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Easy Recipe for Chocolate Chip Fairy Cakes

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Feel like making a snack that’s both easy and yummy? This easy recipe for chocolate chip fairy cakes is perfect. It’s great for when you want to bake for fun or for a party. Everyone will love these little cakes.

You only need a few things like margarine, caster sugar, and chocolate chips. These ingredients make a great cake. It’s easy to do, so it’s perfect for new or experienced bakers.

First, heat your oven. Then mix the margarine and sugar until they look nice and smooth. Add eggs and vanilla to make the batter smell lovely.

In another bowl, mix flour and baking powder. Add this slowly to the wet mix and your batter is ready. It should be light and fluffy.

Now, fold in the chocolate chips. Make sure they’re spread out in the batter. Then pour the mix into cupcake cases.

Put the cakes in the oven and wait for the magic. Your home will smell amazing as they bake. When they’re golden and springy, they’re done.

Let the cakes cool on a rack. Then, decorate them if you like. They’re perfect for any party or just for a treat.

So, try making these chocolate chip fairy cakes. They’re fun to make and taste great. They’ll make you and your friends happy. Enjoy your baking!

Ingredients and Method for Chocolate Chip Fairy Cakes

To start, gather the ingredients for chocolate chip fairy cakes:

  • Margarine
  • Caster sugar
  • Self-raising flour
  • Eggs
  • Vanilla extract
  • Baking powder
  • Chocolate chips

Now, let’s follow the steps to make them:

  1. First, preheat your oven to the right temperature.
  2. Next, grease your baking tin well to prevent sticking.
  3. Then, in a bowl, cream the margarine and sugar until light and fluffy.
  4. Beat in the eggs and vanilla with this mixture well.
  5. After that, sift in the flour and baking powder gradually.
  6. Also, fold in the chocolate chips evenly throughout.
  7. Now, spoon the mix into the cupcake cases, filling each most of the way.
  8. Finally, bake until they’re golden and a toothpick comes out clean when inserted.

Your chocolate chip fairy cakes are now done. They’re perfect for any event. Try topping them with sprinkles or fresh fruit to add your unique touch.

Tips and Variations for Chocolate Chip Fairy Cakes

Want your chocolate chip fairy cakes to be the best they can be? Here are some tips and variations. Use these to make your baking extra special.


When baking, lightly press the center of a cake. If it springs back, it’s done perfectly. This will make your cakes soft and fluffy every time.


Want to make your cakes unique? Try different toppings. You can use colorful sprinkles for fun, or fresh fruit for sweetness. The choice is yours, and it adds a special touch to any occasion.

Love chocolate? Make your cakes extra chocolatey by adding cocoa powder. This sweet and rich twist is perfect for chocolate fans.

If you adore chocolate chips, feel free to add more or less. You can customize the recipe to suit your taste.

When your cakes are baked beautifully, add extra flair. A glaze icing and colorful toppings will make them stand out. These cakes will be a hit at any gathering.


What are the main ingredients for making chocolate chip fairy cakes?

To make chocolate chip fairy cakes, you’ll need margarine, caster sugar, and more. Don’t forget the self-raising flour, eggs, and vanilla extract. Plus, baking powder and chocolate chips are key.

How do I make chocolate chip fairy cakes?

Start by preheating your oven. Then, cream the margarine and sugar together. Add eggs and vanilla extract. Mix in flour and baking powder. Lastly, fold in the chocolate chips.

Pour the batter into cupcake cases. Bake until they’re golden and springy to the touch.

Can I customize my chocolate chip fairy cakes?

You can totally personalize your fairy cakes. Try different toppings like sprinkles or cut fruit. Mix up the chocolate chip amount, or add cocoa for a richer taste.

If you want them sweeter, top with glaze icing and more sprinkles. So, yes, make them your own with fun touches!

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