a tin, and bake. When it’s done, top it with our water icing for added sweetness. A few colorful sprinkles make it both beautiful and delicious.

Wait for the icing to set before diving in. The flavors blend better, making it taste even more amazing. This cake lasts well for 3-4 days at room temp. Or, freeze it for a treat later on. Our tips will keep your cake fresh, making it perfect for any craving.

So, put on your apron and start baking. Try Jane’s Vanilla Cake for a tasty adventure. It’s a classic dessert that everyone loves, returning joy with every bite!

Celebrate Jane’s Patisserie’s 7th Birthday with a Vanilla Cake

Jane’s Patisserie marked seven years with a special vanilla cake. It was both delicious and looked amazing. This cake stood out for its taste and appearance.

A Decadent Vanilla Cake

At its heart was a 6″ vanilla cake that was moist and tasty. This cake’s base was made from Jane’s special recipe. It was just the right size for small celebrations or personal delights.

Delicious Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

It had a layer of smooth, homemade vanilla buttercream. This frosting was made with care, using the best butter and ingredients. It made the cake a joy to eat and to see.

Exquisite Decoration

The cake was decorated beautifully. It had a buttercream smudge effect and a golden drip. Buttercream designs on top and pearl sprinkles added elegance.

Jane offers detailed decorating guides on her blog. There, you’ll find baking and decorating tips. This helps your cake be both beautiful and delicious.

For a special touch, you can add gold paint. It makes the cake look more glamorous. This step can really make your cake stand out.

Now you know about this amazing vanilla cake. It’s time to bake and decorate. With Jane’s recipe, you can make someone’s day unforgettable.


Jane’s Patisserie is famous for its cakes and recipes. In 7 years, it has become hugely popular. Jane’s love for baking has made it a hit.

Jane’s unique cake decorations stand out. Techniques like buttercream smudging and gold dripping make her cakes look like art. They inspire everyone who loves baking.

The baking community is key to Jane’s Patisserie’s growth. It has a lot of fans and loyal readers. This community makes baking fun and full of support and ideas.

Now, at 7 years old, Jane’s Patisserie shows her baking talent and hard work. Her blog and social media inspire people to bake with love and creativity.


What is Jane’s Patisserie’s famous vanilla cake recipe?

Jane’s Patisserie’s vanilla cake is a beloved recipe. It’s a yummy vanilla sponge cake. It’s covered with water icing and colorful sprinkles.

What ingredients are needed to make the vanilla cake?

You’ll need butter, sugar, eggs, flour, and vanilla extract for the cake.

How can I ensure the perfect ratio of ingredients?

Jane suggests weighing the eggs in their shells. This helps get the right balance of ingredients.

Why is mixing the ingredients properly important?

Mixing well is crucial for a great cake. It ensures everything bakes just right.

What is the recommended baking tin for the cake?

Use a traybake tin for this cake.

How should I decorate the cake?

Make icing with sugar and water for the cake. Pour it over evenly. Add some sprinkles on top once the icing is on.

Should I wait for the icing to set before serving the cake?

Waiting for the icing to set is best before you serve the cake.

How long can the cake last?

Keep the cake at room temp for 3-4 days. You can also freeze it for over 3 months.

What is special about Jane’s Patisserie’s 7th birthday cake?

For the 7th birthday cake, Jane made a 6″ vanilla cake. It’s covered with a tasty vanilla buttercream. The cake has a cool buttercream smudge, a gold drip, and pretty pearl sprinkles.

How can I achieve the desired cake decoration?

Jane’s got clear steps for making the cake look just right, including using gold paint.

Where can I find tips and tricks for baking and decorating cakes?

Check the blog post for tips on making and decorating cakes. It’ll help you make a great cake at home.

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