Spiced Apple Cake Recipe UK

Classic British Spiced Apple Cake: Perfect for Tea Time

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Welcome to the world of classic British spiced apple cake, perfect for tea time! This cake is the ultimate comfort food. It’s moist, full of toffee crumb, and packed with British apples.

Our easy recipe makes baking hassle-free. Enjoy this delicious cake quickly. It’s perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s a Sunday tea or a treat in your lunch, this cake will impress you.

The Key Ingredients and Techniques for a Perfect Spiced Apple Cake

The secret to a great spiced apple cake is picking the right ingredients and using the best methods. Some versions use wholemeal flour to make it hearty, while others choose white flour for a lighter feel. Butter makes the cake chewy or soft, depending on how it’s used. Light muscovado sugar adds a hint of caramel. Apples like Cox’s or Granny Smith give the cake a sour punch. Sultanas, cinnamon, and baking powder also play a big role in the flavor and texture.

Understanding what each ingredient does is key to making the best cake. Wholemeal flour adds richness and more nutrients. Butter makes it taste rich and moist. Muscovado sugar gives a soft, caramel taste that goes well with the apples. Sultanas and cinnamon add more flavor, while baking powder helps the cake rise light and airy.

The way you mix everything is just as important. Creaming butter and sugar together makes a fluffy cake. If you melt the butter, the cake turns out denser. Mixing the flour well stops it from being dry. Then there’s how you add the apples. You can chop them or grate them for extra moisture and flavor.

“The perfect spiced apple cake blends wholemeal flour, butter, sugar, apples, sultanas, cinnamon, and baking powder. Each ingredient plays a vital role, ensuring the cake is moist, tasty, and rich. With the correct methods, you’ll make a cake that looks amazing and tastes wonderful.”

Interested in how the ingredients and steps come together? Check out this table:

Ingredient Description
Wholemeal Flour A slightly heavier and coarser alternative to plain white flour
Butter Melts into the batter for a denser texture or creamed for a softer crumb
Light Muscovado Sugar Brings a caramel flavor to the cake
Tangy Apples Varieties like Cox’s or Granny Smith add a contrasting tartness
Sultanas Provides bursts of sweetness and texture
Cinnamon Offers warm and spicy notes
Baking Powder Ensures an even rise and a light, fluffy texture

How to Make a Classic Spiced Apple Cake

To make a delicious classic spiced apple cake, here’s what to do:

Preheat your oven and grease a cake tin so your cake won’t stick.

In a bowl, mix flour, spices, and sugar well.

Then, add butter and eggs. Mix until the batter is creamy.

Now, gently add diced apples and any extra ingredients like sultanas.

Pour the batter in the tin smoothly. Then, sprinkle demerara sugar on top for a crunchy crust.

Bake until the cake has a gold color. To be sure it’s done, a skewer should come out clean.

Let the cake cool completely. Serve it with cream or custard for a special taste.

You’ve got a great recipe for spiced apple cake now. Just follow these steps for a tasty treat.


Can I use a different type of flour for the spiced apple cake?

Yes, you have choices. Wholemeal flour makes the cake a bit heavier. Plain white flour makes it lighter.

What kind of sugar should I use in the spiced apple cake?

For a rich cake, use light muscovado sugar. It gives the cake a yummy caramel taste.

What are the best apples to use in the spiced apple cake?

Go for tangy apples like Cox’s or Granny Smith. They balance the cake’s sweet taste with their tartness.

Can I add other ingredients to the spiced apple cake?

Yes, you can. Try adding sultanas, cinnamon, or baking powder. It will make the cake even better.

How do I make a classic spiced apple cake?

Start by preheating your oven. Grease a cake tin. Combine flour, spices, and sugar. Mix in butter and eggs until smooth.

Then, add diced apples and any extras. Pour the batter into your tin. Bake until it’s a beautiful golden color.

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