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How to Make Hummingbird’s Signature Chocolate Brownie

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Make Hummingbird’s famous chocolate brownies at home. These fudge brownies are full of chocolate and perfect for anyone who loves sweets. You can make these decadent treats in your kitchen.

They are made with milk chocolate and cocoa powder for a moist, dense texture. The top is sprinkled with sugar, making it sweet and crispy.

For these brownies, get top-notch ingredients. You’ll need chocolate with 30 to 40% cacao, cocoa powder, brown sugar, and chocolate chips. This makes sure every brownie has a deep chocolate taste and is smooth.

Preparing these brownies is easy. First, heat your oven to 350°F and prep your baking dish. Then, mix melted chocolate, eggs, flour, and cocoa for a rich batter.

Why buy brownies when you can make your own? This recipe for fudge brownies gives you a tasty treat. Make Hummingbird’s brownie recipe and enjoy the rich, chocolaty taste.

The Key Ingredients for Hummingbird’s Chocolate Brownie Recipe

To make Hummingbird’s signature chocolate brownie recipe, pick a good chocolate bar. It should have a cacao amount of 30 to 40%. This gives the brownies a great chocolate taste. Melt the chocolate by chopping it into small bits and using a double boiler.

Cocoa powder is a must-have for these brownies. It makes the chocolate taste stand out. Use unsweetened cocoa powder for the best flavor.

Adding brown sugar makes the brownies sweet and moist. It’s what makes them have a fudgy, rich texture. Brown sugar also boosts the flavor.

For extra chocolate goodness, toss in some chocolate chips. They melt as the brownies bake, becoming gooey spots. You can choose between semisweet and dark chips.

Mix these ingredients well to make Hummingbird’s brownies at home. Now, let’s see how to bake them. Soon, you’ll enjoy these delicious chocolate treats!

How to Make Hummingbird’s Signature Chocolate Brownies

Ready to make Hummingbird’s famous chocolate brownies at home? Gather your ingredients and follow these easy steps. Soon, you’ll have the perfect batch of brownies.

Step 1: Preparing the Oven and Pan

First, preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C). This makes the brownies cook evenly and get that great fudgy texture. Line your pan with parchment paper. It keeps the brownies from sticking, so they’re easy to cut.

Step 2: Mixing the Dry Ingredients

In a bowl, mix cocoa powder and flour. Sift the cocoa to make it smooth. This mix gives the brownies a deep chocolate taste and keeps them soft.

Step 3: Melting the Chocolate

Melt chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl, stirring until smooth. Or, use a double boiler. Melted chocolate makes the brownies rich and moist.

Step 4: Mixing Wet Ingredients

In another bowl, mix the melted chocolate, eggs, and brown sugar. Eggs add moisture and hold the ingredients together. Brown sugar makes the brownies fudgy.

Step 5: Combining the Dry and Wet Mixtures

Now, gently mix the dry and wet ingredients together. Don’t overmix; the batter should be thick and smooth. No streaks of flour should show.

Step 6: Baking the Brownies

Pour the batter into the pan, smoothing the top with a spatula. Bake for 20-25 minutes. Check with a toothpick – it’s done when a few crumbs stick to it.

Step 7: Cooling and Serving

Let the brownies cool in the pan to set. Then, lift them out with the parchment paper. Cut into squares. Enjoy by themselves or with ice cream.

baking instructions

Greasing the parchment paper makes it easier and less messy. It also makes the brownies look nicer and come out of the pan cleanly.

Sprinkle cocoa powder or powdered sugar on top for a special treat. With their rich chocolate and fudgy texture, Hummingbird’s brownies are loved by all.

Now you have the steps to make these amazing brownies. Enjoy the process and the smell in your kitchen. Then, bite into one and taste the chocolate heaven!


Making Hummingbird’s signature chocolate brownies is a fun and tasty project. They use milk chocolate, cocoa powder, and special ingredients to make a delicious snack. You can make them fudgy or chewy, depending on your preference. Adding a sugar top and chocolate chips gives these brownies a nice crunch. Why buy from the store when you can bake your own Hummingbird’s chocolate brownies at home?


Can I use dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate for the brownies?

Yes, dark chocolate works as a good milk chocolate substitute in brownies. Just know it’s stronger in chocolate flavor due to its higher cacao level.

Can I omit the paper-thin sugar top for the brownies?

Sure thing. If you don’t want the sugar top, you can skip it. It’s mostly for how the brownies look and feel, not their taste.

Can I add nuts to the brownie recipe?

Yes, you can add nuts if you like. Walnuts, pecans, and almonds are great choices. Just adjust the amounts as needed.

How long do I need to bake the brownies?

The bake time varies by oven and how fudgy you like them. Oven rules suggest 25 to 30 minutes. They’re done when a toothpick comes out with only a few moist crumbs.

Can I freeze the brownies?

Freezing brownies for later is a good idea. Wrap them or put in a sealed container, then freeze. They’re good for 3 months. Thaw at room temperature before eating.

Can I use a different type of chocolate for the brownies?

You’re not stuck with milk chocolate. Try semi-sweet or bittersweet for a different taste. White chocolate makes a fun, unique option too.

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