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Mary Berry’s Apple Crumble Cake: A British Favourite

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Enter a world of warm and cozy flavors with Mary Berry’s apple crumble cake. It’s a top pick for many in Britain. This sweet delight is great for gatherings or just afternoons at home.

It boasts loads of cooking apples, demerara sugar, and more. Find its recipe on the British Chefs Table site. It’s a must-try for anyone who loves dessert.

Each bite mixes soft apples with a buttery crumble. The taste is just right – not too sweet, not too bland. It’s a treat for your senses.

Looking for the perfect dessert? Mary Berry’s cake is a go-to in the UK. It’s comfy and full of flavor. So, go ahead and enjoy a piece with friends and family.

The Delicious Taste Test: Mary Berry vs Jamie Oliver

In a delicious showdown, we compared apple crumbles by top chefs Mary Berry and Jamie Oliver. The goal was to pick the most mouthwatering apple crumble. We wanted to find the one that made every bite a joy.

Our testers found that both chefs made amazing apple crumbles. Yet, one crumble clearly won over the others. It triumphed on taste, texture, and enjoyment.

Mary Berry’s crumble won the hearts and taste buds of our testers. They loved the perfect mix of sweet and tart. The crumble, dangerously buttery, melted in the mouth. Combined with the sweet apples, it was pure delight.

“The crumble was a revelation,” one tester said. “It complemented the apples beautifully, adding an indulgent touch to every bite.”

Jamie Oliver’s creation was also delicious but didn’t top Mary Berry’s. People noted it was slightly drier. They felt it had too little crumble for the apples. Despite that, Jamie’s crumble showed skill and was praised for its aroma and taste.

To make the best apple crumble, our testers suggested adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream or some warm custard. This addition made the flavors pop. Plus, it added a nice contrast to the rich crumble and apples.

Taste Test Results:

Criteria Mary Berry’s Apple Crumble Jamie Oliver’s Apple Crumble
Flavor Exceptional balance of sweet and tangy notes Delightful taste, but slightly drier texture
Crumble Topping Butter-infused, melt-in-your-mouth perfection Good, but lacked sufficient crumble to cover the apples fully
Apple Texture Tender and sweet Tender and sweet
Overall Satisfaction Highly satisfying and indulgent Enjoyable, but didn’t surpass Mary Berry’s creation

Mary Berry’s crumble took the top spot as the best British dessert. It showed her skill in making a perfectly balanced and scrumptious treat. Its delightful mix of sweet apples and buttery crumble earned it first place.

Make sure to check our last article. We will present Mary Berry’s apple crumble cake. Prepare to enjoy this classic British dessert and impress your family.

Conclusion: The Perfect Recipe for Apple Crumble Cake

Mary Berry’s recipe stands out as the top choice in the world of apple crumble cakes. This dessert is loved for its perfect mix of tastes and its cozy feel. The recipe is part of Mary’s cookbook, with ingredients like cooking apples and different types of sugar and flour.

To make the best apple crumble cake, each step must be done carefully. Start by cooking the apples until they are soft. Then, cover them with crumble and bake until the top is golden. The result? A delicious cake that everyone will love.

For the best experience, eat the apple crumble cake while it’s still warm. Add a scoop of fresh cream, smooth custard, or ice cream on the side. These extras make the cake taste even better and feel more luxurious.

Mary Berry’s apple crumble cake is ideal for any occasion, from family parties to a quiet afternoon at home. Its flavors and warmth bring happiness to anyone who tries it. This dessert is a true classic that never goes out of style.


Where can I find Mary Berry’s apple crumble cake recipe?

You can find the recipe for Mary Berry’s apple crumble cake on the British Chefs Table website or in her ebook, Mary Makes It Easy.

What ingredients are used in Mary Berry’s apple crumble cake?

The ingredients for Mary Berry’s apple crumble cake include cooking apples, butter, muscovado sugar, plain flour, and demerara sugar.

How do I make Mary Berry’s apple crumble cake?

To make Mary Berry’s apple crumble cake, cook the apples until tender. Then prepare a crumble mixture with butter, muscovado sugar, and plain flour. Bake until golden.

How does Mary Berry’s apple crumble cake compare to Jamie Oliver’s?

In a taste test, Mary Berry’s apple crumble cake was the winner. Testers loved the buttery sweetness of the crumble topping and the soft, sweet apples.

Jamie Oliver’s version was drier and didn’t have enough crumble to fully cover the apples.

What can I serve with Mary Berry’s apple crumble cake?

Mary Berry’s apple crumble cake is best with cream, custard, ice cream, or crème fraîche. These make the flavors pop and the experience better.

When is the best time to enjoy Mary Berry’s apple crumble cake?

Enjoy Mary Berry’s apple crumble cake on cosy afternoons or when with family. It’s great for any time you want a comforting, delicious treat.

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