Pret Banana Cake

Pret A Manger Banana Cake: A Review and Recipe

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Pret A Manger is known for their tasty foods. They recently added a new item for banana fans – the Pret Banana Cake. It’s a light, moist cake that’s packed with banana flavor. It’s a must-try for anyone who loves banana treats or wants a new cake recipe.

This cake is special because it uses whole grain flour. It’s sweetened with honey or maple syrup, making it a healthy choice. Plus, the cream cheese frosting on top is homemade and very tasty.

The cool thing is, anyone can make this cake at home. The recipe is easy to follow, and you can get the ingredients from any store. You can make it as a simple cake, or get creative with layers or cupcakes.

Here’s the best part – the Pret Banana Cake is loved by many. It’s perfect for enjoying alone or with others. Whenever you’re in the mood for a yummy and moist dessert, this cake won’t disappoint.

The Best Banana Cake Recipe

The Pret Banana Cake recipe is a real crowd pleaser. It uses healthy ingredients like coconut oil or other high-quality oils, and sweetens with honey or maple syrup. Mashed ripe bananas give it a deep, flavorful banana taste. A mix of flours makes it light and delightful.

You can add in extras like chopped walnuts or chocolate chips if you like. This adds some crunch or extra indulgence. The topping is a dreamy cream cheese frosting. It’s fluffy and rich, making every bite better.

Making this cake is a breeze. The steps are clear and simple to follow for anyone. Whether you bake a lot or a little, you’ll find joy in making this banana cake at home.

Pret A Manger’s New Menu Additions

Pret A Manger has exciting new flavors and vegan-friendly options. Besides the popular banana cake, they now offer a range of tasty choices. These suit various diets, from vegan to those trying Veganuary.

Among the new items is the sticky Mushroom Banh Mi, a mix of amazing tastes. The Butternut Masala soup is also new, blending fragrant spices with creamy squash.

For a hearty salad, try the Petite Chicken & Bacon Cobb or the Petite Tricolore. They’re both light and tasty. The Big Apple Bowl with yogurt and apple is a sweet and tangy option.

Pret knows people love variety. They’ve brought back the VLT sandwich and the Slims baguettes and sandwiches. These old favorites are just as good, pleasing their loyal customers.

Whether you want something vegan or a classic dish, Pret A Manger has you covered. Their wide range of flavors and textures makes choosing tough. Visit your local Pret A Manger to find your new favorite.


Can I make the Pret Banana Cake without honey or maple syrup?

Yes, you can use agave or date syrup instead. They’re other good options for natural sweetness.

Can I make the Pret Banana Cake without cream cheese frosting?

Sure thing! It’s delicious on its own. Or, make it special with chocolate ganache or a light sugar glaze.

Can I freeze the Pret Banana Cake?

You can freeze it for up to 3 months. Just wrap it well in plastic or use an airtight container. Then, pop it in the freezer.

Are the new menu items at Pret A Manger available in all locations?

Pret tries to have the same food everywhere. But, some foods might only be in some stores. This depends on the store and special offers.

Are any of the new menu items at Pret A Manger suitable for vegans?

Yes, they have vegan options. Look for the sticky Mushroom Banh Mi, Butternut Masala soup, and Petite Tricolore Salad.

Are the returning favorites at Pret A Manger permanent additions to the menu?

These returning foods might stay depending on what customers like. For the latest news, check with your local Pret A Manger.

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