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Festive Brownie Yule Log Recipe for a UK Christmas

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Welcome to the UK’s holiday season, where joy is everywhere and sweet treats steal the show. One such treat is the brownie yule log. It mixes the delicious taste of chocolate with the festive spirit, perfect for any Christmas dinner.

This brownie yule log is not just tasty but also gluten-free. Imagine a chocolate cake, filled and rolled with chocolate frosting, then made to look like a yule log. It’s a treat for your eyes and your taste buds.

To make this treat, we combine dark chocolate, eggs, caster sugar, and a bit of magic. The cake starts by mixing melted dark chocolate with cold water. Then, it’s added to a mix of egg yolks and sugar. Whipped egg whites are folded in, making the cake light and fluffy.

After baking, the cake is rolled and filled with a sweet swirl inside. The frosting, made from dark chocolate, butter, sugar, and vanilla, coats the log in pure richness.

Now for the really fun part – decorating! You can let your creativity shine. Use green fondant, buttercream, or candy melts to craft a holly decoration. This will really make your yule log pop with holiday cheer.

So, why not make this amazing brownie yule log? It will not only make your table beautiful but your loved ones happy. Plus, it lasts for days, so you can enjoy it over and over, or keep it for a special time.

Get ready for the best holiday dessert. Use our brownie yule log recipe and add some Christmas magic to your meal. Let the festive fun start!

Ingredients and Preparation for the Brownie Yule Log

To make a tasty and festive brownie yule log, gather these ingredients:

Ingredients Quantity
Dark chocolate 200g
Cold water 75ml
Eggs 4
Caster sugar 175g
Icing sugar 225g
Unsalted butter 125g
Vanilla bean extract 1 teaspoon

Here’s how to start making your brownie yule log:

  1. Melt the dark chocolate with cold water and let it cool.
  2. Separate the eggs. Then, whisk the egg yolks and sugar until they’re light and creamy.
  3. Add the cooled chocolate to the yolk mixture and fold it in.
  4. Next, whip the egg whites in a separate bowl with a pinch of salt. Do this until stiff peaks form.
  5. Mix some whipped egg whites into the chocolate and yolk mixture. It’s to give it a good start. Then, gently fold in the rest.
  6. Pour this mix into a lined Swiss roll tin and bake it for 12-14 minutes.
  7. Afetr baking, flip the cake onto a tea towel with icing sugar and roll it up. Let it cool this way.
  8. For the chocolate frosting, melt dark chocolate. Mix the melted chocolate with butter, icing sugar, and vanilla.
  9. Unroll your cooled cake. Add frosting, then roll it back up.
  10. For a great look, cut one end of the cake at an angle. Cover it with more frosting.
  11. Make it look festive with green fondant, buttercream, or candy melts that are green. It makes it look like a holly sprig.
  12. Before serving, dust your brownie yule log with a bit of icing sugar.

Tips and Variations for the Brownie Yule Log

Want to make the perfect brownie yule log? Here are some tips and variations to try out!

Roll the cake when it is warm

It’s best to roll the cake while it’s warm for easier handling. Just watch out not to burn yourself.

Mend any cracks with frosting

Don’t stress if the cake cracks when you’re rolling it. Just use frosting to mend the cracks. It’ll be good as new.

Add water for a ganache-like frosting

Adding water to melted chocolate makes a thicker, ganache-like frosting. This adds more flavor to your yule log.

Storage and freezing options

It can stay fresh for up to 3 days in a sealed container. Or freeze it for later, up to 3 months. This lets you enjoy it beyond the holiday season.

Get creative with decorations

Let your creativity shine when decorating your yule log. You can use green candy melts for a smooth look. Or go for green buttercream with a leaf tip for a natural feel. Don’t forget red candies for a berry look. Feel free to try your own ideas, too.

Recommended baking equipment

To get the right thickness and shape for rolling, use a 23cmx33cm Swiss roll tin. Here’s some more recommended baking gear:

Recommended Baking Equipment
23cmx33cm Swiss roll tin
Parchment paper or silicone baking mat
Electric mixer or whisk
Piping bags and nozzles (if using buttercream or candy melts)

Feel free to make changes to the recipe to fit your style. Be creative and enjoy making your yummy yule log!


Celebrate this holiday season with a special dessert. Make a brownie yule log that screams UK Christmas. This treat is not just delicious, but will wow your guests.

This yule log recipe is easy to follow. You’ll make a moist brownie cake with a chocolate frosting. You can also change it up to fit your taste, using fondant, buttercream, or candy melts.

The best part? It’s gluten-free. So, it’s perfect for anyone with dietary needs. This yule log will be the star of your UK Christmas meal, pleasing all who gather around your table.

Join in the holiday fun and make this classic UK Christmas dessert. It will surely become a tradition at your home. Enjoy every bite as you and your family savor the festive season. Happy holidays!


What is a brownie yule log?

A brownie yule log is a special treat for Christmas in the UK. It’s a tasty dessert that brings together chocolate and the holiday spirit. Made from a moist chocolate cake, it is filled with chocolate frosting. Then, it’s decorated to look like a yule log.

Is the brownie yule log gluten-free?

Yes, this yule log recipe is gluten-free, which is good for people with dietary needs.

What are the main ingredients needed to make the brownie yule log?

The brownie yule log recipe calls for dark chocolate, water, eggs, sugar, and more. It’s a rich dessert full of chocolatey goodness.

How long does the brownie yule log stay good for?

This dessert can last several days in an airtight container. If you freeze it, it stays good for months.

How do I decorate the brownie yule log?

To decorate the log, use green fondant, buttercream, or candy melts for a holly look. Dust with icing sugar for extra holiday spirit.

Can I customize the decorations or add other elements?

Yes, you can make your brownie yule log unique. Add red candies for berries, or get creative with more decorations.

How should I store the brownie yule log?

Keep it in an airtight container for up to three days. Or, freeze it for a delicious treat in the future.

What size Swiss roll tin should I use?

For this yule log, a 23cmx33cm tin is the best choice.

Can you provide me with a link to specific products used in the recipe?

Sorry, I can’t give you direct links to products. But, you’ll find everything you need at a local store or online.

Is this recipe inspired by a specific chef?

Yes, Paul Hollywood’s Swiss roll cake was the inspiration for this recipe.

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