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Fun Holiday Crafting with Brownie Pinecones

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Get into the holiday spirit with brownie pinecones. They’re a tasty and fun project for celebrations. Mix brownie batter with sliced almonds and chocolate. They look cute and you can eat them! Heat up your oven and let’s start this delicious craft.

How to Make White Chocolate Covered Brownie Pinecones

Making white chocolate covered brownie pinecones is both charming and easy. It brings an extra bit of style to your festivities. Here’s a simple guide to make these tasty treats:

  1. Prepare the brownie mixture: Start by preheating your oven as directed. Then, make your preferred brownie mix following the box instructions. Bake the brownies and let them cool well.
  2. Make the moldable mixture: After the brownies are cool, crumble them in a bowl. Melt the butter in another bowl and pour it over the crumbs. Mix well until you can shape it.
  3. Shape the pinecones: Take small portions of your mixture and form oval shapes. They should be about 2-3 inches long. Keep shaping until you’ve used all the mixture.
  4. Decorate: Now, to look like pinecone scales, press sliced almonds onto the brownie pinecones. Place them as if they were a real pinecone.
  5. Dip in white chocolate: Next, in a microwavable bowl, melt the white chocolate. Coat each pinecone in the melted chocolate. This adds elegance and flavor.
  6. Add the finishing touch: Finally, dust the pinecones with powdered sugar or coconut flakes. It makes them look like they’re covered in snow and adds to the taste.

With these steps done, let the white chocolate harden on the pinecones. Then, they are ready to enjoy or gift to loved ones.

This guide turns simple brownies into mouthwatering and festive pinecones. They’re great for parties or as a special gift. These treats offer a mix of decadent chocolate, crisp almonds, and creamy white chocolate. Expect a delightful taste! Enjoy!

Tips and Variations for Perfect Brownie Pinecones

Here are tips and ways to change up your brownie pinecones. They’ll help you make these treats just right every time.

Tips for the Ideal Brownie Consistency

Make your brownie mix wet enough to shape easily. It should feel like cookie dough. This way, you can mold it into pinecone shapes with no trouble.

Enhancing the Realism: Almond Placement

When adding almond slices, put them in at an angle. This makes your brownie pinecones look more like real pinecones. It’s a simple way to make them eye-catching.

Perfecting the Chocolate Coating

If your chocolate is too thick, mix in a bit more coconut oil. This makes the coating smoother. You’ll get a nice, even, chocolatey finish on your pinecones.

Get Creative with Variations

Though they’re typically white, try different chocolates for fun flavors. Use dark chocolate or milk chocolate. People will love the new tastes.

Tip Variation
Moist Brownie Mix Dark chocolate coating
Angled Almond Placement Milk chocolate coating
Thin Chocolate Coating White chocolate coating with a sprinkle of colored sugar
Marbled chocolate coating using a combination of dark and white chocolate

By using these tips and getting creative, you can make amazing brownie pinecones. Stick with white chocolate or try something new. Either way, your treats will be memorable.

Variety of brownie pinecones


Making brownie pinecones isn’t just baking; it’s crafting an experience. They add joy and fun to any holiday get-together. They are perfect for expert bakers or those starting out, bringing the festive mood easily.

These treats look like pinecones and taste amazing. Made with brownie mix, sliced almonds, and chocolate, they are treats for all. They will definitely make your loved ones smile.

So, get your ingredients ready and start baking. Let your creativity shine as you make and decorate these special brownies. They will be the highlight of your celebrations, bringing sweetness and beauty to the table. Make these brownie pinecones and enjoy a memorable holiday season.


Can I use a different type of chocolate for coating the brownie pinecones?

Yes, try out dark or milk chocolate for unique taste twists. Experimenting is welcome.

How do I ensure the brownie mixture is moist enough to be easily molded?

Ensure your brownie mix’s moisture by using the box’s instructions. Add the right amount of liquid.

How should I angle the almond slices when pressing them into the brownie mixture?

Press almond slices into the brownie mix with a slight upward angle. It makes them look like real pinecones.

What can I do if the melted chocolate for coating the brownie pinecones is too thick?

If the melted chocolate thickens, mix in more coconut oil. This thins it out for a smoother coat.

Can I get creative and try different decorations for my brownie pinecones?

Sure thing! Get wild with toppings like powdered sugar or coconut flakes. Add edible glitter too for a fun look.

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