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Malteser Brownie Recipe: A Malty Chocolate Treat

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Enjoy chocolate and malt in every bite with our Malteser Brownie recipe. These brownies are perfect for anyone who loves chocolate. They have a great mix of sweetness and a little crunch.

Our ingredients include the best: unsalted butter, dark chocolate, eggs, and more. The special touch is adding Maltesers, those yummy malted chocolate balls.

We also use Malteser spread, melted chocolate, and other Malteser treats. This makes a tasty, unforgettable dessert.

Making these brownies is easy, even for beginners. Just follow our simple steps. Your Malteser Brownies will bake in 25-30 minutes, turning out perfect.

As they bake, your kitchen will smell amazing. Eat them warm with ice cream for the best taste. The mix of warm and cold is heavenly.

Don’t miss out on this sweet treat. Our Malteser Brownie recipe is perfect for adding joy to your day. You’ll love every delicious bite.

How to Make Malteser Brownies

To start, you’ll need to follow these simple steps for some tasty Malteser Brownies:

  1. Preheat the oven to 180C/160C Fan.
  2. Line a 9x9inch square baking tray with parchment paper.
  3. Melt butter and dark chocolate together in a heatproof bowl over simmering water.
  4. Whisk eggs and caster sugar in a different bowl until they are pale and doubled.
  5. Combine the melted chocolate mixture with the egg mix.
  6. Add cocoa powder, malt powder, and flour. Gently mix until just combined. Don’t overmix.
  7. Now, fold in the milk chocolate chunks to the batter.
  8. Then, pour this mix into the tray and smooth the top.
  9. Put dollops of Malteser spread on top. Swirl them slightly with a knife.
  10. Bake for 25-30 minutes until the edges are set, but the center is still gooey.
  11. Let the brownies cool completely in the tray.
  12. Once cooled, drizzle melted chocolate over the brownies.
  13. Finally, decorate with mini Malteser bunnies and crushed Maltesers for fun and texture.

Tips for Perfect Malteser Brownies

For the best Malteser Brownies, remember these key tips:

  • Check brownies for doneness with a skewer. It should come out mostly clean with some moist crumbs.
  • Cover brownies with foil if they need more time but are browning too much.
  • Try different malted milk powders, like Horlicks or Ovaltine, for special flavors.
  • Add crushed Maltesers on top before baking for extra crunch.
  • Keep brownies in an airtight container for freshness up to one week.

Tips for Perfect Malteser Brownies

To get the best texture for your Malteser brownies, learn these expert tips. They will help you make delicious brownies with a moist center and a crunchy shell.

Don’t overbake:

To keep your brownies moist, don’t bake them for too long. A dry texture comes from overbaking. Check their doneness by sticking a skewer in the middle. It should mostly come out clean, with a little batter sticking. This means your brownies will be soft and gooey inside.

Prevent browning:

When your brownies need more time but are browning too much, cover them with foil. This stops the top from burning while still allowing the inside to cook. Make sure to watch them and take off the foil when they’re done baking to avoid overcooking.

Variations for Added Delight

Trying out new recipes can turn your Malteser brownies into something extraordinary. Here are two suggestions:

  1. Try different malted milk powders: Use Horlicks or Ovaltine to get various malt flavors. Each powder brings a unique taste, amplifying your brownies’ malty richness.

  2. Add crushed Maltesers for extra crunch: Sprinkle crushed Maltesers on top of the batter before putting it in the oven. This adds crispy bits to your brownies, making them even more enjoyable.

Keep your Malteser brownies in an airtight container to preserve their freshness for a week. And every time you enjoy one, take a moment to relish its decadent flavor!

Tips for Perfect Malteser Brownies:
Don’t overbake Prevent browning
Experiment with different malted milk powders Add crushed Maltesers for extra crunch

tips for perfect Malteser brownies


Malteser Brownies are a special dessert that’s hard to resist. They mix rich chocolate with a malt flavor and the fun crunch of Maltesers. This makes for a delightful taste. They’re perfect for anyone who loves chocolate, alone or with ice cream.

Thanks to the simple recipe and handy advice, you can make amazing Malteser Brownies. This means even if you’re new to baking, you can enjoy making these. The recipe is designed for everyone to succeed.

Go ahead and make these brownies. Indulge in the amazing mix of chocolate and malt. Enjoy their fudgy texture with crunchy Maltesers. You’re sure to love the end result!


Can I use different brands of chocolate for this Malteser Brownie recipe?

Yes, you can pick different brands of chocolate for these brownies. Choose high-quality ones meant for baking. They may taste a bit different, but they’ll still be tasty.

Can I make these Malteser Brownies gluten-free?

Yes, these brownies can go gluten-free. Just swap the plain flour with a gluten-free option. Also, ensure all the other ingredients are gluten-free too.

Can I freeze the Malteser Brownies?

Freezing these brownies is totally fine. First, let them cool all the way. Then, wrap them well before putting in the freezer. They’ll last for three months. To eat, let them thaw at room temperature.

Can I omit the Malteser spread from the recipe?

Skipping the Malteser spread is okay. You can make the brownies without it. But, if you use it, they’ll be even more special.

Can I use different toppings for the Malteser Brownies?

Getting creative with toppings is encouraged for these brownies. Try swapping the usual toppings for chocolate candies, nuts, or caramel sauce.

How long do the Malteser Brownies stay fresh?

Kept in an airtight container at room temperature, they’ll be good for a week. But, after that, they might not be as fresh.

Can I add extra ingredients to the Malteser Brownie batter?

Adding extra goodies to the batter is fine. Think about nuts, fruit, or white chocolate chips. Just don’t go overboard, so the flavors stay balanced.

How can I achieve the perfect texture for the Malteser Brownies?

The secret to great brownies is not to overbake. Use the skewer test; it should be mostly clean. Cover with foil if they need more time but look too brown.

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