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Mary Berry’s Apple and Blackberry Cake: A Seasonal Delight

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Welcome to a world of seasonal flavors and delightful desserts. Let’s dive into Mary Berry’s Apple and Blackberry Cake. This dish is a perfect taste of autumn, mixing juicy apples and blackberries. It’s a treat for your taste buds, with a mix of sweetness and warmth in every slice.

Mary Berry, a famous British baker and TV star, created this easy but amazing recipe. It blends fresh, seasonal fruits with a moist cake mix. Rolled oats, hazelnuts, and demerara sugar give it a nice crunchy twist. Each slice promises a new culinary journey.

This cake is great warm with cream or creme fraiche. Or enjoy it with your morning coffee. It always hits the spot, thanks to its delicious taste and flexibility. It’s a must-try dessert for any fall gathering.

Get ready for a treat that combines fresh fruits with a cake that’s rich and soft. We’ll share the recipe, how to serve it, and tips for better baking. Plus, you can add your own twist to Mary Berry’s Apple and Blackberry Cake. Let’s explore these amazing flavors together!

A Simple and Easy Recipe

Looking for an easy recipe with seasonal fruits? Try Mary Berry’s Apple and Blackberry Cake. It’s a classic recipe offering simple steps and great taste. Many have loved it over the years.

To make this cake, you’ll use common ingredients like flour, baking powder, sugar, and eggs. Also, get almond extract and melted butter. The special items are the fresh blackberries and apples. This recipe can even use apples that might not look their best, so no fruit goes unused.

Just mix the dry and wet ingredients to make the batter. Then, top it with apples and blackberries before baking. This cake comes out moist and full of flavor, thanks to the fruit mixing in.

How to enjoy this cake? It’s great warm with ice cream or coffee in the morning. You can also have it after a meal. Its many uses make it perfect for any event.

Mary Berry’s Apple and Blackberry Cake is a great way to celebrate the seasons. It suits both new and expert bakers. Try this recipe to capture the taste of the autumn in a dessert iconic for its simplicity.

Ingredients Quantity
Flour 250g
Baking powder 2 tsp
Sugar 175g
Eggs 2
Almond extract 1 tsp
Melted butter 75g
Green apples, thinly sliced 2
Frozen blackberries 150g

Serving Suggestions and Tips

When serving Mary Berry’s Apple and Blackberry Cake, serving suggestions and tips can make it better. You can enjoy it as a dessert. Or, try it with your morning coffee. These ideas will wow your guests.

Serving Suggestions

Here are some serving suggestions to enhance the experience:

  • Serve the cake warm. Add creamy vanilla ice cream or tangy crème fraîche. The mix of warm and cold is heavenly.
  • Eat it with your coffee in the morning. Its sweetness and moistness beat a regular pastry.


Here are tips to enjoy your Mary Berry’s Apple and Blackberry Cake:

  1. Add a bit of icing sugar on top. It adds elegance and festivity.
  2. Prepare it before your gathering, then heat it up. Your guests will love its fresh, warm smell.
  3. Making it early? Cool it overnight in the fridge. It gets even tastier.
  4. Got leftovers? Freeze them for up to three months. Just thaw them in the fridge for later.

Trying different flavors? Here are some variations you might enjoy:

Walnuts can give your cake a nice crunch. They blend well with the fruits’ flavors too.

Change the blackberries to raspberries or blueberries. They will enhance the cake’s taste with their unique sweetness and tang.

Serving Suggestions and Tips

There are many ways to enjoy Mary Berry’s Apple and Blackberry Cake. These tips and serving ideas can mix things up. They are perfect for dessert or with your morning brew. Your guests will be thrilled.


Mary Berry’s Apple and Blackberry Cake is a top choice for fall. It mixes fresh blackberries, green apples, and cake. This makes a tasty dessert anyone can enjoy making.

This cake is great for any time. It’s perfect with ice cream for dessert or with coffee in the morning. Either way, it tastes amazing. It’s loved by everyone.

Don’t miss out on this fall flavor. Mary Berry’s cake is perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re with friends or by yourself, it’s a hit. Taste autumn with every slice today.


How long does it take to make Mary Berry’s Apple and Blackberry Cake?

This recipe is simple and quick. It takes about 20 minutes to prepare. The baking time is around 45 minutes.

Can I use different fruits in this recipe?

You sure can. This recipe uses blackberries and green apples. But, you can change them. Try raspberries or blueberries, or mix a few together.

Can I make Mary Berry’s Apple and Blackberry Cake ahead of time?

Yes, it’s great for preparing early. You can make it a day before and chill it. Or freeze for up to three months. This makes it easy for special events.

How should I serve Mary Berry’s Apple and Blackberry Cake?

Serve this cake warm. It’s perfect with ice cream or crème fraîche. You can also enjoy it in the morning with coffee. Icing sugar makes it look fancy.

Are there any variations I can try with this recipe?

Of course! Add walnuts for a crunchy twist. You can also use different fruits like raspberries or blueberries for variety.

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