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Mary Berry’s Almond Apple Cake: A Sophisticated Bake

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Enjoy the delicious flavors of Mary Berry’s Almond Apple Cake. It’s a dessert that marries the rich taste of almonds with the fresh zing of apples. This blend creates a delightful experience with each bite.

The recipe calls for self-raising flour, baking powder, caster sugar, eggs, almond extract, melted butter, cooking apples, flaked almonds, and icing sugar. Mary Berry created a nutty and fruity cake by skillfully combining these ingredients. She first mixes the batter, then layers it in a cake tin. On top, she artistically places sliced apples. The rest of the batter covers them, ensuring a perfect balance. Finally, the cake gets a crisp finish with a topping of flaked almonds.

This cake is baked for about 1¼ hours until it’s a beautiful golden brown. It should also slightly pull away from the tin’s edge. Eat it warm for a special dessert, perhaps with ice cream or cream. Or, have it cold. Any way you choose, everyone will love Mary Berry’s Almond Apple Cake.

Make your next event unforgettable with this elegant cake. It’s a blend of nutty and fruity that your guests will adore. This masterpiece by Mary Berry is certain to have them asking for more.

A Versatile Recipe with Endless Possibilities.

Mary Berry’s Almond Apple Cake recipe offers a lot of options for bakers. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to make a tasty dessert that looks good too. You can change it to suit your taste and baking style.

A Nordic Ware cake tin makes this cake look special. It gives the dessert a beautiful “Charlotte” shape. When you use this tin, your cake will look more sophisticated and eye-catching.

This recipe stands out because it uses exact weights in grams instead of cups. What does this mean? It makes sure your cake always turns out right. You won’t need to convert measures, which makes baking easier for many people.

The all-in-one sponge method makes creating this cake a breeze. You mix all the ingredients at once. This shortcut saves time and makes baking simpler. It’s a great choice for both new and experienced bakers.

The Almond Apple Cake is a fresh take on classic desserts like sponge flan. It combines almonds and apples for a tasty twist. Plus, you can get creative with the fillings. It’s all about making a dessert that fits your style.

In the end, Mary Berry’s recipe lets you show your personal touch. With the right tools and methods, your cake can be truly special. This recipe invites you to try new things and enjoy the baking journey.

Advantages of Mary Berry’s Almond Apple Cake
Offers a versatile and adaptable recipe
Provides the option to use a Nordic Ware cake tin
Avoids the use of American cup measurements
Utilizes an all-in-one sponge recipe
Allows for experimentation as an alternative to sponge flan or upside-down cake

Mary Berry’s Apple Cake: A Wholesome and Delicious Treat.

There are many apple cake recipes worth trying. Rachel Allen’s version is a wonderful choice. It uses wholemeal self-raising flour, golden caster sugar, and other simple ingredients.

This cake is moist and full of flavor. The wholemeal flour gives it a slight nuttiness. Chopped mixed nuts add a nice crunch. Plus, the apple keeps it sweet and juicy.

You can enjoy this cake in many ways. Have it warm with ice cream for dessert. Or enjoy a slice with your morning coffee. It’s perfect for any time of the day.


What ingredients are needed for Mary Berry’s Almond Apple Cake?

The list for this treat includes self-raising flour, baking powder, caster sugar, eggs, almond extract, and melted butter. You will also need cooking apples, flaked almonds, and icing sugar.

How is Mary Berry’s Almond Apple Cake prepared?

The mix is made and half is put in a cake tin. Then, sliced apples go on. Add the rest of the mix and sprinkle with almonds. Bake for 1¼ hours until the cake is golden.

How can Mary Berry’s Almond Apple Cake be served?

This cake is great warm with ice cream or cream. Or serve it cold. It adds a touch of class to any celebration.

Can Mary Berry’s Almond Apple Cake be adapted to different baking needs?

Yes, the recipe is very versatile. Change shapes with a Nordic Ware tin. Skip American cup sizes; use grams for accuracy. Try it as an all-in-one sponge or with various fillings.

Are there any other apple cake recipes worth trying?

Rachel Allen has a great one. It uses wholemeal flour, sugar, baking powder, and eggs. Add butter, cinnamon, nuts, and a cooking apple. Sprinkle with demerara sugar. Serve it warm or enjoy at breakfast. It’s a delicious cake perfect for any time.

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