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Crunchy and Sweet: Brownies with Maltesers Recipe

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Dive into a mix of chewy chocolate and crispy goodness with our Maltesers brownies recipe. These treats are a joy, blending smooth chocolate with the satisfying crunch from Malteser buttons and spread. They’re perfect for anyone who loves desserts. Simply follow the steps below to whip up a batch of Malteser brownies. They’re sure to please your chocolate desire.

The Best Ever Malteser Brownies Recipe

For anyone who loves chocolate, you have to try this. It’s the best-ever Malteser brownies recipe. They blend rich chocolate with a satisfying crunch, making them irresistible.


  • Dark or milk chocolate
  • Unsalted butter
  • Malted milk powder
  • Plain flour
  • Cocoa powder
  • Salt
  • Eggs
  • Caster sugar
  • Vanilla extract
  • Malteser buttons
  • Malteser spread

To bake these delights, begin by melting together the chocolate and butter. In a bowl, blend malted milk powder, flour, cocoa, and salt. In a separate bowl, beat eggs, sugar, and vanilla extract.

“The combination of velvety chocolate and the irresistible crunch of Malteser buttons makes these brownies truly exceptional.” – [Author]

Mix the melted ingredients with the dry mix. Then, add the egg mixture. Mix well, and fold in the Malteser buttons. Place in your baking tin.

Now for the star – the Malteser spread. Add spoonfuls on the brownie batter. Spread and swirl it for a marbled look.


  1. Preheat your oven to [temperature].
  2. Melt the chocolate and butter together in a heatproof bowl over simmering water.
  3. Mix malted milk powder, flour, cocoa, and salt in a bowl.
  4. Whisk together eggs, sugar, and vanilla extract in another bowl.
  5. Add the melted mix to the dry ingredients and stir well.
  6. Also, mix in the egg mix until glossy.
  7. Finally, stir in the Malteser buttons.
  8. Pour the batter in the baking tin.
  9. Drop spoonfuls of Malteser spread on top.
  10. Swirl the spread into the batter with a knife or the spoon’s back.
  11. Bake until a skewer comes out mostly clean.
  12. Cut into squares after they cool completely.

Decorate cooled brownies with more Malteser buttons for extra crunch and flavor.

Enjoy these incredible Malteser brownies. They’re a blend of chocolate, malt, and crunch that will leave you wanting more.

Why These Malteser Brownies Stand Out

These Malteser brownies are special because they are very rich and fudgy. They are made with a lot of chocolate and butter, making them taste really decadent. Adding malted milk powder to the mix gives them a unique malt flavor.

What really makes them stand out are the ways you can decorate them. You can put more Malteser spread on top and add Maltesers for a cool look and crunch. They’re perfect for any time and will wow everyone you share them with.

Rich and Fudgy Texture

These brownies are known for their rich, fudgy texture. They’re made with top-notch chocolate and butter which makes them dense and indulgent. They practically melt in your mouth and are super sweet.

Malt Flavor

The malted milk powder brings these brownies to another level. It gives them a barely noticeable but great malt flavor. This makes the brownies not just rich but also sweet in a special way.

Decoration Options

When decorating these brownies, you can do a lot. Spreading some Malteser spread on top adds a creamy, rich taste. Adding a bunch of Maltesers makes them look and taste even better. It’s a fun way to play with different textures and flavors.

If you want something fudgy and chocolatey, these brownies are a great option. They have an amazing texture, a lovely malt flavor, and lots of ways to decorate. Making these brownies is a great way to enjoy chocolate and impress your friends.


Brownies with Maltesers offer a tasty treat. They mix the richness of chocolate with the fun crunch of Malteser buttons and spread. They’re perfect for anyone who loves a mix of gooey and crunchy desserts.

Making these brownies is simple. You can whip up the best batch you’ve ever had. Even if you love either brownies or Maltesers, these treats will delight you.

So, go ahead and enjoy these indulgent brownies. They bring together rich chocolate and a satisfying crunch. Don’t wait to try this recipe for a special dessert moment.


Can I use white chocolate instead of dark or milk chocolate in the brownies?

Yes, you can. White chocolate brings a different taste to the brownies.

Can I substitute the unsalted butter with margarine?

You can use margarine instead of unsalted butter. Just know it may change how the brownies taste and feel.

How long do I need to bake the brownies?

Baking takes about 25-30 minutes. Ovens vary, so use a toothpick test. If it comes out with a few moist crumbs, they’re done.

Can I freeze the brownies?

Yes, freezing is fine for up to 3 months. Wrap them well in foil or use an airtight container.

Can I use a different type of spread instead of Malteser spread?

Indeed, you can. Any chocolate spread or peanut butter works too.

Can I add nuts to the brownies?

Yes, you can. Add chopped nuts for more crunch and taste. Walnuts or pecans are great choices.

Can I double the recipe to make more brownies?

Sure thing. You can make a bigger batch by doubling the recipe. Remember to adjust the baking time.

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