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Sweet Starts: Exploring the Saturday Morning Ice Cream Shop Menu in Dallas

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Finding a great Saturday morning ice cream shop menu in Dallas is easy. There are many choices, from homemade gelato at local spots to various flavors at big chains. Let’s explore some of the best ice cream shops in the city.

Locally Owned Delights: Bazaria and Casa Del Bro

Finding the best ice cream shops in Dallas means looking at local places first. Bazaria and Casa Del Bro are two local favorites. They both offer a great variety of cool sweet treats. Anyone who loves ice cream will find something to enjoy here.

Bazaria: A Cold Dessert Paradise

Bazaria is proud to offer a big selection of cold treats. They have everything from frozen yogurt to milkshakes, and even homemade gelato. When you walk in, you’re greeted by a cozy atmosphere and a lot of great options to choose from.

“Bazaria is the go-to place for ice cream lovers in Dallas. Their diverse menu of cold desserts ensures that there’s always something new and exciting to try.”

Their chocolate mousse frozen yogurt is a fan favorite. It’s creamy, rich chocolate with fresh shavings on top. People love the mix of flavors and textures.

Casa Del Bro: Where Savory Meets Sweet

At Casa Del Bro, they’re known for their savory food but don’t forget about their ice cream. They’ve combined savory taste with sweet treats. This makes the place stand out among the ice cream shops in Dallas.

Try their cookie butter ice cream for something special. It’s a creamy dream with the taste of cookie butter. People can’t get enough of it.

For another tasty pick, go for the strawberry cheesecake ice cream. This creamy treat mixes ripe strawberries with cheesecake. It’s a favorite for many, and you might just love it too.

Ice Cream Shop Must-Try Flavor
Bazaria Chocolate Mousse Frozen Yogurt
Casa Del Bro Cookie Butter Ice Cream
Casa Del Bro Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Unique Creations: Fat Duck and Handel’s

In Dallas, you’ll find two must-visit spots for fabulous ice cream: Fat Duck and Handel’s. These places are loved for their unique and delicious flavors. Ice cream lovers will surely enjoy their wide selection.

Fat Duck: A Custard-Style Delight

Fat Duck is a favorite in Dallas, thanks to its custard-style, small-batch ice cream. This ice cream is known for its rich and creamy texture. Your taste buds will be amazed by the different flavors.

They have everything from the indulgent Ooey Gooey to the not-so-simple Milk and Cookies. Each flavor is crafted with great attention to detail.

Handel’s: A Rotating Flavor Adventure

Originating from Ohio, Handel’s has made its mark in Dallas with over 120 flavors. They make their ice cream with fresh ingredients right in the store. This makes their ice cream irresistible to anyone.

Whether you love classic tastes or new surprises, Handel’s has something for you. With choices like Oreo Cheesecake and Key Lime Pie, you’ll always find a flavor adventure at Handel’s.

If you’re in Dallas and love ice cream, make sure to visit Fat Duck and Handel’s. Enjoy the extraordinary flavors at Fat Duck and discover new favorites at Handel’s. These places are known for their quality and creativity, making them perfect for your ice cream cravings.

Fat Duck and Handel's Ice Cream Shops in Dallas

Ice Cream Shop Location Specialty
Fat Duck Dallas Custard-style ice cream
Handel’s Dallas 120+ rotating flavors

Sweet Endings: Melt Ice Creams and Parlor’s

Looking for a sweet ending to your Saturday? Head to Dallas’s Melt Ice Creams or Parlor’s. These top ice cream spots serve up tasty treats that you’ll love.

Melt Ice Creams started in Fort Worth and now shines in Dallas’s Bishop Arts District. Their ice cream is rich, thanks to a lot of butterfat. It’s known for its seasonal flavors that always bring something new.

Parlor’s offers a trip back to simpler times with their ice cream. Flavors like milk and cookies remind us of childhood joys. They make their treats with local, homemade ingredients for the best taste.

If you visit Melt Ice Creams or Parlor’s, you’re in for a treat. These spots are famous for their top-quality ice cream with unique charm. You’ll surely want to return for more sweetness.


Are these ice cream shops only open on Saturday mornings?

No, they’re open all week, including Saturday mornings, so you can enjoy ice cream whenever you want.

Can I find vegan or dairy-free options at these ice cream shops?

Yes, you can. Several of the shops have options for those who are vegan or need dairy-free treats. This includes frozen yogurt and gelato made with plant-based milk.

Do these shops offer takeout or delivery options?

Yes, most shops offer takeout. Some also do deliveries to make things easier for you.

Are these ice cream shops family-friendly?

Absolutely! These shops are perfect for the whole family to enjoy a tasty treat together.

Can these ice cream shops accommodate dietary restrictions or allergies?

Many shops can help with various dietary restrictions and allergies. Always talk to the staff about your specific needs, though.

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